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Cat's Eyes (Chapter 22 of "My Backwards Fairytale")

Short story By: neji chan

Ryo has made it perfectly clear that his revenge will be absolutely insufferable. Will Kaori be able to summon enbough courage to stop him all by her self?

Submitted:Mar 15, 2009    Reads: 84    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

As time progressed, the news became cluttered with stories of gruesome murders. A black shadow, fast as the wind and as silent as death, had visited over one hundred homes in the city. He left no foot-prints-Not a single speck of evidence! The only thing that they have to work with is his famous quote which he writes in the blood of his victim, "Never-ending Revenge!" My stomach twisted and my heart jumped. Thump, thump, thump. That was the only sound I could hear. Ryo planned to get his revenge by killing every person I knew-or didn't know. Innocent people were being hurt…..Because of me…..I couldn't take it!
I would do anything; everything to stop his rampage. If there was ever a time to prove myself, now was it. I swung the door open and ran in the direction of the area that had suffered the most losses. I had a hunch that he might be close by there.
Ryo's point of view:
I sipped the beverage from my glass, watching them-my unsuspecting victims. "Hey kid, are you old enough to be drinkin' yet?" inquired the waiter, suspiciously. I sipped some more and glared up at him. My eyes yelling "fuck off if you value your life!" His eyes instantly filled with fear. Shaking it off quickly-Most likely trying to "keep his cool"-he murmured a "What Ever, brat." under his breath and left. I giggled a bit. Yes, I was beginning to like my new-found popularity. I sat in the tavern's corner, in a section where the light scurried away, allowing the cool, gray shadows to rule over. I leaned back in the wooden chair and averted my eyes towards a busty, blonde teenager, who looked like it wouldn't kill her to lose some weight. She grasped the microphone tightly, swaying back and forth whilst committing the hideous murder of "Stupid Girls" by Pink.
The liquid I previously had in my mouth spewed out like a miniature water fountain once she attempted a high-note. Coughing, I angrily thought "Who the hell gave that girl the microphone!" It was terrible! First, she murders the song, thus disgracing the original artist, and now she was going to cause our eardrums to implode! Then again, I'm not much better…
Kaori's point of view:
A shrill shriek echoed throughout the neibourhood. I followed the bone-chilling sound to an old tavern where, I assumed, Ryo was. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was spot on. He had pushed the microphone through to the opposite side of the nape of her neck. She struggled for breath and slowly fell to her knees, choking on the blood spilling over her lips. She made this terrible gargling sound until, finally, she died. Ryo looked around to see shocked expressions, and seemed to be shocked, at the very least. "Oh come on, you can't tell me that no one else here didn't want to do it!" He laughed as if it had been a harmless April Fools' joke.
He swiftly dodged his head to the right. The sound of shattering glass broke the ominous silence. But, everyone remained silent. The only noise was the glass fragments falling to the stage's floor. He straightened up a bit and pointed his vibrant, yellow eyes in my direction. But, they seemed to have changed. They were crueler, colder, and cat-like.


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