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My Dog Ralph

Short story By: SGAuthor

My entry for the short story contest. Wish me luck! The Picture is NOT me and Ralph by the way.

Submitted:Mar 21, 2013    Reads: 101    Comments: 8    Likes: 7   

Hello. My name is Patches. I am a Tomboy who is determined to do well. At school I have no friends and no one to talk to. I walk alone in the abandoned corridors while peole stare at me and whisper "She doesn't even wear make-up. What a freak!"

This doesn't hurt me you know. I hate make-up. It just ruins your face and your true identity. Unfortunately, I go to an ALL Girls school and, from who I have come across so far, they are all the same; cheeky, judemental, snobby and self-centered. I hate school but I do well in it. It's a bit depressing to sit away from the other students in my class who have the best of fun with each-other. They also laugh and stare at me because I'm what you call a "loner".

Of-course, as you probably now know, I LOVE home time. It makes me free and wanted at my home. I'm always happy to see my parents and my Dog, Ralph. He is a German Sheperd mixed with a Border Colly (a.k.a, a Sheep Dog). He is my only friend in the world. I am an only child and have never been able to know what is was like with a brother or a sister. Do YOU know what it's like? Is it good? Boring? Annoying? Amazing? Sorry, I shouldn't be asking you.

I am really good at Darts. Ralph loves to see me throw darts. He always tries to jump up and snatch them from the air. Silly Dog. But I love him with all my heart. I would take Ralph for walks EVERY day after school and feed him. I would also talk to him while doing my homework on the outside table on the porch. He always looks like he listens with his ears sticking in the air and keeping eye contact. I know he just wants to see darts being shot through the air so I decided to play again. Ralph jumps up, trying to snatch them and I laugh at his tail wagging stupidly. I stop and cuddle him the hardest while he licks my face.

But the saddest part of the day is when I have to got to bed and away from Ralph. I beg Dad to let him up but the answer is always NO. *Sigh* Oh well, he's still there and will always be for me... right?

The next day, I came home from School. It's Friday! I LOVE Friday! I don't have to dread walking out the gates just to be pummelled by some random Girls who hate me. I walked in to see my parents who usually were smiling at me... But something was wrong. They look devasted and frightened to see me.

"Um... hi mum. Hi dad" I say nervously.

"Hello sweety" said Mum.

They start whispering as I go out to see Ralph... but... where is Ralph? He is not here. I turn to the wall. Where is the dartboard? I walk back into the house and ask

"Where's Ralph and the dartboard?"

They don't answer but hug me. What's going on? I was angry at them, not telling me anything. I broke out of their hug and stormed out the door, kicking some stones on the way. I ran up the cabbage field beside my house and up to the top where a river, some sand and a log I can sit on is placed. It's my secret hideout. It's hidden behind some bushes and beside the road but it's farther down. I cry out my troubles here.

Before I enter the opening of the bush I trip over something and hurt my foot. Ow... rocks! I hate rocks... but... wait a minute. This isn't a rock. It was... a dartboard? I opened it. It was MY dartboard. What was it doing here? It was sitting on top a pile of dug-up-and-put-back mud. What was this? I then saw a piece of paper celetaped to the top of the door. It said;

R.I.P Ralph, our noble dog.

...Tears came from my eyes. Ralph? Dead? B-But I loved him. Resistance, Patches, Resistance. I can't let this overwhelm me. I have to resist crying this time but... IT'S JUST TOO HARD!

He was always there for me. The walks up these fields and the times we played darts were... nothing but memories now? He deserves that dartboard. He was the professional player, NOT me. He was always there, for when I came home. We always talked about what we wanted to be when we would grow up... our future but he had no future now. He listened to me. People would think I'm crazy but... he's my world. And now he's gone. I hope he has a VERY special place up in heaven and someone to play darts with because he deserves it... Ralph... my wonder dog and my only friend... goodbye. And have I good life up there. I will see you soon.


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