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its just one of those stories you start writing when you are history class and don't want to pay attention to what the teacher is talking about, so you escape by writing a story and hiding the fact you have earphones in your ears.

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Whispers in the wind swirls around the girl's head. The howl of a far off creature sends chills down anyone's spine. She's been wandering for days now and every passing second she is being watched by golden eyes. She is naïve to the dangers of the world, but she has felt every single one. The golden eyes watch her every move and protect her from the things that wish to devour her. It sees the fear shaking her small silhouette and her green eyes bulging out of her heard.
"Being alone at night isn't wise."
On hearing the sinister voice she jumped up and bottled towards a large stone building….the old cathedral. I lost sight of her and had to follow the sound of her pounding heart trying to bust from its fleshy cage. She struggled to open the old oak doors, once open she slammed the doors back into place with her on the other side and me swearing to the night sky.

The slam of the doors echoed in the building, raven squawked as they flew out the shattered colored glass in the windows. Small streams of moonlight strewed through the broken windows along with the twinkling of the stars casting light into the dark cathedral. There stood statues everywhere, silent in their poses looking out with linoleum eyes silently watching over the cathedral. Paintings colored the ceiling with angels flying around and saints looking Holy.
I've been running for days, only grabbing little sleep during the day light and at night fear keeps me awake and my feet always running. I walked around inside looking all around me, walking between pews, and standing in awe.
High up the bell began to ring and an ancient voice began to speak. I wanted to run but the voice sounded calm and kind. It began to tell me stories of brave knights and damsels in; distress about war and pain. Images played in front of my naked eyes as if it was my memory and not just a story being told. I saw Kings fight bravely and die in battle and Queens weep over the news of her dead husband and mourn over the execution of their daughter. I watched as the bloody past of the Royal and of the Peasant played before me.
"Now you've seen the past. Change the future so it would not be like this." The ancient voice began to soften and dim away with the toll of the bell.
The last picture to be displayed was of a bloody red sunset setting in the west overlooking a calm ocean. I sat on the old wooden pew wondering how I can change a bloody cold world unto a warm loving one. I bent my head down trying to think, until a hand placed itself on my shoulder.

She jumped and screamed as soon as I laid my hand on her shoulder.
"Hush dear child, I won't harm thee." She stepped farther away from me.

"I pray thee to stop moving and listen." She again ignored me.

I sat down with a sigh, "Madame please just sit so I can say some words." She took a few more steps away from and sat down.
"What do you want?" Her voice was bitter.
"Why do you wander about every night?" I questioned.
"Cause I feel like it."
Wonderful she is going to be difficult, again I sighed.
I looked at the man with golden eyes and a long white beard. He asked me questions and I answered with little information.
He looked me with a serious face and said, "Mattea, you must go back from where you are from and make things right. Teach the un-educated, held the un-helped, and prevent the shed of blood; the world is covered with evil and now it must be washed off with good." I sat there looking at him in disbelief.
"I'm not going back!" I protested.
He gave me a harsh look, "you cannot continue running away from your problems, you must face them or be weak and run for the rest of your life."
It was my turn to sigh deeply and dread going back.
"Are you ready?" He asked.
I gave him a look, "no."
"Get ready little one, you are going back tonight." He stood up and looked at me and hushed my protesting with a wave of his hand.
"Farewell Mattea, be strong and hold on." With a wink and a smile dirt began to pick and swirl around me as he moved his hands in the words and saying mystical words. The swirling of dirt thickened and blinded me from seeing him; I fell to the ground covering my head with my arms. I felt the dirt to fall down and stop moving it was my signal to look up and see that I was back in my village ready to start changing things.
"Elende!" I turned to a young man with blue eyes walking towards me.
"Yes?" I said calmly. I sat down, my limbs were aching with old age.
"Why did you tell her?" He sat down next to me.
"You see Dymetri, she needed a bit of a push and to be turned in the right direction."
"But the Elders will be angry! You'll be in so much trouble for showing her the past and sending her back like that!"
"I know, I know but she needed it no matter what the elders say."
Dymetri sighed and stood up with a smile, "come brother, let's go and find another to watch over and guide."
Together the two men, one young and on old walked out of that cathedral, the two men who were known as The Guardians in old folk tales, but a girl who found out folk tales were true and that "guardians" were always around watching over people, guiding them in the right directing and with that it gave her a reason to smile and look forward to a new day.


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