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Harly Working

Short story By: Sexanator

My name is Dylan. I work for the woman of my dreams, and now I just might get her. ;)

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At the bright young age of 18, I was working a shitty dead-end job in a run-down grocery store in the small town where I grew up. Minimum wage wasn't much and the job sucked, wit the exception of times when the local eye-candy would come in in short skirts and bikini tops. Those days, the job wasn't all that bad. The girls in my town were all blondes with the exception of a few brunettes and a red-head. I liked the blondes though. They usually were the sluttiest ones, and a few of them had sucked me off. I really had no other sexual experience, but as an 18 year old boy, I had more fantasies than I could count.

All the slutty chicks coming in was fun, but none of them could ever compete with the manager at the store. She was a tall blonde woman with blue eyes and the face of an angel. She always had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was very professional and came to work every day in a skin tight pencil skirt and black blouse over a white bra. You could always see just the slightest hint of her bra through her thin blouse which she wore keeping the neckline conveniently low to show just a tiny bit of cleavage. She had a perfect tight, yet plump ass and tits the looked like they were at least a D cup. Of course, I could never know for sure because of her "professional attitude".

She wasn't like the young dumb bimbos I was used to playing for blowjobs. She was a stone-cold evil bitch. She was bossy and just downright mean, not to mention married. She never flirted and always took every opportunity to humiliate me and the other employees. I guess it just made her even hotter. She was literally the source of all my sexual frustration and my main fantasy for masturbation. She was all I wanted in the world. I would have done anything for some of that ass, and one day, I got my chance.

One morning while stocking shelves, she walked past me on her way to her office. As I always do, I stopped for a moment to take a peek at her ass. In that same moment, she turned around, probably to bark another ridiculous order, but she didn't. She looked shocked as though she had no idea that men stared at her. She fired me immediately. Saying that it was inappropriate for me to stare at her. I removed my apron, which made my boner bulge very visible and I walked out.

Later that day she called me from her home to tell me she told her husband what had happened and that he wanted to talk to me. Hoping it would end in me getting my job back I drove to her house. I walked nervously to the door where I found a note. "Come in". I opened the door and walked down a narrow hallway leading into the kitchen. She stood in front of the stove frying up what looked like chicken. She greeted me and told me to sit down. I took a seat at the counter and she handed me a plate. I noticed she had her hair down and it flowed gracefully down over her shoulders and went to her lower back. I had never noticed it was so long, but I loved it.

She sat down in front of me and told me her husband would be home soon. I apologized for staring but she ignored it and went on making small talk. She asked me about my childhood and my favorite color as if she wasn't a total bitch. I enjoyed our conversation and it moved on to deeper subject as the night went on. Hours passed as we just sat there and talked. The night was beginning to feel moe and more like a date s we moved to the couch and she crept ever closer to me with each passing hour so I asked about her husband. "He's not coming", she whispered as she leaned in and kissed me.

I was shocked but not enough to refuse the kiss. I kissed her back deeply and with all the passion I had built up inside me. She began undoing her dress and I anxiously helped her pull it off. She mounted me and pulled off my shirt. She leaned back in and stuck her tongue deep into mine. She began slowly moving her hips back and forth and moaned with excitement as she felt my raging boner through my jeans.

She climbed down and excitedly pulled my pants off. She didn't even bother taking my boxers off before her mouth was desperately in my crotch. She bit down slightly on my cock and I told her I loved her as the anticipation grew. She giggled and pulled my boxers to my knees. She attacked my cock with her lips and tongue vigorously. I pushed her pretty little head down on my cock, forcing her to gag. She bobbed her head up and down fast and hard, looking into my eyes as she gave me more pleasure than I had ever felt. Finally, I let out a loud howl as I came. She raided her head and swallowed my hot cum. She gave me a naughty grin and turned to sit on my rock solid 9 inch boner. She moaned with appreciation as she bounced on my sloppy wet cock.

I told her I loved her again and she laughed. She dismounted me and turned around to get back on. Her tits now in my face, I sucked on them. She giggled as if she knew I worshiped her body. Like she knew I belonged to her now. She came 7-8 times before getting off of me. She went back down and kissed my throbbing cock as I told her I worshiped her. She got back to her feet and whispered, "I know." She grinned mischievously and walked to the bathroom. She came back out and offered to let me spend the night. I eagerly accepted.

That night, we had more sex than I or her had in our entire lives prior. I came on every part of her little whore body and she thanked me for it. Her tight, wet pussy was my every dream come true and I loved her for it. In the morning we laid in her bed, staring into one anothers eyes. She smiled and said, "It's okay baby, we'll have some more fun at work." She winked and went to get dressed, not that those clothes would stay on long with me around…

Later that day, I went to nap in the store room. It was quiet and I was exhausted after a night of sex and a half day of work. I got in about 20 minutes before she found me. "Awww!!" she exclaimed. "You're adorable.". She stood in the doorway of the store room dressed in her usual work attire. I stood up and grinned. "Hello sexy" I said confidently. She approached me and pushed me back down onto the stack of potatoes I had been sleeping on. "Worship me!" she commanded. I had no trouble following this order. I fell to my knees and bowed at her feet. I knew in my heart she owned me. I kissed her feet, then her calf, then her thigh. I put my head between her perfect legs and up her tight black silk skirt. I pulled her lace panies aside with my lips and kissed her sweet pussy. "Mmmmm… Good boy" she said as I showed her my love.

I began eating her out, not giving a thought to the customers hearing her moan. And I'm sure they did. She loved every second of it. She played in my hair with her hand that she had wedged between her hips and the waist of her skirt. "Oh my, you are a god!" she yelled excitedly as my soft lips and tongue urged her closer and closer to climax. Finally, she let out a scream in pleasure as she squirted all over and soiled her clothes.

"You'll have to be rewarded." she told me as she pushed me back and opened her blouse. She pulled her bra down, her magnificent tits now hanging freely in front of me, I began to pull my belt off. She stopped me and fell to her knees. She removed my belt with her teeth, staring deeply into my eyes. she opened my pants and pulled my hard cock over the waist of my boxers and put it between her huge boobs. I immediately felt pleasure rush through me. "Oh my god" i said loudly. "Goddess" she corrected me.

She began rubbing her tits along the shaft of my cock, inching me closer and closer to orgasm. As I prepared to spray my load, she stopped and said seductively, "Not yet big boy." She stood and turned around. She slowly pulled her skirt and panties to her ankles. I moaned with excitement. The perfect ass had me drooling. She squatted down and as I started my cock into her wet pussy she said, "wrong hole".

I was shocked and delighted to hear that. I immediately changed direction and slowly slid my cock into her tight, untouched anus. She grunted and moaned at the mixture of pain and pleasure. She began slowly sliding up and down, and all her pain turned to pleasure as she got faster. Bouncing her juicy as on my cock made me want to cum even more. At that moment she screamed out, "CUM BABY!!!". I let my load go. I filled her ass with my hot sticky cum and she thanked me for it. She stood, winked at me one last time and got dressed.

My life was perfect now. I was fucking the woman of my dreams, and her husband had no idea. I had it good...


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