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15 Days of Fame!

Short story By: poet 3

This is a short story about a Royal Taster, the guy who tests the Kings food for poison, it is written in journal form. I have no idea why I wrote it, but I might continue it... I dont know tho.... What do you think???

Submitted:Nov 9, 2007    Reads: 150    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

Intro. to Journal:

What is a Royal Taster you ask? Well, since I am one, and this is my journal, I guess I can tell you correctly! A Royal Tastr is a Slave, like me, who tastes all the King's food for poison! It is absolutely exhilirating. I get to eat ll of the King's good food, to make sure that it wasnt poisoned, but that doesnt mean I cant enjoy myself does it?
Anyway, He is having a delectable course meal of roasted pig with a red wine sauce! I can't wait!

After Dinner, Day 1: ***

Mmmm... That roasted pig was delicous! It wasnt poisoned of course! He looked at me while I ate though, it was like he was testing me! It was scary!

Later in the night, Around Midnight: ***

Just in case I dont come back after breakfast tomorrow, let me tell you a little bit about myself! I am ninteen years old and My name is Tiberes! I have no family, well yet anyway, I am betrothed to a beautiful girl, at least I was, until I got stuck with this role! I have mousey brown hair that refuses to stay flat, and I have blue eyes. I am a skinny little man and I absolutely adore my King!

Day 3: ***

I hate that man! I accidently ate two bites of chicken instead of one and he has me beaten! I recieved thirty lashes and all because of a little bite of chiken! Well, maybe I should poison his food.... No, that was treasoness talk, I shan't be doing that again! I still cant believe how greedy that man is!

Day 5:(After Lunch): ***

The food was heavily poisoned, I shall be sick for days! I had best get some rest as the Healers insist!

Day 11: ***

I am back to testing. I start at dinner tonight, the Healers say I will be fine! The course will be Mutton smothered in a mushroom sauce. I hate mushrooms! I must be going, Mutton awaits!

Day 13: ***

Hmmm... The King is surprised I have lived this long, which naturally leads me to believe I shall be gone from this world soon! Oh woe be me! shan't ever love again!

Day 15: ***

Supper shall be simple tonight, I shall test and then be go of my services! I will live tonight through, and see tomorrow!

After Supper: ***

Oh woe be me....



The Royal Taster, Tiberes, aged ninteen, Died on his fifteenth day of service.


Notes on Tiberes from Household Servants:


(He didnt live long enough to make any friends)


King's Notes on Tiberes:

He was a good pet.... (Not that Tiberes sir)..... Oh, you mean the slave Tiberes? Oh yes he was a big help.... Wasnt he? (I was asking you that sir)


(His journal was found and burned with his body, but not before the new Taster was able to read the last few words scribbled on the back page....)


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