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Poor Melony wakes up one night to find her parents to have been kidnapped! Being as she was only a young princess at the age of 5 she simply didnt know what to do...But now after 10 years and a new found friendship she intends to find the captour of her parents and if she is lucky she would like to find her parents as well.

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Chapter 1

I took a deep breath and called upon my most trusted friend and servant Ky.Mabey someday we could be more than friends but i have no time to think about that espeacially not today.I ring the bell it giving off a loud high pitched sound and Ky comes to my room. ''Yes?''he says ever so politely''Close the door and come over here we need to talk''.He shuts the door quietly and walks over to me as i scoot over making room for him on my window ciel .''So what was it you wanted to talk about your highnes?''He bows before me jokingly and sits down.''Well uh ive been thinking about it for awhile and i think i want to go looking for my parents...i mean weve been planning it out for a long time now and im old enough to travel with the companion of my choice''I look at his face those wonderful hazel eyes that just make me melt,those perfect lips ive been so eager to kiss since we met ,and his straight black hair so sleek and shiny...ive got to stop thinking about him and focus.''But theyre going to ask where were going , and what exactly are we gonna tell them then?''I look out the window''im not a very good liar''i look back at him''so your going to have to say it but i thought we could say we where going to a kindom in the east''I can tell hes not so sure becuase he lets out a long drawn out sigh as he thinks about it.''fine but only because this means i get to be alone with you away from all the other spys around here '' He smirks at me and winks.Alone with Ky how great that would be.I blush just thinking about it.''so uh i was thinking we set out tomorrow?'' I look at him blushing .''Yeah see ya tomorrow my princess''He lets the back of his hand ease down the side of my face as he smiles then walks out of the room.I sigh deeply and smile as the door closes.I get up and start packing clothes and anything else i may need, then i change into my mint green gingham night gown and tuck myself into bed.As i fall into my deep sleep i think of finally being away from everyone all alone with him ...Then before i know it im asleep...


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