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Feminism Forgotten- The Election

Short story By: Skye Bagshaw

The struggle for Feminism in an ignorant country, part of a trilogy.

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Feminism Forgotten- The Election
Chapter one, Amelia
I hate the country I live in. Life is never fair.Especially for the women. We are in the twenty first century but it is as if we live in the 1950s. Our sketch of life for being women is The Good Womens' Guide. Frankly I hate that book, I hated it after reading a measly page. It was enough to understand the gist of the whole thing. That page made me feel so insulted, mistreated, prejudged ect.
After one mad malicious murder by a woman feminism went out the window. Actually it was a serious slaughter. The perpetrator was a woman called Maxime Munt, she was part of an organisation called Feminism Forever, who her frustration too far and killed ten piggish political men who treated women like disgusting degrading dirt.
After one month she was found and arrested for the crime (due to substantial evidence). Apparently she said: "I'm glad I did it. It was a symbol of pride for Feminism Forever,". Those words caused the "ban" of the organisation. Everyone knows that it still exists. However the women (and some men, some) involved have to be extremely secretive not to be found and put in prison for ten years.
Maxime Munt is despised by every woman in the country. She seriously put her sharp stilleto shoes in it. Her crime made the situation a lot worse for women, not better. Plus it wasn't what the organisation was about. They would never commit an act of terrorism. Maxime however had a different personality status to the other members, she was too passionate for her own good.
Living in this country is bad for me. Living in this area is bad for me. Living in this house is bad for me.
This area is affected mostly by anti- feminism because the murders happened here- it is the area for wannabe politicians- so I'd be happier in a different part of the country. I'd never be entirely happy though. Until I'm old enough I have to live in a house with my Dad Carl Andrews who is the current popular powerful politician who holds the record for the mistreatment of women.
If only I could live with my best friend Aidan. With him I forget the discrimination. With him I can feel free.
Chapter two, Aidan
Oh Amelia, why are you so unhappy? Don't you know I don't think like the others? Don't you know how beautiful and intelligent you are?
My best friend is Amelia Andrews, she's the daughter of the notorious political power at the time: Carl Andrews. I became friends with Amelia in nursery due to her humour- she easily made me laugh. It has been great growing up with her as she is so intelligent and resourceful and still funny- when she can be.
Everytime I see her I get butterflies in my stomach. She has wavy sunshine- yellow hair that falls beyond her shoulders, greeny blue eyes that are a mash up of lime and topaz and has a very young face with rosy cheeks. She's beautiful to me. But apparently the "perfect" woman has masculine features and is very dark because that is what the average men is like. Ha. So to make every woman perfect do we have to give them a sex change so they'll be right?
If she wasn't a woman she would be ecstatic. But she's a woman in a mans country. Oh, Amelia, I love you. Sometimes I want to kiss you passionately to prove my love. I want to re- assure you that I'm not like the others. Never would I be. I want you to know how much I want you to be happy.
Chapter three, Amelia
Summer holidays time. At fourteen I should feel free and happy. But I'm not. I feel trapped in a prison. I'm not happy at all.
Everyday I have to wake up knowing that I'll never be good enough. I'll always be treated like a second class citizen. I'll never let myself be treated like my Mum is. When Dad shouts at her I flinch because Mum is a grown up carbon copy of me and it's like he's shouting at me. My resolution is to never marry a pig like my Dad, I'll either marry Aidan (I wish) or no man at all.
The thing with Aidan is that his parents keep him in chains and I get the feeling that they'll try to monitor him all his life. I don't think Aidan would let me live like that, he'd say, "You deserve better,".
One wish of mine is that Aidan never turns into my greedy, hairy, red- faced Dad. But I know he never will. We respect each other.
Chapter four, Aidan
They're staring at me again. Why? Why? Why? They never give me a moment of peace, their "innocent," dangerous eyes make my neck prickle. If I so much as look up and scowl Mum says, "We're just checking you're alright," while Dad sharply slaps my cheek for "disrespecting my betters,". That's why their eyes are dangerous.
