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Friends House (1)

Short story By: Nora Yang Hitatori

Tags: Friends, Trust

This short storie is going to be about these two best friends who live together and has been best of friends every since middle school. Since then they have been there for each other and chosed to live together. Thinking it is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to them. They live in a three storie house which has a basement. Also they are some times on the same term and little fights here and there. Even when they get in fights in the end it becomes a joke and a memory. These two friends are going to have different things they never expected that would happen.

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I looked over at the computer that sat at the corner of the room. Thinking to myself, if I should keep it, get rid of it or just give it to some poor person. I looked at the computer for a couple more seconds. Then turned around and headed down to the second floor. As I entered the now dirty living room of the second floor. I shook my head and started to glare, when I saw my collection of horror flics. Laying in a heap in the middle of the floor.
"Serria! How many times did I tell you not to touch my collection of horror flics." I yelled seeing Serria walk out of the bathroom yawning. She looked at me and smiled, while shrugging at the same time. "you know I don't like you taking these with out permission." I glarred at her as she pulled out a small container of pudding out of her mini refaigator.
"Is that my home made choclate chip mint pudding?"
"Maybe" Serria said with a grin, taking a big spoonfull into her mouth. I picked the container cover up seeing in big bold letters written on it "DON'T TOUCH!!! N.R"
"Really, you could've just asked me for it."
"Want it back" Serria tryed handing it back to me, but I shoved it back towards her.
"No, you can have it. Anyways I came down her to tell you something."
"What is it?" Serria sat down upon her black couch, which was in the corner of the living room.
"We're having company over and I'll be showing them around the house."
"So like I care, it has nothing to do with me."
"Um...about that.." I said with a small smile and itched my head at the same time. Serria looked at me and glarred. She new exactly what I ment and didn't like the idea at all.
"Come on, just this once can you clean."
"I did it once, wait let me refraise that. I did every single time and so no, your stuck with it this time." Serria started to whine and I knew she was doin g it on porpose. Last time she started whinning like that, I gave in. I plugged my ears, going around the room singing Lalalala. I stopped turned around to look at her and my mouth dropped to the floor. In her right hand she held a lighter and in her other hand she held my most expensive horror movie.
"You wouldn't"
"Black mail"
"Make a deal"
"Nope, if yes what kind of deal"
"I help you clean and you hand the movie over"
"Half or no movie"
"1/4 or no more guys over"
"Good one, 3/4 or still no movie"
"Half or lock down" We looked at each other in the eyes for almost two minutes, to see who will win this one. We both gave in and said in unisen.
"Deal, you clean half and I'll clean the other half." She handed my movie back to me with a grin across her face. I glarred at her and quickly grabbed the rest of my movies, brought them back up to my floor. I was up in my room for almost thirty minutes going through all my horror flics. I had to recount to make sure I had every single one of them and they were in the right cases. The doorbell started to ring and I yelled to Serria to go answer the door. There was no reply, except for that I could hear the shower going. I sighed and started walking down the stairs, but quickly looked at the living room on the second floor. When I looked I noticed the living room was way cleaner then before. I smiled and quickly went down stairs to go answer the door
I answer the door with a smile ad my smile disappeared when I saw whot it was. At frist I thought it was someone I knew and shook my head. I looked back at the person who was still standing infront of me and smiled again back at them.
"Um..hello...I was wondering if this was the place that Marianne Steffson lives at?" The guy said with a smile and rubbed the back of his head.
"Yeah, she lives here and whats your name? I didn't catch it the frist time." I asked still with a small smile across my face and waited for his answer.
"Oh sorry, my name is Luke Halk. What's yours?" He said with a smile and held his hand out to me.
"The one you asked for" I said with a grin and shook his hand " would you like to come in." I got out of the way and made the gesture that he could come in. He walked in with a smile,then it turned into a wide eye and mouth dropped to the floor. He quickly turned around saying sorry over and over again. I looked were he looked and I saw Serria walking around in her bra : underwear. I covered my face and shoke my head back and fourth in embrassament.
