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A Last Wish on a Shooting Star

By: Rhensis

Page 1, This is for Oceanicflight815\'s plane crash challenge. I don\'t think it needs a summary, just go ahead and read it:) It\'s relatively short and shouldn\'t take long to do so.

I flick my side fringe out of my eyes. The only reason I had got it cut this way was because of peer pressure. I’ve regretted it ever since; it seriously irritates me.

The gentle hum of the plane and the kindly voice of the attendant do nothing to help my mood. I honestly can’t believe how ridiculous this is. America was a different world to me. Being sent there to get away was more than stupid in my eyes.

My psychiatrist recommended it to my Mom when he found out that I had relatives there. To be honest, I don’t see the point in having a psychiatrist; all he does is reawaken bad memories.

Fiddling with my hair, I notice how lonely I am without my Mom or sister. No Dad, in case you were wondering. He left us when I was two, and I can’t even remember what he looked like. Good riddance, if you ask me.

But my sister remembers him, and, I think, misses him. I don’t understand why, considering what he was like toward Mom and her, but, then again, he is our Dad. We’re both genetically engineered to like him. Or, at
least, she is. My hatred is probably another way of showing how freakish I am...

Something alerts my senses to the world. Several of the passengers are freaking out, but I’m not sure why until I see it.

Flames lick the inside of the cabin like a hungry beast. The passengers nearest the source scream as they catch fire and try to escape. I scream too, and literally sprint to the place farthest away from the flames. The
attendants are doing their best to calm everyone, but to no avail, as, after all, they themselves are terrified. No one sits still, petrified of where the fire will spread next.

I hear a massive explosion coming from the other side of the plane. Everyone screams and I begin to tremble. By now, I have no doubts about what’s happening.

I’m not alone in crying; crying for relatives that we shall never say goodbye to.

It’s not long before we feel the plane dipping. It was literally falling out of the sky. Almost like a shooting star.

, I think, If this is a shooting star, then I’m going to make a wish.

I close my eyes tight, and my tears begin to fade. Images flash around in my mind. My Mom, laughing and smiling like I’ve never seen her. My sister, hugging me in a field that smells of freshly cut grass.

The last thing I see is my Dad. He’s tall and handsome.But what really strikes me is what he’s doing. He’s kissing my Mom, and then hugging my sister and me. I don’t believe what I’m seeing.

It hits me what my last wish should be, and I smile.

I can’t feel anything anymore, so I cling to that wish like a life source. And, just maybe, it is.

Suddenly, everything goes bright, and then dark again...

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