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The sequel to "Why Me?!".

Submitted:Jan 1, 2009    Reads: 108    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

"Come on Minh-chan, you don't need to be so shy!" Adaline shouted through gritted teeth as she attempted to pull me to her parent's house. It looked as if she had just lifted ten elephants, yet I hadn't budged, I wouldn't budge! Adaline was my best and only friend and I was certain that her parents would never approve. "Adaline-chan, there is nothing on this earth that could make me go meet your par-" I stopped mid-sentence when I saw Adaline's facial expression. She was blushing and her eyes were big and sparkling with potential tears. I quickly looked away; there was no way that I'd change my mind!

"I hate you." I muttered getting a bone crushing hug and an "I love you too" in return. I rang the doorbell and patiently waited for what seemed liked decades for someone to answer the door. Eventually, the door was open and I was greeted by a pair of dark brown, beady eyes glaring at me. Those eyes didn't quite have the same effect that Adaline's bright; turquoise eyes did. "Come in." He suggested hesitantly. "H-hello father, this is my friend, Minh-chan." I began to wonder why Adaline sounded so nervous. Could it be because of the dark eyes that seemed to be glaring holes into her face. Whap! He replied with aloud slap, which sent Adaline soaring half way across the room. "You little bitch, who the hell do you think you are?! As if you weren't already a disgrace to this family; now you bring this filthy thing in our house!" He nearly spat the words at her. Despite my best efforts, I could not refrain from punching that man, I suppose you'd call him, in the gut. He fell to the ground with a large thud. "Who the hell do you think you are?! You can't just hit a girl whenever you feel like it, she didn't even do anything!" My statement was answered with a smug smirk. "It ain't any of your fucking business; I can do whatever I want." It took all of my will power not to punch him again. "N-no, it's fine Minh-chan, don't worry." Replied a very worried-looking Adaline. Reluctantly, I left the greasy-haired man on the floor and went to help Adaline get up. Then, without another word, we left. "That fat bastard! I swear I'll kill him if he ever tries to lay another hand on you again!" I shouted, I could've sworn steam wasshooting from my nostrils. I felt a gentle pat on my shoulder accompanied by a defeated voice that was almost a whisper. "It's o.k., I'm used to it." What I heard nearly sent me over the edge. Who the hell did he think he was?


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