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Life in the City (as a cat)

Short story By: QTTA7777


Maomao meow mao! Meowmaomao meowmeow maomeowmeow meowmao maomaomao meowmeowmao, maomeow mao meowmaomeowmao mao meow meow mao meow mao. Mao meowmeowmao meowmaomao mao? Maomeow mewmeowmew mew meow!


Submitted:Jun 18, 2013    Reads: 20    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

I was thrown out of my home a few weeks after I was born. My mom was born in the circus and they needed 4 kittens for an act, I was the 5th. My mother named me Muffy and cared for me just like the other kittens, Oh how she tried to protect me from being thrown out, growling and scratching at them until they caught her in a cage and they threw me out . I was small and fluffy with big green eyes and I was orange with a striped tail. Anyway, I climbed out of my box and looked around, the lights blazed over me, a sort of smoky smell wafted through the air and loud noises came whenever a thing on circles zoomed on the dark ground with white stripes. I was in the city. I immediately went to a tree and peed like a dog because there was no litter box. "You there!" A dog shouted nearby, "that's MY peeing spot!" I ran for my life, that dog now had his gang chasing me, I went on the dark ground a they immediately stopped. A thing went by, nearly hitting me, I ducked as another thing went by I was almost there! Then, a thing nearly crushed me but the person controlling the thing swerved at the last second and nearly crashed into the dogs. I ran off into an alley and reached a dead end, I absentmindedly groomed myself while at the moon wondering how the other kittens were doing, probably learning some tricks to do at the circus. I curled up into a ball and fell asleep.
The sun was up and I went to a nearby restaurant where they threw food at me because of pity or something, they also had free wee-fee. I saw someone check out a page of his interactive booklet about homes for stray cats. I immediately set off to find this place. I snooped through postboxes and spied on people's interactive booklet but I didn't find the address. It was one lucky day when I saw someone lose their letter to the very place I was looking for, I dragged the letter around with me, in case I forgot and I could sense I was getting close. Then, I encountered some signposts pointing in different directions but then I saw another fellow feline. "over here!" I shouted "Can you help me find the SPCA?" "Whats that?" he asked curiously. I explained to him what it was and he showed me the right direction. "Wait!" He exclaimed as I was about to leave, "I was thinking," He said "Maybe I could come too..." His voice trailed away hopefully, I sighed. A mew minutes later, I had a traveling companion and we journeyed to lots of places until that one night. I was sleeping in an alley, my buddy was looking for food, then I was woken up by barking. It was that dog and his gang. "You nearly cost us our lives!" He shrieked "and now, I'm going to return the favor." He pulled out the letter from under his paw and I suddenly realized it wasn't underneath me my buddy saw what was happening and launched himself at Big Dog. A big fight broke out and I was being cornered by Big Dog's dogs they launched me through the air and if I could just land on my feet. Wham! I got hit by an ambulance and I soon blacked out.
I woke up in the SPCA and saw a boy looking at me and said: "Mommy, I want that one."


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