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Four Robbers Rob a bank....but the life robs them....
read to discover

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"You've never been to Bangkok? Let me tell you, the girls there give fucking good body massages," Savio says, chewing on a toothpick and leaning back in his chair. He looks around at his three friend, all sitting at the table and thinking about the money. Ever since the robbery was just a plan, all that had been on their minds was the money. He let his eyes wander around his shabby living room, thinking of all the nice things he would buy for himself with the money. An indoor pool, or maybe a water bed.
Wondering if he should invest on a security system to protect his money, he brings his chair down the the floor and stares at his friends, all of them honorable people, and all of them criminals, himself, a big time criminal; Russel, a thief; Donald, a drug lord; and Ted, the hit man in one of the local Australian gangs.

Russel says, "I will buy a BMW for myself and my Girl friend, I always dreamt of that car." Savio turns to Don and asks him, "What about you?" Don replies, "I don't need a body massage or a BMW, all I need is women and drugs." Ted agrees, "I am with you, my brother."

All four of them are very happy and are enjoying the fact that they are rich now but there is another fact. Actually, they are only the puppets whose thread is in someone else's hand. Dubai based Gangster Ali Shanwar was the man who made all the plan of robbing the bank. He was the one who made this team of four. But these four people do no want to share the money with the Gangster as he was giving them only 10% of the looted money. They were getting only $ 5 million out of the $ 50 million. So they did not went back to Dubai but stayed in Melbourne.

Savio says, "When Ali gets to know about this, he will not just sit back and watch, I think he will feel bad." Russel replies, "I want him to feel bad, remember the last time we met him, he said that we are his dogs and we need to do things as planned by him as the dogs lived on the mercy of others." Ted adds, "That thing pinched me too, if we are dogs the it doesn't mean thet we would just wag our tail and bark, he needs to understand that these four dogs can bite too."

As soon as Ted completes, Savio's phone rings. It is Ali's call. All four of them gets stunned and bit scared. Savio picks up the phone, "Hello." Ali replies, "You even dare to answer my call, you son of a bitch." Savio do not answers. Ali continues, "By the way, I have one good news and one bad news for you." Savio still do not speaks. Ali speaks, "The good news is that Melbourne police is not searching for the four robbers who robbed the bank as they feel that the robbers have flew out of the country and the bad news is that the I know where these four robbers are." Savio gets a shock after hearing these words from Ali. Ali continues, "You guys made me get out of dubai and come to Australia, ok now…are you going to open the door or should I let my gun do the honours." Ali is standing outside savio's room. Savio is scared as hell now and he is not able to speak. Ali says, "Ok then,,fine…let my gun do the honours."

As soon as he completes the sentence, he takes out his gun, aims at the door lock and pulls the trigger. BANG…BANG….he then opens the door and enters inside the room with his three men. "Daddy's Home" says Ali. Savio, Russel, Ted and Don are sitting shocked and freezed. Ali keeps the gun inside and says, " You guys don't look happy, c'mon cheer up, you guys robbed the most famous bank in this country and then ditched the most powerful man available on this planet, you guys must feel proud of yourself ." Ali picks up the apple from the table and eats it. He simultaneously speaks, "Now, don't ask me that who the fuck is that powerful man because that fucking genius is me, yeah me."

Ali moves to the briefcase in which the money is kept. He opens the case, looks at the money and then locks the case. He comes in front of them and says, "Do you know what….$ 50 million is nothing for me, I am not here to get my money , there are two words called respect and principle respectively. I have some principles of my own and I do respect my profession but when someone goes against my principle or shows disrespect to my profession then it makes me crazy."

Savio says, "We were going to make a call to you, we thought of staying in Melbourne for few days because the police was on alert." Ali smiles and comes near to savio and asks, "Can you read a word called 'ASSHOLE' written on my forehead." Savio looks at his other partners. Ali shouts, " I am talking to you mother fucker, I am talking to you..just tell me that can you read that word." Savio is damn scared now and fumbles in his words, " N…NN…NO..NO." Ali shouts, " why cannot you read those words, you son of a fucking bitch…Why Cannot you?" Savio stammers, "I…I….I don't know." Ali replies, "You cannot read that because it ain't there, so you don't dare to speak a lie straight over my face or I will cut your dick into two pieces. Do you get that?" Ali comes back to normal.

