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The Girl's Nightly Monster

Short story By: PsychoticThrillers

Society is blind

Submitted:May 25, 2012    Reads: 65    Comments: 12    Likes: 5   

It encircled the girl much like a snake. She could not move, did not want to. The darkness came and flooded the room. Soon there was nothing but despair and hatred. She was getting suffocated by the thing that had her, but it did not care. It hungrily did what it wanted. There was no monster like it. For years this evil being of black has come in the dead of night for this girl. She'll lie and tell you otherwise, but this being is there, oh yes, and every night does enter her room. It takes her and keeps her, making her wish for death. But she knows she cannot die, for she deserves it. For all the lies she told about what really happens in her life. For the fact that the monster hates her so. For if she was meant to have a good life, if she deserved a good life, she would have one. Instead she has done her evils of some sort and now thrives in the darkness that came. Never knowing why or how, the girl simply accepts she is defeated, simply accepts she deserves such horrors. Many times a new scar formed, mentally, physically, everyday. Many times will new ones come. But not before she realizes what she had done. A teenager now, the child has come, now she realizes her sins. She's a liar. Lies to the people of what really happens at night, of what comes for her. She lies to them all for the scars she has, simply being that no one cares. She sits alone and waits for nothing. No friends and a family unwanted. She sits alone and keeps to herself, unknown to the world the horrors she faces.

"Have them hate you," the evil whispers to her. "Have your classmates hate you," the evil does say. And force if she does not. Unwilling but goes, everyone hates her for the thing she told. Made herself to be a liar, made herself to be a poser, made herself to be a loner. All alone and in her room. No one wants her, no one cares. The black it comes, and in it goes, to the girl now teenager, and swallows her whole. Swallows her in the darkness. There she once whimpered, there she once cried, there she once screamed in agony, in pain. But all of that gone, when she was child. Simply limp and accepting, and blanks away stray tears. Just lays there, does not fight, for it's useless, the monster is might. A vegetable now, she imply lays, the monster it comes, and it takes her. Never pleasure, never love, never like, no hatred, no fear, no stopping it. Just simple acceptance that this is her fate, that this is what she deserves.

"I will not stop, I want to do this," the evil did come and say one fearful night of her childhood. The words are known and she knows it too, that it will not stop. She'll lie though, lie to hide. So used to being alone, having friends was different. Aye she did, she had made friends. But still is a loner, they are computer friends. Easy to lie on a computer, easy to be alright, easy to manipulate the minds who care. So used to it now, pretending and lying, she cannot tell, not her friends, oh no. Not because she has to, she does not want to. Lie and lie, she almost told once, twice, but not again, her lips are sealed, not to tell another soul. A connection here, a connection there, no matter the strength, her secrets be not told.

"You're almost an adult, if you leave I will find you," The monster says. It grabs for her, it takes her, one more night still, every night. Finding it in her, she is more, she's come up with ways, to dull it all.

"I hate you so, nothing but a whore," the monster does say. The monster does spread. For it's a small town, and things catch on. A whore to be called, a liar, a freak. A weirdo of childs, a loner of women.


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