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It moves, slowly but surely, to an unending fate. Or maybe, maybe even IT must be governed by fate.

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I stepped forward on the blood-stained battlefield, ready to face the onslaught before me. I looked around as I kept walking ever closer to the rampaging clusters of swords and guns. Everything was bare. The only thing that filled my vision were earth, dust, blood, people and weapons.

How did it come to this? That question lingered within my subconscious, provoking me....teasing me. My death is imminent. But, I could say I lived a long life. How long exactly....I don't know. Everything that happened....how can I possibly remember?

The birth of a new generation, the rise of new power, the stability of the world, the deaths of innocents. I know it all. I can feel it all. Yet, how do I cope with it? Getting shined on by the light of a new flame while getting thrown into the darkness of an unending sorrow. All these....taunting me.

I used to enjoy how I lived. An unending walk through the world, not getting glances or looks from anyone, immune to everything. I never stopped. I would if I could but I can't if I want to uphold the universe. Unfortunately, this army before me.....

I could see them now. The soldiers...the creatures that stand no match against me. Guns sounded all around me and I looked around as bullets ricocheted everywhere, though only a handful did so. What had happened to the others? I can't control myself anymore. It was unmistakably going to happen. The army closed in on me.

A few fools rushed me and swung their swords. It passed through me and I glanced at the people who held them. Man, woman, child....everyone. Some were sickly looking, some were pitiful, others were proud and aggressive. They dared to challenge me. Good idea, bad choice.

I traipsed into the midst of the chaos. As I did so, many fell. Some disintegrated completely. Others were pulled down, wishing an impossible wish to stand up again. I could not blame those who had tried. They wanted to live. They wanted to end me: the embodiment of the very universe they live in. Why was I created?

I was supposed to keep walking, keep going forward. I was supposed to be able to witness the results of His divine creations. They were supposed to pave the path to glory and sanctuary, not sorrow and hell. This was not what it was intended to be. Yet, this is how it came to be. And as I imagine this, I see Him standing before me, wielding His weapon...the weapon that can finally put an end to my unending wander. My unending pain. My unending sorrow...

I took my final step, and heaven descended before me. I had finally stopped and witnessed the destruction of the world....

Who am I? I am Time.


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