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I see death....and it's laughing at me. (ch.9 of "My Backwards Fairytale."

Short story By: neji chan

Gomen nasai....I'm no good with summaries.....-_-'

Submitted:Jan 6, 2009    Reads: 102    Comments: 6    Likes: 0   

Oh, grandfather, thank you for coming." He greeted as a ridiculously short man, who looked to be about eighty, entered the room. "No problem, anything to help Hisa-"I knew what he was about to call me, but my "death glare" stopped him right in his tracks! "-Anything to help Kaori-san." He quickly corrected himself."So, what do you think is wrong with her?" Akimitsu asked, trying to avert the old man's attention back to what he deemed truly important. The old man squinted his eyes and thought very hard for a moment. He was a statue, completely undisturbed by the presence of anyone near him."Based on her symptoms….. Coeur Voracite Demon, there's no doubt about that." In that moment my heart stopped and fear began filling me up. Some "heart eating demon" was inside me! Surprisingly, it was Akimitsu and not I who flipped his lid. "There must be something we can do! Please father, you're a priest aren't you, so just perform an exorcism and she'll be fine!" Akimitsu was yelling extremely loud and he was on the brink of tears. Rather than answering him, the man simply pulled out his "handy dandy holy water" and, instead of using it to drench my clothes, made it into a sort of soup with snail, apples, and some other weird stuff I couldn't identify. Surely he didn't want me to eat it; the smell alone would be enough to rid me of even the strongest monster. I was wrong-Wrong, but desperate, so, fighting the urge to vomit, I shoveled the putrid soup into my mouth. I heard the demon hiss in despair, and I laughed.
Ryo's point of view:
I heard a chuckle emerge from my quite, white room. I knew who it was, but I didn't mind, for he was the only company I had in this room. "You've gone and put yourself in the crazy house! Oh well, practice makes perfect I suppose." That man had come to visit again. He has been coming for a couple of weeks now, but he still creeped me out.He bent down and gently stroked my cheek; a look of sincerity was visible in his eyes. "Marvelous," He said, "simply marvelous, I think you're one of my best creations yet!" My eyebrows furrowed in frustration. Was this no more than a game to him? Every day I felt like a terrible monster and every night I longed for the spilling of blood! What was happening to me?! Then, he stared at me for a short, but intense moment, as if he were reading my very soul. "Beautiful….'Tis such a shame that you're stuck in this boring; old room." His voice was soft, but frightening at the same time. "W-what exactly is happening to me?" I asked through shaking lips. "He chuckled darkly. "The world is such a terrible place, filled with sorrow and sin, it doesn't deserve to exist. Fear not though, because with you at my side, we will witness the down fall of this awful place. I've marked you as my warrior. You'll do my biding no matter what." The whole time he was explaining this, he had a smile on his face.Just then, an excruciating pain sliced through my chest, and past my heart, 'till it was stabbing my very soul. His cadaverous eyes showed no sympathy; instead, they seemed to contain joy. It was as if he was a mother, staring down at her large stomach and wondering what to expect from her soon-to-be born baby. "It's starting, stage two is starting!" He shouted with a gleam in his eyes. I didn't ask what he meant, I wasn't curious. Nor was I anything else, the only thing I could focus on was the unbearable pain that seemed to have my very life in a chokehold.And if that wasn't strange enough, my skin started to emit light. I was on fire-I was burning to death and all that man did was smile. I let out an ear-splitting scream and was lost forever, Well, the old me, at least.


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