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Never ending Dream of You

Short story By: Nora Yang Hitatori

This short storie is about a girl who is only a freshmen and falls in love with a senoir friend of hers. They go to the same school and she really wants to be with him, but is to afaird to ask. She is barely paying attion to her friends or classmates. Her mind is always on about him and she seems like she can't get him out.

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I fell in love with a guy I am pretty good friends with and he is always in side my head, why oh whycant I get him out. I really like him and he knows that, but he still talks to me. Which is a good thing, as I thought these thoughts and walked down stairs and into the living room. Notcing my brother already woke up and left for college, while my parents left for work and droping off the little one off at daycare. I sat down onto the sofa, trying to get my head stairt so I could get ready. I had to shake my head back and forth about three to four times to stop thinking about him. The home phone started ringing and I answered it. It was my best friend and she was telling me to hurry up and get dress or I was going to be late for school again. I hung the phone up and quickly got ready and walked outside into the gentle snow falling outside. My friend was standing about ten feet away from me, shiver her butt off. When she saw me she glarred and pulled me to the car. I didn't realize what time it was, but thinking it was about seven fifteen. We got into the car and started are way to school. I looked at the time and glarred at my friend, but suddenly stopped and some reason started to smile big. As I smiled my face started to turn a tomato red.
"Why are you smiling so big....Ah I see....Your thinking about him again arent you...You can't seem to get him out can you." My friend said still looking where she is going and waited for my answer. When I didn't give her one she pulled over into the middle schools parking lot. I was so lost into my mind that I didn't notice we even pulled over and that she was shaking me. She had to pinch me and poke me in the neck to get me out of my really deep thoughts I was in.
"Uh..?" I said with a question marked and looked at my friend "why did we stop" I shook my head and started to blink to clear my vision up a little to ajust to the light in the car. My friend smiled and looked at me, her face expersion showed that she was up to something.
"You know what...I am so going to ask him out for you...Yeah definitly I am going to get him for you and tell him that no is not an answer." I starred at her like what the heck is she talking about. It didn't cross my mind that she was talking about him and I didn't know, that she knew about him. Then her smiled got bigger and then it hit me she was talking about him the one I like and I shook my head and grabbed her shoulders.
"Don't you dare and how did you find out I didn't tell you about him at all. How how how did you find out tell me now or I am not letting you go." I said shaking her and trying to get her to tell me, but she kept laughing that same laugh were she was up to something.
"Fine fine...I tell you if you stop shaking me and stop making me laugh so hard." She said grabbing my arms, I stopped and let her go. Her smile gotten even bigger and never knew she could smile that big because usually her smiles were never ever that big. I crossed my arms and looked her stairt in the eyes waiting for her answer.
"You see it was kinda or should I say pretty easy to find out you like him because you always talked to him every morning and was always smiling everytime you were talking to him. Then one of the times you were talking to me and I was talking about him to you and your face turned bright and I mean bright red. A smile that went from one ear to the next was on your face and you could not stop smiling. You didn't notice that and I also got a picture of that face" She pulled out her cell phone and held the phone infront of my face to show me how my face looked. I almost got it out of her hand to dealt the photo but she pulled it away from me just in time. She smiled even bigger "you know this picture is going on facebook you know." She held her phone up and took another picture of me, just when I leaped toward her for the phone. She put the phone done her shirt and sat back in my seat and crossed my arms. I looked at the time and it was already 6:35, thining again to myself. Fifteen more minutes before he gets there and five minutes before we get into the parking lot. I dont understand why am I so easly to figure out. There is like I can't seem to hide a secert from anyone and special my best friend. *sigh* I wish he answer already its been a week now, but it doesn't feel right for me to push him to answer me. I guess I should give him a couple more days, he never had a girlfriend so I think its best to wait. Now I have to figure out how to hide things from my best friend. Gahh! I don't get why am I giving him more time, *sigh* I wish I new what he was thinking. Oh theres the school, I'll figure this out later. When I got my self out of my thoughts my friend looked at me, poking me in the shoulder I looked at her and at the school. We already parked in the parking lot and I didn't feel like getting out. I grabbed my backpack and put my hat I got for my birthday on and got out of the car.
"Man can you be in deep thoughts, you looked like you were really thinking about something. What were you thinking about so deeply it can't be about him can it. If it is then that means your actually really liking a guy for once and thats not normal. You even said you didn't like guys so that can't be it. What were you thinking about so deeply?"
"Nothing really just what I am going to do about this no snow thing. You know me I can't stand it when there is no snow."
"Thats not it you were deffinitly not thinking about there was no snow. Come on you can tell me I wont tell anyone Please with dark dove cholcate on top Please." My friend begged looking me the eyes and I knew better not to look at her when she made that face. Every time she made it I couldn't help but look.
"You know what I tell you.."
"Just wait don't get all hyper I wasn't done talking..."
"Dang it you have a catch dont you."
Yes, I'll tell you through emial I can't tell you here. Its really importent so please don't make a big issue that you have to wait and another thing did you make a knew email because everytime I send you an email it says that your email is no longer there." I asked opening the schools doors and waited for her answer. We walked in and went stairt to my locker so I can get my math she didn't say anything at frist until we were done stairs in the cafiteara and at the same table we sit at every morning.
"Well yeah, I couldn't get on my email so I kinda dealted it and made a new one. You know I don't go on my email 24/7 unlike you." She said looking at the clock "well anyway he is going to be here in 5..4...3....2.....1......and he is here." I looked at the cafteras doors and he walked by, he saw me and waved I waved back. I started to blush very hard and a smile started creeping upon my face again. It disappeared fast because my friend was just taking pictures of me. My smile appeared as fast as it disappeared.
"Why do you do that. Now hand that phone over to me now, give it." I said but she kept putting it down her shirt and I didn't dare go down there. He walked in and I smiled and said hi, he said hi back. My friend still had that look on her face and that smile she had on earler this morning before we got here. I knew she was up to something and it had to do something with him and I knew something was going to happen before I know it.

As you can see this is just a sneek view of what the book I am going to write now and the beginning will be a tad bit different. I just wanted to see what you think of it and hope you like it because before I put the book on here I just wanted to see what people think of it. So I hope you like it and comment on what you think of it.


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