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ch.16 of "My Backwards Fairytale"

Short story By: neji chan

Chapter 16 of "My Backwards Fairytale".

Submitted:Jan 25, 2009    Reads: 91    Comments: 8    Likes: 1   

Ryo's Point of view:

It's still dark, but, instead of comforting warmth I now feel rather cold. Much too cold for comfort-I wonder…Where am I now? Slowly my senses began to heighten until they were back to the way they were. I could hear a faint murmuring and a strong sent of plastic gloves and impossibly clean blankets filled my nostrils. Against my greater wishes, I slowly opened my eyes. So, I was not dead after all-Or perhaps, Heaven (or Hell) is actually some sort of hospital and if you've sinned greatly you get stuck with a bunch of moronic surgeons! I found my notions to be false (thank God) when a nurse came in and told me all that had happened. I had been found in an area behind some old buildings and was severely injured-They assumed that a bear attack may have been the cause. Yeah right, a bear just happened to somehow hold a knife and stab me because he's oh-so tired of the whole "Mauling" thing! On second thought, maybe I was right.

Two hours had passed since the nurse left the room and I was beginning to think I might actually die of boredom! My door was carefully opened, allowing two silhouettes to enter my room. Once I was able to see more than just their contour lines, I became shocked. "Just the people I wanted to see." I replied sarcastically, earning a glare from a certain brunette standing at my bedside. With anger clear on her face, she threw the small bouquet of flowers she held at my face, which I effortlessly caught, much to her dismay. "Hitsuji, behave yourself! You shouldn't act so rudely towards your superiors!" Commanded a tall man with hair as black as ink-A man I had come to know fairly well. I scoffed at his command. "Since when is Jayme my superior?" I queried. She became even more infuriated after that, in fact, I could've sworn I saw steam blow out of her nostrils. "I've been a warrior of the zodiac for twenty years; you have only been one for a couple of weeks!" She bragged-Pshh, as if I'd actually be jealous!

The image of the reflection I saw-My reflection played over and over again in my head. A large part of me couldn't care less, but, another, smaller part kept asking me-Pleading me to stop-To stay away from this man. But, what could I do?

Kaori's point of view:

After Ani updated me on all the latest gossip, I decided to pay Akimitsu a visit. And, of course, Ani tagged along. "Did you guys kiss yet?" She gasped in surprise, "Or are you already lovers!?" She perked. "Ani!" I yelled; cueing the seizure of her barrage of perverted questions. Once we finally got to Akimitsu's room, me, holding a lavender rose and Ani sporting her new digital camera (probably a plot to post a kissing picture on the internet), we noticed something shocking and just plain weird.

"Akimitsu, what the heck are you doing!?" I queried in a much louder tone than necessary. He was cleaning his room for Pete's sake! He had just been poisoned, lost five pints of blood-He should be resting, but, no, he's cleaning. "Oh, well, I felt so bad for the poor nurses who have to clean up, so, I tidied up a little." Akimitsu's reason was so innocent and kind I couldn't help but blush. "You don't play fair." I complained, "It's impossible to stay mad at you!" Akimitsu's face then began to redden-Almost as red as mine was and-Click! "That's definitely a keeper!" Ani chimed, followed by my groan and Akimitsu's laughter. Our little "moment" was interrupted by an ear-splitting growl-A growl that could've made the very heavens shake!


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