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Short story By: mum55

Memories of the past

Submitted:Jul 10, 2009    Reads: 97    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

A Dream Shattered
Sitting in the dazzerling sunlight I looked at the reflection in the glass as I placed my wine glass down,
There I saw my reflection now just only 30 but so much had happened in those thirty years,
I wish like others I had chosen to do different things,
I remember the night we met,
It seems such a long time ago now but memories are like yesterday,
Drifting back the phone rang I answered it, "Hello Jay it's Mary just wondered if you wanted to come to the disco with me and Sally Friday night"
"That would be great" I replied
"We will pick you up at 8pm then see you Friday"
Putting down the receiver I thought about Mary and what a great friend she was always there to make me laugh and share my secrets with, what would I do with out her.
Today was Wednesday so that gave me time to decide what to wear, maybe my pink top and white jeans.
Friday night Mary arrived 8pm and she was wearing the most outrageous Red Dress low cut and short, still she always wanted to stand out in the crowd.
I had settled on wearing my White and Red halter Dress it was sexy but not too revealing we picked Sally up on the way she had Pink Jeans, white and pink top on so I was glad I had worn my Dress.
The music was blaring out the lights were flashing and it was a lovely summers night,
We all got our drinks and Danced and Danced then the slow records came on You appeared from know where, Tall Dark Handsome dressed in Blue shirt and Jeans I melted to the spot when you asked me to Dance, I did not want the music to stop I just would of liked time to stand still but it didn't
You gave me your phone number and said to ring if I wanted to go to the pictures the next day, I placed your number in my purse turned to see you again yet you were gone.
I was on cloud nine when Mary dropped me home, I sat dreaming of you all night and could not wait to phone you and except your invitation to the pictures as not to look to eager I waited till 3pm,
Picking up the phone nervously I dialled your number a sexy husky voice answered "Hello" "Hello its Jay here we met at the dance last night" "Oh Hi how are you I take it by the phone call the pictures is on then"
"Yes that would be great what time and will you pick me up or shall I meet you there"
"I will meet you there at 7pm if that's ok"
"That's fine see you then"
"Ok Buy"
He was gone I placed the phone down and realised I did not even know his name how stupid.
I got ready wearing the new outfit I had brought the previous week, a pale blue trouser suit pinned my long blond hair up into a bun and left.
I waited outside the picture house for 30 minutes thinking you were not coming then just as I was going to leave you walked round the corner, full of apologies for being late.
We watched Pretty Women and I felt like my heart would burst, the film was so romantic and I was with the most fantastic guy I had ever met.
We stood outside the picture house and I said "I still do not know your name" "It's Richard" he replied in his soft voice.
"Well Richard what shall we do now" I asked
He picked me up and kissed me like I can not describe and from that moment on we were always together.
I remember being so happy life was so wonderful,
We had been to your sister's engagement and we celebrated out 4th year together, it was such a magical evening, you dropped me off saying you had a surprise for me tomorrow, I just could not wait and I kept on at you to tell me but you wouldn't, you kissed me good buy
I shouted to you as you walked down the path "Love you see you at 4pm tomorrow".
The phone rang at 2 am and My Dad answered the call, then woke me, to say there had been a terrible accident and you had died, I could not believe what I was hearing my mind went round and around," How, when, why I shouted" My Dad said "You had been driving home when a lorry had skidded and drove straight into your car you had been killed instantly" I cried and life for me has never been the same.
Looking down at my engagement finger I still wear the ring they found in your jacket pocket that fatal night.
I love you Richard I always will,
Picking up my glass of red wine I returned to my lounge where my daughter was doing her home work I thought Richard you would have been so proud of your Daughter.


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