"Serria! Get some clothes on now. We have company over, another thing how many times did I tell you not to walk around the house half naked!!" I said sternly walking up to her with a blanket I grabbed off a chair. She looked up at me with a half eaten cookie in her mouth. I throw the blanket at her and she wrapped it around her self. Then went back to the frigee, looking for something else to eat. I walked back over to Luke Halk and patted him on the back.
"I am so sorry about that, I didn't think she would do that now." I said apoligizing over and over again with what just happened. I lead him to the main living room of the house. He sat down on the couch and I sat in the chair right next to it.
"So how have you been?"
"Pretty good you?"
"Good to, so why did you come over?" I asked still very courious why he came over. It was practically dead silence for almost five minutes. Serria walked in with a tang top on and some mini shorts on. SHe broke the slience by asking me if he was my boyfriend. I looked at her and tryed not to blush.
"No, anyways Serria this is Luke Halk and Luke this is Serria Bassittson" I introduce the two and watched as they shoke hands. "anyways Serria no he is not my boyfriend and second he is a good friend of mine from Easton." Serria looked at him and then back at me, a grin creeping upon her face.
"Oh, I see whats going on here. You came to come see her and tell her. That your sorry for not giving her an answer in high school. So your gonna confess your love to her." Serria was now sitting on the floor in front of Luke, with a grin on across her face. She waited for his answer, but instead of getting an anwser she got an akword silence. I looked at her and back at him, then back her for what she just said. My mouth practically fell right to the floor and I just can't believe she stilled remember that. Luke looked embarssed and he quickly looked out side the living room window, that looked out to the drive way and front yard. A couple of seconds passed and he got up and looked me stairt in the eyes. I got up and looked right back at him, while Serria sat on the floor grinning at him. The grin she was wearing practically told you she hit the jack pot.
"Marianne it was nice seeing you again and that your doing pretty well, but I think it would be best if I just got going now." He held his hand out to me and I shoke it, but what surprised me the most was that he pulled me into a hug. He let go and left, I didn't even get to say goodbye, but I started getting this warm feeling in my chest and I didn't get this feeling since high school;. Serria just looked at me with a surprised look on her face. She just couldn't believe what just happened, she shook her head while patting me on the back and headed back up to her floor. I was thinking to myself of what exactly happend just not to long ago. He hugged me and he doesn't give hugs and he doesn't like recieving hugs. This is really confusing right now, I don't know exactly understand what just happened. Why did he all of a sudden leave after Serria said that? He didn't even let me even say goodbye. Does that mean he's coming back? GAHH! This is so confusing, I wish he would of told me exactly why he came over. *Sigh* It feels like I still have feelings for him, and its been like six to seven years since the last time I have seen him *Sigh*. I shoke my head and headed back up stairs, pushing what just happened into the back of mind. I helped Serria clean her floor and it looked clean once again with my help. Serria and me went downstairs to the basement to go play some little big planet and call of Duty. We had fun blowing up each other and sheKept on elbowing me ever time I killed her in call of duty. She kept saying I was cheating when I killed her because I suck at video games and specially any war games. I would brust out into one of my laughing fits and she would hit me to try to stop me from dieing of laughter. We played games until the geust finally came, Serria was surprised who exactly came. The people that came was our really good friends and I mostly surprised her by inviting her boyfriend over. Who I specially didn't like, but I had to be nice to him and give him a try to see if I could trust him. I didn't trust him what so ever and it was the frist time I met him to. Adele, Claudia, Eliane, Gabreille, and her boyfriend came over and we all played games. Serria tryed cooking and everybody made sure they got rid of her dishes she made, making me cook the food. Serria boyfriend laughed at her, when her food turned out disgusting and was froced by her to eat her food because he was laughing at her. Every body enjoyed there time and stayed the night, but I kicked the boyfriend out of the house & into the barn to sleep in. Which he so didn't like, but understood why I did that and went to the barn.

This is not the end
(there is a follow up to this one)
*Called Friends House(2)*


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