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Solo Career (chapter 17 of "My Backwards Fairytale")

Short story By: neji chan

Ryo's point of view: After Ryo-san realizes that he has no choice in the matter of his transformation, he decides to do it his way.
Kaori's point of view: Akimitsu-san, Ani-chan, and Kaori-chan spend some time with each other. But, there's just one thing that's bothering Kaori-chan and that is "why does no one notice Akimitsu's cat-like features?"

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Ryo's point of view:

"What's….Going to happen to me?" I inquired in a whisper-Almost afraid of the answer I may get. This time, it was Jayme who answered. "You'll gain unbelievable power, that's what is going to happen! I mean, I used to be a fragile, little weakling, but just look at me now!" She knocked her fist against the nightstand, creating a hole and thus proving her point. I'm not going to lie-I wanted that power badly, but I couldn't hush the nagging plea in the back of my mind-The plea that told me to quit while I was ahead. Multiple pictures began playing in my head-Kaori's frightened expression, the two murdered classmates, and the monster-me

I didn't want to be a monster; however, I had no choice. I kicked my legs off the bed, shivering slightly once my feet touched the cool floor. I reached the door and left them-uttering but one sentence before I left. "I don't want to be a blood-thirsty beast, but I have no choice. So, I'm going to at least do it my way. I'm going solo-After all, you guys don't really seem to be doing me much good anyway." And with that, I slammed the door shut behind me.

"He's a cocky one." Jayme commented, sounding rather irritated. Her acquaintance chuckled darkly, running his fingers through her smooth hair. "Don't worry Hebi, everything will go as planned." A blonde haired doctor was making his way back to the emergency room, his eyes focusing on nothing in particular. I swept pass him, creating our own personal gust of wind. Slowly, he looked up and upon noticing the hospital gown I was still in-save for pants-he commanded what was only to be expected. "Hey, you shouldn't be walking around. Go back to your room and get some rest young man!" He had a thick German accent and sounded generally worried, but it was an annoyance all the same.

"Mind your own business." I demanded. I bent my arm, building up as much potential energy as I could in those few seconds and stretched out my arm with my fingers adjacent to one another and my hand straight-resulting in a chop and yet another broken neck. A loud crackling noise resounded throughout the room joined by a small yelp just before his body fell limply to the floor. I had to admit, despite my occasional doubts, this power was pretty good-Pretty good, but I hungered for more.

Kaori's point of view

We sat next to a big window in my favourite restaurant-me and Ani on one side and Akimitsu on the other. Ani was eating her usual chicken enchiladas, or rather she was trying to eat, but that proved difficult, for she couldn't stop laughing. "I….C-can't believe th-that you-re sto-mach growled th-that loud!!" Ani stuttered between gasps."Hey, it's not my fault…I was really hungry." I stated stubbornly, stabbing at the paella on my plate with a fork. "That doesn't explain why it sounded like a volcano eruption-"

"Ahhh! Hot, hot, hot!! My tongue is burning!" Our argument was interrupted by an odd outburst and Akimitsu waving his hands in front of his face-desperately trying to cool down his mouth. "Well, if you don't like it then don't eat it." I stated in an obvious tone. "No way," He answered, utterly shocked by the suggestion, "I love it so much!" After that comment he shoveled the remaining food in his mouth, I laughed a bit, and Ani added a couple of new photos to her collection.

Although I was having a lot of fun, there was one question that kept dawning on me and that was "Why hadn't Ani noticed Akimitsu's ears and tail?" It was after I wondered this for the third time that I noticed something else and that was that Akimitsu had no cat ears or tail! If it wasn't for his bright eyes it'd probably be hard not to mistake him for a different person!

Ryo's point of view:

I walked slowly on the side of a building-a place where little sunlight shone between the dilapidated roofs and tree tops. I shifted my wait from one foot to the other, keeping my head down and my hands in my jean's pockets. I felt a light thump and was forcibly spun round, coming face to face with a slightly taller, older looking man. He had a shaved head and two golden chains resting upon his neck. His ensemble consisted of a plain white shirt and a pair of loose pants that obviously required a belt. "Hey, watch who you knock'n into! Damn fool, who do ya think you are?" He demanded, his face so close to mine I could feel (and unfortunately, smell) the heat of his breath. "Yuhi Ryo." I stated plainly. With that the stranger became infuriated. He tugged me upward by my shirt's collar and yelled a supposed-to-be frightening threat in my face. "You little bitch, I should mess you up!" His statement was followed by the cackling of his cronies and a flying fist. I dodged it with ease and launched my own attack. My foot flew forwards as fast as a bullet and connected with his gut. He fell and dropped me. I caught myself before reaching the ground and spun on one hand with my legs straight out-knocking out his posse in the progress. I jumped up, landed lightly on my feet, and smirked. Indeed, I was going to enjoy my new found power.


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