Every second of my life they have to know about. They have miticulously mapped out my future and I am expected to follow their plans. When I am sixteen I am to take on Dads struggling business to learn independence and how businesses are run. But Dad doesn't know how to run his business at all, that's why it's struggling. Just because he made a mess of his life doesn't mean he gets a second chance by arranging my life.
I know Amelias' Dad is a pig but at least he's a good provider for his family. We have to scrimp and save to afford the neccessities and our house is slowly falling into disrepair. Dad has the nerve to blame Mum for it all. He says if she had looked after him more he would have been in a better position to manage his business.
My Mum is so sadly scared of Dad that she allows him to belittle and bully her. I want to scream at Dad to stop and when he turns around I would have the element of surprise on my side to enable me to punch him. However I'm afraid that if I started I'd never stop. I'd give him a punch for everytime he hit Mum, for everytime a man had hit a woman, for everytime a man had disrespected a woman.
Chapter five, Amelia
I'd love a brother or sister. Someone I could talk to, play with and look out for. Dad hates me because I'm a girl and he wanted a boy to train in politics and Mum barely spends any time with me. I mean she looks after me- by herself on occasion but mostly she calls Minerva to act as nanny, Minerva is an employee of Dad who plays lots of roles in our family- but we never have a girly time together. We went shopping together five years ago- that's a long time ago in girl world. When I need to go shopping Dad orders Minerva to go with me. Minerva is a very nice woman but she's always so frightened to say anything. She never has an opinion, she's too scared to.
Whenever I'm alone I try to daydream. Aidan and I would live together in a cute cottage together, never interrupted, living in peace and in perfect harmony. Or we'd live in a "cool" condo and when it was sunny we'd run- holding hands- on the sand and when it was stormy we'd stay inside listening to the wonderful waves whipping the rocks.
Wherever we'd live we would be happy. I know it. But I hope we can leave this country and go to a country of equality.
At the moment I'm lounging in my bedroom. Mum had it painted- "I'll get Minerva to do it. She's proven to be very versatile. Anyway as long as I don't get paint on me I'm not bothered. Imagine the indignity of that,"- a bright beautiful blue and a general theme of the sea with dangling ornaments everywhere. Facinating. I still love it even though I've had to for years.
At the moment Dad is all riled up because his campaign isn't go as smoothly as he expected. He expected to be politician* the second year running without an opposition but a man is running against him. He's taking his frustration out on Minerva, Mum and anyone he can. As per usual. I want the other man to win, even though I don't know what his speech was, it would take the smug look off of Dads face.
*In other countries they would say president but an idiot decided that in this country politician would be the right way of saying president or the current political power. Stupid. Anyway it confuses a lot of people from other countries and people in this country as well.
Chapter six, Aidan
Ha. Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it, Carl Andrews-sorry for the cheesy cliche but I feel triumphant. I hope you get beaten, Matthew Manx did a way better speech:
"This country needs change. This year our crime rate went up by 70%. It is a disgrace. We should strive for better. A lot better. In my reign I would welcome equality and change for the better. Trust me and I will help. Trust me and I will bring this country from the darkness. Trust me and I will make this country be an honour to itself."
It was short and sweet and implied that women would be treated the same as men but he didn't say it outright as there is a law against that. Carl Andrews droned on and on and on for an hour (at least) about how he was repecting traditional values, based on the bible ect.
It was a load of rubbish that tried to say that as a country we work best with women being treated badly because mostly in the bible women are treated inferior. He didn't mention about improving the crime rate, then again he wouldn't as the crime rate is down to him. He really annoyed Feminism Forever when he did his last campaign so they did the crimes (nothing serious) to show their annoyance. They did them slyly so they can't be pinpointed for them, well not directly.
Disgracefully I think Carl Andrews will win. The majority of men with vote for him and men outnumber women here. It is a shame as I like the look of Mathew Manx, youngish face, black hair, quite tall, sparkly brown eyes, he looks professional - and passionate and responsible- but like he's got a sense of humour. It's what we need. It's a shame.
Chapter seven, Amelia
On my laptop I searched "Carl Andrews opposition," and I clicked "Matthew Manx vs Carl Andrews, Who will win?" and it came up with a brief profile of Dad and the stranger. I knew Dads already- embarrasingly- so I looked at the stranger. It said the following:
Name: Mathew Manx
Age: 25
What he wants to change: The crime rate, the discrimination and segregation in society and in schools.
