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Our paths cross again: pt 1

Short story By: Neutrastaff

This is the sequel to my short story 'a good day', my fictional biography. This is the continuation I mentioned. This tells more of the story (to know what Im talking about in this story, read the first part). This is also a prequel to the 'new york' story I wrote.

Now there will be another part in a minute (im so tired right now so excuse any rushed grammar typos if you see any).

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After my encounter with the mysterious woman I later returned back to the house. I find my sis, Rin (who looks just like Santigold more or less), sitting on the couch watching tv. She sees me with my dull off the wall look and ask me if there was something on my mind. I went ahead and told her about the woman I saw today, normally I don't like sharing that kind of stuff with relatives as I find that private matters, kinda like 'would you tell your parents about someone you liked', you keep that stuff to yourself and if you do tell you tell some friends but not family. So anyways, I head for the bed, with all the rain and the long walk I had I got tired, didn't even feel like doing anything else. As I layed down, propping up my legs and put my arms behind my head I thought about that woman. She seemed to glow, sparkle in the rain, it's just something about her like an illusion, I got this wierd feeling, not like you like someone, but just something special about someone that normal people don't have. As god as the witness, she didn't feel normal, like someone who lives in the sky and fell to earth. LOOK AT THIS MESS, im doing it again, doing that 'poetry talk ****' again, whatever, I just went ahead and fell asleep.
So anyways, check this out, about five days later I drive around. Well first I change to a large brown hoodie and black baggy pants and black flip flops and hop in my old burgundy colored car, it's very old and pretty much being held together by string and paper but it's my first car (you know how you are about your first stuff, first bike, first kiss, first time you smoked and dranked in high school, you never forget your first). Im driving along on the highway, once again thinking about everything (which once again, equals nothing), the whole goal is to run errands, first I plan on restocking groceries, grabbing food for my sister Rin and our niece, Rochelle, who's staying over, probably grab her some of those sour patch things as she's been driving me crazy about em.
Im driving along on the freeway, when all of a sudden the car stops working. It's like im moving the wheel and im going but the car won't go, the acceleration doesn't work. I go for a little ways then attempt to pull over but the thing stops before I can get it over good. Now off the bat as you can imagine im thinking to myself 'ohh ****'. Im sitting in the car having a fit, hitting everything, turning the key, shifting the gear putting it in drive, park and reverse. I kick the pedals (which probably isn't a good idea but I was mad as hell). I eventually just stop and just sit there, pulling my hair away from my face because it got frail and messy when I was having a fit. After a big sigh, I figure if there were people behind me they were probably pissed, (you know how dem folks do, even if you can't help it they still fuss and carry on like your the one who ****** up). I get out and of course there's a massive line of cars behind me as far as the eye can see, well maybe not quite that many but still alot. I wave for them to go pass me, being in a city there's a lot of traffic but also big car lanes. Glad this isn't a really big city though. With no other way to get the car off the road I get out and push it aside, naturally no one stops to lend a hand (selfish *******).
Luckily I manage to have a cell phone in hand. Normally I don't like cell phones (technology creeps me out), but it was Rin's idea to keep a cell phone in hand if I had an emergency. So I pull it out and give her a call, telling her what happened. She tells me that she'll call our older brother who will come and help me but it won't be for atleast an hour or two. I decide to kill time by checking the engine, opening the hood all this smoke comes out, so the engine probably overloaded. I put the hood back down and take a seat on it, sitting to the left with my left leg up and looking behind me to the large tree covered mountains in the back. So first I just shake my head, then I lay down for a second on the car hood and put my hands on my face thinking '****, why me'.
So I sit there for about an hour, waiting for my brother to show up (he always takes his sweet time as he's lazy and trifflin). I hold my head up with my arm and look over behind me to see a black car suddenly pull up to the side of me and my car. Out of it, first I wonder if it's my brother but this is someone different. I look to see who it is and out comes this guy, this india guy you know a young man a bit older than me, he's pretty neatly dressed, you know come to think of it with that shiny black car it seems that he does have a bit of money, not rich but more money than me anyways. So the guy comes out and he comes to me asking "hey you look like you could use some help". Im like "yeah, that would be nice". And he's like "here, let me lend you a hand". Im like 'what's this guy going to do'. I hop off my hood and pop it open. He takes a look at the engine, then he goes to the trunk of his car and grabs a tool kit real quick and comes back to my car. As he's doing this I look at his car. Through the window it's hard to see because the windows are tinted, but I see someone moving inside and im sure it's a lady. She's wearing a scarf or a veil over her head so I couldn't see her face and also she kept her head down.
