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My First My Last =/

Short story By: RainDrop

All my life i have loved her. And know i cant.

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When I was younger, I fell in love with the most beautiful blonde girl me eyes had ever seen. I was only 15, but I knew she was the one. After years of her not knowing who i was. Of her passing me by in the corridor at school and thinking nothing of me. I finally had the courage to talk to her, to even look at her. I had to do something to get the girl of dreams to know who I am...
It was prom night. She was dressed up in her velvet red rose dress, which hung of her perfect figure like a summers dream. Her long blonde locks were tied back into buns that made her strong jaw line look even more unique and attractive. When i look at her my mouth drops. She's so perfect words can't explain it. She was with the usual crew. The people who made my school life hell. The people who laughed at me. But now is my chance. Now it is my turn to get noticed.
I made sure that she was by herself. She had gone outside. I'm not sure why though. As a girl so pretty, so popular, should be in the middle of the dance floor with all the 'studs' at her feet. I tried not to wonder and tried so hard to think of the right words to inform her that she was the one for me. The right words that would convince her that she should be with me. I kept thinking. As i got closer and closer to her figure, I couldn't think no more. My mind went blank. I tried speaking, but all I got were murmurs. I paused.
I heard a slight sound. The sound of heavy breathing. The sound was coming from her. She seemed to be getting lower and lower to the floor. I became confused. I approached her. I was now by her side. As i looked into her eyes i knew something wasn't right. She looked into my eyes. Without her saying it, i knew she was begging me to help her...
As her weak body shook, i picked her up, in hope that i could save her. I ran into the smoky room, looking for an exit. The exit was located at the opposite side of the room. I ran as fast as i had ever run before. Everyone in the room stopped, everyone looked, and everyone wonder what was going on. If they asker i couldn't give them an answer. As myself, I didn't know what was going on and couldn't explain it to anyone else.
Luckily for my legs this wonderful girl only lived down the street. In hope that her parents would know what to do in the state which she was is, i ran to her house. By this point my legs became weak. But i knew no matter what i had to keep going, as this situation could be a matter of life and death. As i held the girl of my dreams in my arms, i spoke to her. I explained to her that ever since i laid eyes on her, i have loved her. She looked deep into my eyes and the she said 'i wish i had known sooner'. Her words were deep, so meaningful; she said them in such pain. I wasn't too sure what she meant at this point, but i was soon to find out.
I got to her house. Her parents answered the door. To their astonishment the saw me there. I was stood there tired and panting with their beloved daughter cradled in my arms. Her father took her from my arms and laid her on the sofa. The picked up the phone and dialled the police. They told the ambulance to come as quick as they could. I was still stood at the door in shock. Her mother began to cry. What was the matter with her? Was she going to be Ok? So many unanswered questions going round in my head. If only i could help.
The Ambulance came. They picked her up and rushed her away. I was begging to come, but her parents insisted that i stayed where i was. And i did exactly that. I waited. I waited all night. Till i had some news about her. All my hope was going on it to be good news. I was trying not to think of the bad possibilities but the good ones. But as hard as a tried i couldn't. For some reason i could only think that i was too late.
I slept on her doorstep till the next morning. I was awoken by her father. He was patting me on the side of my arm. I woke suddenly when i realized who it was. Do i dare ask? Her mum had swollen red eyes, from crying. Her dad invited me in. I sat on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee between my cold hands. It was silent. Where was she? Her dad began to speak. It was unclear what he was saying. He was hesitating, murmuring. Could it be...?
My heart Stopped. My coffee fell, scorching my bear skin. The night i have enough courage, the night i actually approach her, it all goes wrong. I can't see why this would have happened to me. She was so special to me. I could of given her everything she wanted, everything she needed. But now i can't.
The one i have only ever loved...had gone. The rest of my life i will have to live with such a big guilt upon my shoulders. As i feel that this tragic, devastating memory will forever be in my mind. Will forever be my fault. How would a ever survive without my first and last love...it's a mystery


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