For more information see our page on Matthew Manx.
The last bit interested me the most. No segregation. How wonderful that felt to me is indesribable. To be able to go to schools that the boys went to, to be taught more than the boring basics, to actually feel intelligent. Aidan always says I'm clever and that it gets wasted at a girls school where everything is basic. Maybe he's right.
I clicked for more information and then my hopes went thunk. Dad would never let me take part in an entrance exam because a) it is his oppositions idea, b) he thinks segregation is a good idea and c) he is a selfish man and never will he care about how I feel.
Anyway Matthew Manx would have to win for that to happen. There would have to be a miracle for him to win. The odds are near impossible as men really outnumber women in this country and it will be the women who vote for him.
I feel really miserable know. I need Aidan to make me feel better. He's the only person who doesn't ignore me ever. I'll phone him and ask to meet in our special place.
Chapter eight, Aidan
The phone's ringing. It's in the living room and I'm in my bedroom so Dad and Mum will get it. Dad's calling me down now. Honestly. He's got the voice of a foghorn. I'm so sick of him.
Now I've hurried down the stairs to meet him. I'm facing him. Gleefully he's smiling. What now?
"You have been requested for a conversation from Carl Andrews silly snivelly girl," Dad informs me infuriatingly. I snatched the phone from him.
"Hello," I said.
"Hello, Aidan. Please can you meet me? I ned you right now," Amelia asks, sounding upset.
"Of course, what's wrong," I ask worried.
"I'll explain when you get here, in our special place," Amlia says.
"Oh, goodbye," I say and I put the phone down.
I turn around and see Mum and Dad looking at me expectantly. Nosy. Of course I have to dash but I can't tell them that because they wouldn't let me. I run the opposite direction from Mum and Dad, around the place where the phone is placed and to the front door. Luckily it is unlocked when I squeeze to open it. Wasn't Dad concerned just the other day about lax security? Then again we don't have anything for thiefs to steal. Anyway, I flee out of the front door, ignoring the shouts of rage coming from my furious parents. I don't care. Amelia needs me and she is really important to me. They aren't.
Chapter nine, Amelia
Our favourite place: the meadow beyond my parents manor; a place Aidan and I always used to play in; of course we don't play the games we did then, we just pretend or talk for hours. All of that time flies by queerly quickly.
I can hear fast footsteps on the sensationally soft lime-green grass. Also I can hear loud persistant panting as if someone has run a marothon. As I turn around with worry it becomes clear that I shouldn't be frightened of mad murderers. It's Aidan. His face is a cranberry red and he's kneeling down clutching his side.
"Are you ok?" I ask.
"Do I look it? I just ran so quickly to get to you," Aidan explains grumpily.
"If you'd rather not...," I start testily.
"I'd do anything for you," Aidan says surprising sincerely.
"I would too," I admit honestly.
"So what's your emergency?" Aidan asks curiously.
"Matthe Manx," I say bluntly.
"Matthew Manx? I thought you'd welcome his campaign," Aidan says frowning.
"That's the problem. I want equality amd no segregation, Matthew Manx is going the right way. However he has very little chance of winning," I explained.
"Very little chance doesn't mean it is impossible," Aidan says correctly.
"I know but I've turned into a pessimist..." I start.
"I wish you were still an optimist," Aidan tells me regretfully.
"So do I. But sometimes we wish for the wrong things. When I was an optimist I was young and naieve. Anyway I want you to reassure me that Matthew Manx will win and go down in history for allowing equality," I say.
"Oh, Amelia, you know I can't do that," Aidan says sighing.
"But you just said that you'd do anything for me," I say slyly. Deliberately turning his words back on him.
"Anything but lie to you. You'd resent me for something I can't change. I wish I could make our country fair- I'd walk on water to make you happy- but I can't," Aidan says.
"Yes you can," I answer, an idea forming in my mind.
"Can I?" Aidan asks suspiciously.
"You could hack into the voting system," I suggest. Aidan is a genius with computers and anything technical. One of my flaws.
