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Hellish Events in the Most Heavenly of Places (ch.12 of "My Backwards Fairytale")

Short story By: neji chan

Ryo and Kaori are finally reunited, but, is it for better or for worse?

Submitted:Jan 14, 2009    Reads: 86    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Kaori's point of view:

After wiping away our laughing-caused tears we began talking-sharing things that not even our closest friends would know. He led me near a sparkling pond where emerald trout danced to the splish-splosh sound that the snow-coloured doves created upon the shore. I watched in awe. "Kaori-chan, there you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!" I slowly turned my head in the direction of the friendly voice. "Ryo!?" I shouted in confusion. I stood up and ran as fast as I could toward the man I thought I'd never see again. "Oh Ryo, I thought you were dead-or very close to death, anyway." Ryo simply smiled and pulled me in a warm embrace. "It's o.k. Kaori-chan, you needn't worry anymore, I'm here with you." Our hug was interrupted by a cautioning outburst and a body colliding with Ryo's. I looked at Akimitsu in bewilderment. Why on earth would he do such a thing!? Then, as if my mind were an open book, he explained himself in an infuriated tone. "Look Kaori-san! Look at his right hand!" I abruptly looked down at Ryo's hand and, to my utter surprise, He was clasping a butcher's knife. "He had it pointing towards your back-he was trying to kill you!" I had never seen Akimitsu this upset! I was forcibly taken from my thoughts when Akimitsu flew three yards in the opposite direction. Luckily-or unluckily, he was caught by Ryo who was now holding him three feet above the ground by his throat. "He warned me that you'd probably get in my way. No matter, if I crush your neck now you'll no longer be a burden to me." His grip began to tighten, causing Akimitsu to gasp desperately for air. In an act of desperation, Akimitsu threw his foot at Ryo's gut, resulting in a loud "thud" as Akimitsu and Ryo were dropped onto the ground. A hiss escaped Akimitsu's lips and Ryo squinted his eyes in frustration. Ryo's frown was then replaced with a smirk, causing Akimitsu's face to twist into a confused phase. "Why don't you just try and kill me," he scoffed at his statement, "If you've got the balls to do it." Akimitsu's ears drew back and his eyebrows furrowed, accenting his seemingly permanent glare. I suppose it makes since though, after all, no matter how kind he is Akimitsu is all man and Ryo's comment just hit below the belt. He jabbed a finger in my direction, causing me to move back slightly. "Because of her!" Akimitsu yelled, his finger still in mid-air. "Believe me, I'd gladly rip your head off any day, but, Kaori-san still has feelings for you! Do you know how many tears you've caused her-And now you have the nerve to come back and attempt to harm her!? I wish I could kill you, but, I made a promise to protect her from any harm and I wouldn't dare cause any!" Ryo's lips drew into a smug smile and then, he disappeared. Where'd he go? Crack!! A loud, crunching sound echoed through the haven-a place that I considered "heaven" only a few moments ago. Akimitsu began a coughing frenzy as he clutched his abdomen in an attempt to dodge Ryo's next blow. Unfortunately, he wasn't quick enough. Ryo slammed his foot down on Akimitsu's chest, resulting in a gasp and the widening of his eyes. "Do you really think you're suitable to protect her if you can't even avoid the most obvious attacks?" Ryo queried mockingly. "Stop it! P-please Ryo…Don't hurt him anymore!" I yelled-pleading-hoping that he would transform back into the old Ryo-My Ryo. For a short moment, I saw a look of despair befall his face, but, that was quickly covered up by a loud, cocky laugh. "The old Ryo, you mean the one that was a complete weakling-the one that busted his ass for you? And for what-For you to accuse me of betraying our trust?" I felt tears escape the corners of my eyes. Was this all I was good for- crying? I'm so weak, well, no more! Without thinking, I ran as fast as I could towards Ryo and punched him right in his jaw. He gently rubbed his newly acquired wound and chuckled. "Perfect, now I won't feel as bad for killing you." He bent down and picked up the fallen butcher knife and licked it with a lustful look in his eyes. The knife came towards me at an alarming speed-blood splashed onto Ryo's face and dripped onto the grass, but, it wasn't mine.


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