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the need of friends

By: scully23

Page 1, girl gets raped ...... and needs help of some special friends..... Eg BF (just something i came up with.... (to show how much we are in need of friends..... i.e you dont need a boyfriend i just thought it came into context with this.... ? but yeaa..

I woke up screaming at least I thought I was dreaming. It was completely dark and quiet until I felt a hand come down over my perky little chest. Someone gagged me and put a blindfold over my eyes. They then tied my hands together above my head, and tied my left ankle to something on my left and my right on the right. Before I could realise I wasn’t wearing anything, something big and disgustingly slimy entered between my legs. And then Pain shot through me, legs buckling. I couldn’t take it anymore and blasted my enemy.

Once they finished with me they through me into some sort of vehicle. Chained me up, the car than roared to life, and shot forward lurking me forward banging my head in the headrest. As we were driving along, loud ACDC music was playing and every guy that was in the car were laughing and talking about me.

The car screeched to stop and got me flying backwards. The music stopped. The doors slammed. Someone picked me up and tossed me outside a house only it was not my house. It was myboyfriend’s house. How on earth did these people know about us? How. What did I do to deserve this? They ripped off the tape on my mouth and I screamed so loud that thestreet started shaking. The car that must have been how I got here left without me.

I crawled up to Jakes front door and rang the doorbell, and collapsed, I couldn’t take it anymore, I cried and cried until I threw up crying. The front door opened. Jake stood in the doorframe, and without thinking he scooped me up and carried me into the house towards his bedroom. Placed me on his bed, cuddled up next to me and let me cry some more until his shirt was soaked with my tears. He placed me on my side and wrapped his hand around my torso, until I finally fell asleep.

Everyone needs friends, no matter what the situation. So if you are in need of friendship, loyalty, or just a shoulder to cry on through tough times. Your friends will be there to support you. Just like my friends when they were there for me.

*names changed, story line has been changed, to suit me.

Comment and like please… constructive criticism is necessary for this piece of work.

XD SCULLY23 xoxo

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