Ali takes a chair and sits in front of them. He then speaks, "The first time I robbed a bank was way back in 1999 when I was in states. I used to work for Daniel Stevens, he had a local gang. After my third robbery, I ditched him and took the whole money with me but I was not a fucking idiot like you guys are as I first killed him and then ran away with the money as in this way i removed the chance of getting caught." Savio, Russel, Don and Ted are listening to Ali like four disciplined sons of a strict father and indeed as far as crime world is concernd, Ali is their daddy.

Ali continues speaking, "You do not decide whether you want to become a millionair or not but it is your fate which decides that." Ali looks into the eyes of savio and asks, "what were going to do with the money?" savio hesitates a bit. Ali takes his gun out and says, "Are you going to speak up or should I let my gun do the talking." Savio immediately speaks, "I would have bought a house in bangkok." Ali asks same question to the other three and they too answer his question.

Ali gets up from the chair and says, " I can allow any one of you to fulfill his dream, what say dearies?" Ted surprises, "what?" Ali adds, "let us play a game, I have four cards with me. Each card is painted with a face of a horse, a fox , a cat and a dog respectively on one side. I am keeping these cards on the table, each one of you will pick a card one by one, the one who gets the card painted with a dog's face must be shot down. In this way, the game will continue and in the end the one lucky guy will take the money with him. Any question?" All four of them agrees and says, " No question." Ali says, " remember the one who gets the dog is the one who must die."

Ali picks up the briefcase and says, "I am waiting for that one lucky guy outside the room, meanwhile deal with the dog situation." Ali and his men goes out of the room and shuts the door. These four guys who were best of friends a moment ago are now ready to kill each other as the name of the game now is survival. Some one very well said that in this world only the fittest can survive. Four cards and a gun is kept on the center of the table. Savio shuffles the cards and asks, "who will pick up the first card?" Ted immediately picks up the card. He looks at his card. A horse is painted on his card. He says, "phew..it is a horse." Russel picks up the card and he too survives as he gets a cat. Now, a fox and a dog are waiting to be picked up. Savio says to don, "Pick up the card?" Don replies, " why the fuck should I pick up the card?" savio gets furious and shouts, "Pick up the card, you asshole." Don replies negatively, "I won't." Finally, savio decides to pick up the card. He picks up the card and looks at it. He says, "I cannot do this, I cannot kill you." Don fears, " what is it?" He then tries to pick up the last card kept on the table but savio immediately picks up the gun and shoots him down. Don is dead. Savio shuffles the three cards now as one guy is dead.

In reality, his card was the one with dog but he acted cleverly and killed Donald. This time ted picks up the first card. He looks at it but do not speaks a word even. His face tells the whole story. Russel picks up the gun and shoots him down. Two gone now and one more left. Russel reshuffles the two cards and puts them on the table. None of them know that which one of the cards is painted with a dog's face. Russel says, "Hey savio! Are you sure that Ali will let one of us go freely, I seriously doubt it, we both can take $ 25 million each, risk of death is on both sides..let us face the bastard and kill him." Savio replies, "You are right, risk of dying is in both the situations but if this situartion can give me $ 50 million then i am going to choose this one." Russel says, "Ok..let us pick up the card together." Savio agrees, "As you wish." They both look at each other and move their hands forward to pick up their respective cards. Savio gets the dog but he immediately picks up the gun and shoots russel down.

He comes out of the room but Ali is nowhere to be seen. He looks around and finds the same briefcase kept in a cornor. He feels happy that he escaped death and got the money too. He then sits in his car and races away from the place. After few minutes he stops the car and opens the briefcase to check the money but he finds a time bomb placed inside the briefcase which gets activated as soon as he opens the briefcase. He gets a shock again. A note is found in the briefcase which was written by Ali.

The note reads "I knew you will cheat, I hope you read this, will meet you in hell."

p.s. "you should have listened to Russel, he was right…$ 25 million is enough money."


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