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Little Ricky

Short story By: Naan

Little Ricky was running away from a bully when he met a nice Lady.
He's a young boy. so I tried my best to make the English imperfect

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My attempt at the concept! please give me ideas to improve it because I think it's very bad at the moment

Little Ricky
Life And Death

"The first and final thing you have to do in this world is to last it and not be smashed by it."

That's what my Mama always told me. She read it in a book by someone called Ernie Hemingay or something. She loved that Ernie. I never understood why.

But because that's what Mama wanted and thought was right, I planned on lasting that world and making Mama proud.

That's why I ran away home as fast as I could every day after school. That's why I could not stand up to Billy John when he shoves my face into the ground. That's why I stay silent when he takes away my money. It's only little money; I don't know why he takes it. Probably after all these days, he has gathered a fortune out of me. I never bothered him, yet he found it funny to bother me. I feel bad for Billy John, I really do.

However, one day, after the last bell of the day rang, the teacher called me to talk about my assignment. He loved it. I was happy, but I knew that now I won't be able to run home before Billy John got to me. I walked out of Mr. Alamo's office slowly, looking right and left. I felt relief when I noticed the school was empty. Billy John must have gone home.

I walked slowly to home. I haven't done that in a while. The house was not very far from school. I bet if I didn't have to run that way daily, I would have enjoyed walking those streets. Everything is just so green and beautiful. I'm glad I got to see it for once.

Once I got to the second block, I heard a snap, then a chuckle.

Billy John appeared from behind a huge tree.

"You thought you got away, huh?"

I started running as fast as I could. It's really impressive how fast I've got after all those years. I think daddy would have been proud his boy was good at something. He always made fun of my small size. He found it strange that his own son would prefer books over sports. Eventually he decided I was not his son and dumped Mama. I feel bad that she had to suffer because of me.

"Don't worry sweetheart. You're the only reason he stayed that long." That's what she used to say to comfort me.

Going back to the present, I realized I was not running fast enough, for at some point Billy John has tripped me and was now sitting on top of me.

I felt unbelievable pain piercing through my forehead to the back of my head. Everything started going black, but for some strange reason I was able to squeeze myself from under him and started running.

In that entire green neighborhood, I could not find one house even though a few seconds ago there was a house every few inches!

Finally, I noticed a house. It was darker and I felt it was scary. I had no other option. Plus, many Disney movies showed me that a scary house doesn't mean scary people. I tried to avoid my fear, because I did not want Billy John to smash my head.

As the gate creaked and squeaked, I looked behind me to see where Billy John was now. I could not see him anymore, thank goodness.

"Hello there!" an old woman behind me said.

"L…L…Lady Ma'am. I'm sorry for trespassing. Can I please hide here for a little while?"

"Why of course you can Ricky. Come on in!"

"You know my name?"

"Of course I do Ricky; you're the Jones' kid. Now stop fooling around and come on in for tea. You look tired."

Oh boy was I tired. So, I walked in behind her. The house smelled like cats, and soap. I guess that's normal. It was an old lady's house after all.

"Why don't you sit down while I get the tea ready sunshine?" She said pointing to the living room.

What a nice lady ma'am I thought. She was very pleasant, and she knew my parents. She must have been one of Mama's friends.

I could hear her humming a song. It sounded so familiar but I could not put my finger on it. What was that song?

She came with the tea and a plate of cookies.

"Now tell me little Ricky."

"W... Wh.. What Lady Ma'am?"

"What are you hiding from?"

"Billy John, Lady Ma'am."

"Why are you hiding from Billy sweet Ricky?"

"Ernie Hemingay said that we need to last in this world. Mama loves Hemingay and I love Mama."

"Hemingway, dear. What do you think of what Hemingway said?"

"I think it's not important to last as much as it's important to make a stand."

"Then why are you here, Ricky?"

"He's a big bully. I can't fight him, Lady Ma'am."

"Let me tell you a story, sunshine."

"Maybe I should go home Lady Ma'am. Mama must be worried."

"Oh no, don't you worry now. There's enough time for my story."

"Ok I guess."

She cleared her throat and began. I held on to my cup of tea for it was warm and my hands were getting cold.

"There was a bully named Life. Her favorite victim was Man. Man was a poor fella, but Life tortured him. That was simply the way Life worked."

"Oh come on seriously. Lady Ma'am I am not 5 years old."

"Shh boy and listen!"


"Now where was I?"

"Life tortured Man."

"Ooh ooh right! Life tortured Man. There was no running away. Man would try to hide, but Life always found him. It's just the way Life worked."

"You said that already."

"Are you gonna listen or not boy?"

"Sorry." You see I was not normally a rude person, but I was sick of metaphorical stories as such. Mama always told me stories, thinking those stories would make me live through the bullying of Billy John.

"Life tortured Man. yes Life did until a new kid came to school. He was cool looking. Cold and uncaring. Death beat Life's ass. Man was happy Life was down. He thought Death was his friend, but sweetheart, Man was an idiot to trust Death."


"Because now that Life was down, Death had no one but Man to bully."

"But why would anyone bully anyone?"

"It's how Life worked, how Death worked. Death would have its toll on Man. I'm telling you kid there's no way Man can win this fight. But then they'd all graduate. Man will meet God. He's a nice guy that will invite Man for tea to talk about Life and Death. Man will be strong enough. Man will be ready to drink that tea, because Man has gone through Life and Death."

Wooow! What a boring story. It made no sense.

"Oh! I see I didn't get to you Ricky. Why don't I pour some more tea?"

"Thanks Lady Ma'am."

I heard her humming that oh-so familiar song once again as she poured the boiling water into the pot. She kept on humming while filling the plate with more cookies.

I looked out the window. It was still day time. What a strange thing; It felt like a forever.

"Lady Ma'am?"


"Am I dead, Lady Ma'am?"

She went on humming.

Outside the window, I saw Billy John panicking and screaming for help. Underneath him was a puddle of blood.

I inhaled, and closed my eyes.


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