"But..." Aidan starts.
"You'd do anything for me but lie to me," I remind him.
"Oh, come on Amelia. It is preposterous..." Aidan starts.
There's my answer. No. He lied to me. He lied to me. He lied to me. I never expected him to do that. My hearts' hurting. I need to get away from him before I slap him. My eyes are prickling now. He said he's do anything to make me happy. So far he's only managed to hurt me. He lied to me. I'll never forget.
Chapter ten, Aidan
Oh, Amelia. Don't run away from me, especially with that horrible hurt look in your eyes and tears trickling down your face like relentless rain drops. I want you to be happy so badly is hurt. Hurts deeply. If I did that though it wouldn't make you happy. You'd always feel slightly wary of me. You'd think that the good that had happened would be because of a lie.
Hark at me. I'm no saint. Not at all. I want to tell myself that I did that purely based on your future happiness. That I was selfless. But that is a lie. I was selfish. Seriously selfish. It scared me. The idea of breaking a law, being put in prison. Away from you. Of course I did think of your happiness too. I'm not completely selfish. Just partially.
In future I'm not going to say things I don't mean. Right now I feel like such a hypocrite it is unreal. Always I complain about men who know that womens treatment is wrong but they don't do anything about it. I'm the shame. I had a real chance and I blew it. Really blew it.
Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Please love me like I do you.
Chapter eleven, Amelia
The front door has been locked since I went out of it. Oh, man. Pardon the expression. No, actually I hate that expression. Really hate it.Why is everything women do controlled by man? Why? I hate man. With a vengeance. Anyway I'll have to knock to be let in. The door is made of wood so it hurts to knock on it. Why don't I use the bell? It is quite a shrill shreaking noise but at least it does its job; I can hear heavy footsteps coming to the door.
It's opening. No. Dad's angry face appears into the chilly night air. He looks furious. He yanks at me by the arm into the hallway and slams the door.
"Where werew you young lady? Dad says, dangerously quiet. The "young," lady is an attempt to belittle me. It won't work. Not on me.
"I was walking," I answer vaguely in a timid whisper.
"Before Minerva went she said that you rished out of the door with no explanation. She was very worried about you. As was your mother and I," Dad said, in a whisper.
"You weren't worried about me, you never have been," I challenge daringly.
Dad doesn't answer. I get a sharp slap on my face that knocks me to the ground. Dad walks over me to the kitchen. But whatever I had said Dad would have done that anyway. He reacts with violence while we suffer with pain.
Chapter twelve, Aidan
I'm worried about Amelia. When I followed her home- her home- to check that she got their safely I saw her Dads livid facein the doorway and then he slammed the door. I'm guessing she got as rough a time as I'm going to get when I knock on our crumbly door, the entrance to our crumbly house and to introduce crumbly characters i.e. Mum.
Come on, Aidan. Get a grip. You're lucky. You won't get it as rough as Amelia. Go on. Knock. That's it. Again.
Immediately the door opens. Dad is grinning gleefully- he always seems gleeful to me- at me before he pulls me into the house.
"Ah, I knew when you were born that you'd be a disappointment. I was right. You are bringing yourself down because of a stupid girl. What would a priveledged little rich girl want with a poor boy? Obviously she wants to shock her parents and use you as her....." Dad starts harshly.
"Don't you dare. Don't talk about Amelia like that. Don't," I say angrily.
"I will say what I like in my own home," Dad retorts.
"Is that what you call it? It's a hovel," I insult proudly, glad of my courage. I don't want my crazy, malicious, Dad get the better of me. Not anymore.
"One day you'll see how tough it is in the real world. No one is there to look out for you, to tell you what to do..." Dad starts.
"Actually, I'd rather not have yours or Mums' help. Talking about Mum, where is she? I'll bet you're forcing her to iron your shirts," I say, digusted.
"You're Mum doesn't mind a few chores. You can stuff it if that's your ungrateful attitude, I won't give you any help at all," Dad said.
"Fine by me. I don't want my life planned by a crazy man who can't..." I start.
"No," Mum screams and she jumps in front of me and recieves Dads blow, intended for me.
