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I wrote a story of two people and in each new paragraph I started with a new letter of the alphabet...victory is mine!

Short story By: Sammie Lee

Haha, so I found this in my notes on facebook, its kind of old, I love the randomness of it all.

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As she walked down the hallway to greet her unnexpected guest, her mind told her something was not right. She couldn't pin what exactly it was, but it was there. Her heard thudded inside her chest as she neared the door.
But outside, the atmosphere was entirely different. He stood outside the door he so many times longed to walk through. He began to wonder if she were home then heard her footsteps through the doorway. A shade was pulled to the side and her eyes became large.
"Can you not understand that you could be arrested?" She asked. Her hand on her hip and the other on the door knob. "I mean, I could arrest you! aren't you afraid?"
"Dear Clarice...you should be afraid of me. Not you of me."
Even though his eyes burned of lust, he hid it well. Clarice moved when he walked past her. He had always held some kind of power over her. Ever since that day in Baltimore.
"For ten years Clarice....ten years, I have longed to come back and pick you up and take you away. I am almost about to lose my mind."
Good thing I washed my hair today, she thought.
He had always been able to read her. Not her mind, but her expressions. And today was not different. He longed to see into her mind, but all he could tell was that she was nervous about something.
"I want to know something Clarice, what are you thinking right now?"
Justice would be served. Hannibal knew it would go the way he longed. Clarice would tell him three certain things and then they would run off together. He had a villa that was bought in Argentina that they would live in. They would love each other until the day one of them died. Hannibal hoped she would die first to spare her from feeling terrible of his death.
"Like, I'm not even sure! I know what I am thinking, but I don't know if I want to tell you," she murmered.
"My dear, tell me, anything you tell me will not leave my lips, I assure you," his eyes were now gentle.
Now Clarice was also getting better at reading people's faces. She noticed he looked sincere. The man who killed over maybe fourteen people, looks sincere!? Maybe South America changed him... she let herself be talked into telling him.
"Okay, I-I-I love you..." she said quickly, "at least I think I do!" she quickly added.
"Perhaps we could sit down? Watch a movie?" He asked quickly. Clarice had never seen him so nervous, ever. She was shook to her very core.
"Quaint move Doctor!"
"Right, you've figured me out. I was going to try to surprise you but instead you leave me no choice."
Swiflty, he grabbed her by her arms and held her in his arms like a new born baby. His arms were wrapped around his neck and she tried to suck in her gut a little to look like she hadn't quit running.
"Truth or dare Doctor?"
"Uh, dare."
"Victory will be mine!" she laughed. Clarice was triumphant in knowing she would get her way.
"X rated movies on the bottom in the back. Go get one. Then dare time."
"Yes, dear," he said as he laid her out like an injured angel.
"Zero is a Bad Numer, But Three is Better?"
And that was that. They sat down to watch the movie.


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