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Facing the New Day

Short story By: silent1395

A man destined to live his life in fear or courage depends only on one person: His sister.

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Running in desperation to escape, he couldn't help but turn his head towards the creature that was trying to take him in its arms. All he saw was blood. Blood that stained the walls, making it look as if a thousand pigs had been slaughtered to satiate the monster's thirst. He brought out his gun and swore. He should've brought more bullets with him. If only he knew that there was something lurking at that accursed mansion. Never mind. It was too late to ponder over such a seemingly small mistake. Now, if he could contact his friends before it was too…


They were piled high before him, as if they were merely heaps of garbage. They were swimming in endless amounts of blood. But what shocked him most was the person at the top of the pile.

It was them. A woman, a man and a little girl was obviously displayed to torment him to the bottom of his soul. But what shook him was what stuck out from the little girl. Out came a spear that looked proud in killing this innocent girl. He stumbled down and cried out loud, cursing the creature in every vile word he knew, hoping that they would fend the creature off from his scent.

It was too late. It was right behind him. Coming closer…and closer…

He choked out a breath as he tried to make sense of his surroundings. Here he was. Alone. No blood smeared the walls. There was no sound that could've brought his hairs to stand on end. He was drenched in sweat and tears. His throat felt sore.

It was a dream. All a stupid dream. Nothing like that could happen at all.

He shook his head. He had these nightmares for years ever since his parents' murder. It was the same thing every night. It had, of course, left him alone for a few weeks at a time, but they were getting more frequent as time passed by. He shook his head and tried to forget his nightmares. He picked up his book, then set it down. Looks like books won't do me any good anymore. He stood up, took his sweater and headed for the drawer that contained his gun. He fingered it nervously. Every detail was etched in his mind. It gave him a crazy idea to escape his recurring nightmares. He was about to pull the trigger when he heard a little girl's voice. Why can't people stay alive forever? Why do people do this and that?

He snapped back to his senses. You're such a dumbas, he thought to himself. He almost forgot about the very person he lived for. The reason he worked himself to the point of exhaustion to continue living in a world that demanded impossible things.

He decided to take a walk outside to calm his senses.

He looked up at the skies above. He was impressed with the landscape presented before him. There were plenty of stars that displayed various constellations that even he couldn't name. The flowers cast a dim glow with the evening light, but what had attracted his attention were the Casablanca Lilies that surrounded his gardens slowly making their way out to expose their grandeur to the world. It was a perfect time to walk his worries away without leaving the comfort of his home. He plucked one lily and continued on.

He sat down on the soft ground and looked up. It was only then that the moon had finally made its way to the skies. It was a perfectly round mass of beauty and splendor. He felt so overwhelmed that he gasped unconsciously. It had been a while since he had closely examined the skies. It seemed too much for his emotions. He heard the whispers of his parents as they told him seemingly ridiculous stories of every little thing that existed in his then pure reality. But now that they were gone…

He felt something running down his cheek. Curious, he touched it and realized that it was wet. Several years passed since he became this emotional about the surroundings. The thoughts and advice of his parents echoed in his mind. He kept sobbing and murmuring to thin air how much he was missing them.


Looking up, he hadn't realized that his little sister was there.

'Are you okay? What's wrong? Is it your nightmares again?'

God, she was growing too fast. He hadn't noticed that she was growing taller. She looked more like their mother in every passing day. Her eyes were filled with worry and apprehension as she stared her brother in the face. He wasn't supposed to be crying. He was supposed to be strong for her. To be there for her. Not to be seen crying his eyes out.

He kept silent, yet his sister wouldn't allow this conversation to stop. She knelt down and gave him a hug. He felt safe and sound being with the only person who shared their blood.

Together, they both watched the night turn to dawn. She fell asleep sometime in the night, but he stayed up watching everything that was in view. He felt relieved of his worries and burdens in the passing years. He would be able to face the day without shutting himself out. Because he knew that there was one person he could rely on.

He gently nudged her shoulder to wake her from her slumber.

'Good morning.' She gave a smile that gave him more courage to face the day ahead.

He held his hand out to her, and together they walked back, leaving the shadows of their past to linger out of their presence.


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