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A story about a town with paper cut-outs as its inhabitants.
A boy named Ditor has to rally a mob and overthrow President Crit, who resides in The Newsroom, the tallest building in Newstown


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Newstown was a town in Hharvisth that was placed near a small stem. Their inhabitants were paper cut-outs of newspapers and their buildings were newspapers stacked upon newspapers. But the greatest building in Newstown was The Newsroom. The Newsroom was the headquarters for the government, and they were always trying to gain control of new land. No one was allowed to enter The Newsroom. Ditor was a 12 year old boy who lived close The Newsroom. Everyday he would use the TV Teleporter to get to the park. He would listen to Old Man Papey shout his rants about the government. He would sit and watch while simultaneously feeding the birds. Everything was fine until one day Old Man Papey fell while shouting. All of them who saw, people jogging, playing or watching rushed to his aid. One of them called the hospital and at that exact moment the president passed a new law:

No one shall publish any newspapers that is not The Government Daily.
Signed: President Crit

The president made an announcement to the world on Government Daily, and the results were not good. Those who worked for Newstown Gazette went down and destroyed Government Daily newsstands. South Newstown Evening Post people threw their TVs outside and Government Daily popped open the champagne and had a feast. They were extremely soggy at the end of the party. This was bad for the ambulance. The champagne spilled all over the roof of the ambulance and made it soggy and a TV fell on the ambulance, broke its roof and squashed Old Man Papey. Ditor saw and ran to the ambulance as the doctors spilled out of the ambulance and fainted. Ditor pushed the TV out of the way and dragged Old Man Papey out.
"A war is starting," Old Man Papey said. "I saw it coming, and tried to overthrow the government before it happened. You must defeat the government..." His voice trailed off. Ditor got up and looked at the chaos on the streets, he knew what to do. He shouted as loud as he could,"TO THE NEWSROOM!" They all cheered and got into formation. The mob traveled down the road and through alleys. Occasionally some would break out to lash at a newsstand. Soon they stood in front of The Newsroom. Meanwhile, President Crit finished his paperwork and decided to go to the park. He opened the window to see whether people was in the park and was immediately greeted by a horde of shouts.
"Let us write!" some said.
"Give us back our newspapers!" a couple shouted.
Crit shouted for his army and soon they were all assembled in the hall.
"My fellow army men." he said, "there is a mob against us outside, they are not afraid to thrust the rest of our city into chaos, so go outside and do not hold back. Good will win!"
The army cheered and marched outside while President Crit sneaked off and went round the back. Ditor saw the doors open and hoped this was a sign to show they surrendered but those that ran inside cheering were caught in a array of gunshots. The mob backed off slowly retreating as the army marched forward. No one saw President Crit join their mob with a disguise. The mob broke off as the army started their attack. Ditor and two others ran into the alleyway that led back to the park. Ditor climbed the Crit statue to get a better view of the battle. The army had scattered, in search of the escapees. It was now just an empty street. Cut-outs littered the pavement. Suddenly Ditor was almost knocked off the statue. One of the two almost pushed him down. It was Crit! His disguise had fallen off and now it was clear as day. Then Ditor got pushed down for real, but before he fell completely, he grabbed Crit and he went down with him. The other person ran back into the alleyway so it was only him and Crit. They were throwing punches at each other but they were evenly matched. It would have gone on until there was a gunshot, and Crit was shot in the side! There he was, Columnus, the one who had ran. Columnus dropped the gun, broke into a smile and cheered. They had won. It was the beginning of a new era.

A Year Later

Ditor bought the new edition of of Newstown Gazette and went to city hall. He sat not too far back, but not too far front as well. He opened the newspaper and checked the date of the event. So he wasn't wrong after all. Soon, the hall was filled with people and three people came up on stage. One of them introduced what was going on.
"Now, after a year of a president-less town," he said, "we finally have counted the votes and the new president can be revealed. The new president is... Columnus Globe!"
He did it, Ditor smiled. Newstown finally had the president it deserved.


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