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The Trip to Afterlife

Short story By: Silgorious

A boy is somehow able to get past the time and space of this universe and is really amazed by all that he has seen and narrates his wonderful tale...

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"Well, now will you let me begin?" asked Tahir to all the people gathered in his room late at night, babbling excitedly about the things that he might have seen. Tahir felt like he had done the wrong thing by telling his brother about his strange adventure. He hoped that his brother would shut his mouth and tell nobody else other than the parents, but he was quite wrong in that, as the crowd in front of him proved it. It seemed that the whole town had gathered in one small room.

Finally, as he raised his voice to be heard over the chattering, requesting all to maintain silence, the people finally stopped talking and looked at him. More than fifty eyes staring at Tahir at once made him nervous, and he seemed to have forgotten all that he was about to say. Soon, he controlled himself, and began:

I was sleeping in my room when a strange being seemed to be near me, watching my face and smiling. I was not sure, but it was a strange feeling. I began to feel restless, and opened my eyes. I found a tall and huge being with silver wings flashing in the dim light of the room I was in. It said, or rather put his words in my mind "Welcome, Tahir. Good day! You are to accompany me on a trip never a soul had before his death. Welcome to my land! I'm ready to take you to my home. Will you come?"

I was really unable to decide. I just lay there, on my bed, as if I was dead. I tried to open my mouth, but it remained shut, and I tried to move my hands and legs, but that too was futile. I panicked, and tried to 'close' my eyes to cut off the sight of the strange being in front of me, but it too was useless. Finally, I gave up. I felt a very strange force sucking my breath away just as everything became dark, and I cried out, but it was of no use. I felt very strange... It seemed that I was dying and someone was sucking my life out of me...

Finally, there was no breath left in me, and it seemed that I had finally died. I felt the room light up, and saw my own body lying down on a bed with people sitting around it, and I had a strange feeling that I was looking at my own dead body from outside it, without being in it. Then, after a few seconds, I heard a voice, "Come, come... Lets go now!"

I just followed the strange winged being and was taken above the world, and felt it becoming smaller and smaller, until it completely vanished in a cloud of smoke. It felt like I was travelling through empty space without any body, at a speed much faster than million light years per second, to a new and strange world completely new to me...

Well, I finally felt like I was on the ground all of a sudden, and was among thousands of people chatting and making all types of jokes. I found myself looking for my brother, and soon found him sitting among his companions, cracking jokes. I went up to him, and asked him, "Where are we, Taaha?" His brother replied, "Well, Tahir, you've come! Welcome to the land of the spirits!" I asked him in surprise, "How come you are here already?" "It's because I accepted the call of the Gatekeeper before you did! Well, finally you made it here after all the resistance and hesitation!" I was really out of my mind on hearing it. How in the world did he know? "Hey, hurry, we all have very few people left to come! All of you, hurry to the Battle of Will field!" roared a voice above all the noise. "Hurry! Hurry!" the voice roared.

Suddenly, I felt myself flying through darkness, and laded straight in front of a dragon thrice the size of myself. There was a shining blue horse, and a boy of my age waring kingly dresses. All the three stood there, looking at me. The three stood there, like my pets, ready to follow my command. I was wondering what to do, when a voice rang out of somewhere, saying, "Well, the challenge begins! When you cross the door, you'll see for yourselves what all you've done in your life! Judge yourself, and the one with the king remaining in the end will win! If any of you lose, then he'll have to repent! Understand? Well, good luck! The winner will be awarded with paradise! Be wise!"

Then, I suddenly felt myself sitting on the blue horse, and heard the dragon roar and spit fire, and heard the boy say, "Well, I'm your brains, and the horse is your desires, and the dragon is your anger. Hope you use the three of us wisely and let me win over my two companions in the maze beyond! Good luck! Hope you win!" Saying so, the boy vanished, and I felt myself tumbling through the darkness, still on my strange blue horse with the dragon following me, spitting out fire.

Well, I am very sorry, for my dream ended right there, with me still tumbling into my everlasting darkness on my blue horse, with the dragon behind me, as my mother got that very moment for waking me up from my sleep, telling me to get ready for school...

~ Hope you liked it! ~


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