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A good day, I meet my wife:D

Short story By: Neutrastaff

Title's random I know, I just thought of something real quick off the top of my head, lol (this is usually why I don't lable stuff)

Check this out, a few years ago I wrote a fictional biography about my life. The parts I didn't like I either changed it or took it out completely. So this is the thing, this is a small part of it, well I just modified some of it to make it more modern. This is a completely fictional story (but may exist in a parallel universe) of how I meet the woman of my life. Don't worry, it's short and even though it's a bit of a love story it has good parts in it, trust me. So here it is, apart of my story. And yes the date is 2013 and not 2012, yes I can see the future, pretty good eh.

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It's around mid April 2013, on a Wednesday and I wake up, change into a brown long sleeve shirt and white short sleeve shirt, plus my baggy black pants like I like em and get ready to head off. I speak to my little sis who I live with, who's four years younger then me though we're both grown folks and we decided to get our own place awhile ago. In my mid twenties, I like to go out to places around the city and see what's around for me to do and enjoy. Anyway, I speak to my sis, tell her I'll be out for a minute and head off but not before grabbing my long black trench coat because I like to look cool like that.

The time is around...maybe eight, nine-ish in the morning I guess. I walk around the block noticing the sky pretty cloudy. Yeah, they do call for rain quite often especially in April. Anyway so I walk around and look at stuff. The city is in an area surrounded by mountains so we don't have to worry about a tornado or any wind type stuff like that. Because of that, the city is pretty hilly, roads going up steep hills and such. It's not a big, BIG city like new york or Chicago but for what it's worth out in a country area like this on the east coast it's about as big as you can get without driving to like a beach side area like in Norfolk Virginia.

So I just go about, just chillin you know, not doing anything special. I think of my brother a little. He has a young daughter, my niece who I see often. I also think of my mom who moved into an department across town. She left home after me and my sister got our own place. I was thinking about going to see her but it will be awhile till I get to that side of town so I head on. You see, in this town I along with a bunch of my friends go down to the local arcade area and run gaming tournaments. Though I'm no master gamer I hold my own, won several tournaments beforehand. Video games aren't a lot of people's style in fact most older grown folks can't even pronounce the names of games correctly but hey, it's what I grew up on, besides there isn't much else to do in this town, work with what you have. So I think about going to the gaming hall which is near the mall, it's one of those underground type places, I mean like...like a man cave pretty much though larger.
-You know what I'm talking about, the type of place with pool tables, dart boards, places to grab a drink. Though in this place we have arcade machines, pinball, which I love me some pinball now, and large flat screens to play console games like the 360 or the Wii and stuff like that.

I think about going there...err...well, maybe not right now. It's a little far and besides most of the action really starts to pop at night anyway, so no one's really there at the moment. So where do I go, I don't know, I just want to walk around I guess.

I walk around thinking about..EVERYTHING...which is really nothing. Just life, the universe, why am I here, why are you here, and just random mess mostly like the mysteries of the universe like why is Bruce Willis a star.

So I decided to head on down to Bojangles to get breakfast. Now normally I'm a KFC man myself, though today I wanted to do something different. Besides KFC is too far to walk. So I head on down and go inside, guess it's around ten, well actually it is as I just saw the clock on the inside. I get something, just a leg and a thigh,a biscuit and a large sweet tea. I sit and chill near a window. Luckily there aren't many people inside, I like to eat by myself, I don't like other folks looking all up in my face while I'm eating. So I'm in there eatin, ol' dry *** chicken, biscuit and tea won't all that either. 'Alright, KFC for now on', I think to myself. You know how you act all polite but inside you think different mess, that's what I was doing, pretending it was good which it wasn't. I finish up, FINALLY ol nasty mess, and head out.

I don't even know where I'm going, ain't got mess to do today really, well except for planning the next tournament I mentioned earlier. Oh it figures! It starts to pour raining, but I don't give a..., you see if you walk out in the rain, folks around here are like "are you crazy or some mess, walking out in the rain like you ain't got the good sense, you need to be put in the nut house", but I'm just like "you know I don't care, as long as it's not storming I'll walk in the rain, it calms my spirit. I walk around going up a block on one of those long hills I mentioned. I get to the top and overlook a large portion of the area, hills and apart of a college. This is a college town, three colleges, well two and a community. One is a religious college and one's a local one. The community I briefly went after I got out of high school. In this place with the way things are now even if you do have a college degree there's no guarantee that you will get a job. You pretty much need a college degree to pick up garbage around here, well if you can find a job. There's no jobs here which is why I don't have a real one, need to go to a bigger city I guess. That whole recession thing I guess is why there's nothing.

Look at me, see I keep getting off track. Alright back to what I was talking about. So I'm on the hill looking at the area waiting near a bus stop. I'm not getting on a bus, just waiting under the roof thing they have to wait till the rain stops. I look on at the sky watching the greyness. All of a sudden I hear someone speak to me.

"The rain's beautiful but yet it's quite sad, don't you agree". Wtf, I think. I turn to my left and spot...wow.

There, standing to my left was a young woman. She was of India nationality. This woman wore a yellow gown, like a yellow ballgown type thing. I later found out it was a Indian dress called a sari, but I didn't know that at the time. She had four gold bangles on both of her wrist. She also had her hair tied back in a large pony tail. I never seen a woman like this before, she had deep eyes like I couldn't believe and...I can't describe it, it's like I could feel what she was feeling or something. Overall I can honestly say that she was one of the most beautiful women I've seen in my entire life.

"Isn't the rain beautiful" she asked me. While I'm still there stunned like a dumb A, I eventually return to earth and answer her question, "um, yeah. Sure I guess". I didn't know what to say, most beautiful women tell me to F off before I can even look at them. But this woman, you know maybe that's the problem all the other ladies I liked were all teenage girls and this is the first lady I liked in years. Maybe that's what I needed to be around, a real grown woman, not some little fod mouth girl. I still can't believe that she talked to me, FIRST!!! So after coming out of the shock I think of stuff to say, which naturally I don't think of anything good. So what happens is she tells me to "look, the sky, it's clearing". I look up and the rain not only stops but yes it does clear up a little slowly. Blue is appearing as the clouds break apart.

I then look to the side and see her surprising the mess out of me. She moved in close when I wasn't looking and she looks hard into my eyes curiously. She then smiles and says "you have beautiful eyes", which mine are green by the way. "I do", I ask. She begins to glow, I'm serious, actually the sun appears and rays light up the area in a golden looking color. Rays shine on her face and she lights up. She appears to move in slow motion.

Next thing you know she goes through the air and takes off running down the street. I'm like "what the...". That was an interesting woman, but what in the world. She just appeared and ran off. But I can't believe how beautiful she was. Of course I knew she wasn't normal, it's like she came from somewhere else or something, not a normal human woman, too pure, you had to see her to know what I am talking about. I did meet her later in life that I won't go into too much detail right now but I just wanted to share that story with you. You see, I later found out that she's two years younger then me and there was something special about her in a positive way. Just like an angel, her face made me wanted to cry.

Look at me carrying on like some poem person, ya probably thinking "man what's this grown A man talking like this for". I don't know, like I mentioned earlier she wasn't like any normal woman I meet before, seemed more purer then any normal woman I seen before, but why in the world did she come to me I wonder, a street punk who plays games for money and doesn't have a real job. Were we destined to meet or something, what in the world. So long story short, I meet her later in life and we...well had a life together but that's a story for another day.


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