Eventually after about maybe twenty minutes (give or take, I didn't have a watch and the car doesn't have a clock) the guy fixes my car. I hop in and start it up and it works again. "Hey, thanks man", I tell him. "Oh don't thank me", he says putting his tools back in his tool kit, "thank my sister". 'Your sister', I think to myself. "Yes", he says "she's the one who told me to pull over and help you". I wondered if he's taking about that woman in the car. He goes over to the car and taps the back of his knuckle on the window, "hey, come say hi" he tells her. The woman turns her head and opens the door, she slowly get's out. She's is indeed wearing a black veil over her head, along with a long blue and green colored sari. She's holding her hands and on each of her wrist are four gold bangles. She's a relatively small woman, much shorter than me but she has a nice figure, all hourglass like. At first Im like "hey thanks for telling your brother to help me", but then something happens. I get a glimps of her face.
"Oh my, HEY", I shout out, "it's you". She looks at me and smiles. I see her face as clear as day. It's her, it's the woman I ran into the other day, almost a week ago, the one who wore that gold sari in the rain. "Hello again", she says to me. "You two know each other", her brother ask. "Yes", she responds, "this is the one whom I spoke of, the one I visioned of". I get a little confused by what she last said, but anyway I remember that we didn't say each other's names so I go ahead and say it, "hey listen", I say going up to her, "my name's Staff, can I ask what's your's". She slowly steps toward me and has a light smile on her face, one that's shy but...seems to glow? Yeah, just something about this girl, her smile seemed to have a glow to it (well of course she didn't literally start shining like light, it's hard to explain). In a light voice she says, "yes, my name is Lai. It's nice to meet you again, Staff".
Just then, a pale white car slowly appears behind me and I know instantly who it is, it's my late *** brother, finally showing up when there's no need. "Come on, let's go, Lai", says her brother. "Alright, Eli, just a second", she responds. She looks at me and says "you know, the park with the forest close by". "Yeah", I respond. "I will be there later in the evening, care to join me. I would like to speak to you more". I first think to myself, 'does this girl have a crush on me or something'. What's so special about me that I grabbed her attention? Come to think of it, she's all I can think about this week as well so...Anyway I glance at her and see her eyes, the look from them was a wide seemingly sad look. I just decide to say, "yeah, sure". I did that because maybe I could you know, learn more about her maybe. So she smiles at me with a large wide smile and gets back in her car with her brother. They drive off as I look to them.
My brother eventually comes to me, and we talk like brothers would normally talk:
"Your late, Ass",
"Traffic, besides Rin didn't tell me exactly where you were",
"Listen, J, Next time you come help, do it when it's needed",
"And I came didn't I",
"Your so late that I had to get help from someone else. The man driving away just helped me",
"You got someone to help you",
"Yeah. Well he volunteered and I accepted",
"So you straight now",
"Yeah. I was going to go grocery shopping",
"Too late now eh",
"Do it for me",
"YEAH!!! That's your punishment for taking so long to come, do my grocery shopping for me",
"You know im older than you right, I should be telling you what to do",
"Don't give a ****, you weren't responsible just now so I get to say something. For your information I was shopping for both Rin and Rochelle, so just help me and just do this, I mean it's for your daughter",
"Alright fine, I'll do this for Rochelle then",
"Good, catch you later then. Oh and stop by KFC and grab the ten piece",
"Alright now, not too much",
"Even if Im paying you for some of this",
"Fine, I'll go there then, Damn!".
Yeah, he's fustrated because im making him do my grocery shopping and going to KFC, but hey he should had been here sooner so I'd do it myself. So anyway, I hand him some money and get back in my car.
"So Staff, what are you going to do, go to your home",
"Nah, I have an appointement",
"Appointement, your going to go see a girl aren't you, the same one you were just talking to ain't it",
"So you saw her hu",
"Yup, anyway just go, I'll catch you and Rin later. I'll stop by and give the stuff to her and Rochelle",
"Alright, catch you later".
I depart with my brother hopping back in his car driving off. He heads to the store and I head to the park. I want to know more about this woman I meet nearly a week ago. Im nervous too, I tell you, I wonder what she wants to talk to me about.


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