She drops to the floor instantly, a sea of blood soaking into the carefully ironed shirts meant for Dad. She has fainted and I've got to wake her up. Dad won't bother. He's walked off, like every man does after he has done his " punishment,".
Why do I hurt innocent people? First Amelia, now Mum. I'm going to make it get better.
Chapter thirteen, Amelia
I hate my Dad. How could he walk away after hurting me like that? The physical pain wore off but not the emotional pain.
How come Mum is never there for me? She is always doing something else and never comforts me. If only I had a feminist Mum, she'd make it better. But my Mum is like all the others, hides in a corner and generally acts pathetic. Well I hate her too. I hate everyone at the moment. It is so complicated. I just know that so far nobody has made me happy, which they should of. Even Aidan has let me down. If I can't trust Aidan, who can I trust?
Chapter fourteen, Aidan
Mum's concious again. It doesn't make me feel better though. I should have just quit while I was ahead. But no. I had to really rile him up. I still can't believe that Mum had the guts to jump in front of me and out of nowhere.
"It was a motherly instinct,"Mum says, as if she can read my mind.
"I'm so so so sorry. You look all swollen and red an... I always screw everything up,"I complain.
"No. You don't screw up. Your Dad screws up , nearly every man screws up. But not you. Aidan you are my hope for the future, son. I love you so much. I may not defend myself but I'll always defend you," Mum says soothingly.
"But that doesn't stop me feeling ashamed. What if I grow up to be a screw up? What if I continue to make Amelia unhappy?" I ask.
"Look honey, live life for today. Amelia, loves you. You don't make her unhappy," Mum says.
But even when I explain it all Mum still said that what I'd done was right, even though it wasn't. I have to do what Amelia wanted me to do. I said I'd do anything for her and I will. I mean it.
Chapter fifteen, Amelia
Aidan came around today with a bouquet of flowers- they must have been expensive and his family is really poor so he must have used lots of his saved up money. It was early so Minerva wasn't here. But Mum was. She tried to send Aidan away but I pleaded with her not to. Reluctantly she let him in but with clear disgust on her face and a muttered that he couldn't stay long before she walked away from us.
He gave me the fantastic flowers and commented on my sore scarlet face. I scowled at him. How dare he make chit chat? How dare he?
"Look, I'm sorry, but you're not the only one who suffers. I live in a dump with a possesive Dad who knocked my Mum unconcious yesterday when he tried to hit me..." he started.
"Every Dad is possesive and most houses are dumps around here because people run out of money to fix them up," I argued. Then I added, "I'm sorry about your Mum,".
"Thank you, she's ok. I want you to know that I didn't come round here for an argument. You'd outsmart me anyway. There wouldn't be any point," Aidan said.
"What did you come round for?" I asked.
"To do what you wanted me to do," Aidan said simply.
"No, Aidan. When I was asleep I had a dreadful dream where everything turned out wrong. You were in prison and we were kept apart," I informed him, shuddering.
"So why are you still angry?" he asked.
"Because you were misleading," I informed him.
"Well I'm not going to be misleading anymore. I want to follow your wish," Aidan said.
"I love you too much for you to do that. Please can't we forget yesterday?" I pleaded.
"Fine. But in future be careful what you wish for," Aidan said, sighing with relief.
After that Mum forced him to leave.
"He's riff raff, your father wants better for you," Mum said harshly.
"He is not riff raff and Dd does not care about me at all," I answered and ran up here.
It hurts so much to know that Mum and Dad only notice me when I go out too late or when I am with Aidan. I never see them. When I'm older I want to be a great mother to my child, like the mother I never had.
Dad is on tv; Mum is forcing me to watch. As if I care that Dad is on tv; I used to but I was too young for my own good. Now I know that Dad is talking rubbish. He is quoting the bible and he is especially putting emphasis on the parts where women do sins or the part where women are made second ecr.
But in some parts women are defended by Jesus so he is misinforming everyone.Also, somebody had to be made second, just because it was the women it doesn't mean we are second best; God could have been saving the best, the most developed and intelligent, until last- but maybe that sound slightly childish. Also the bible was written by men so of course they will come up smelling like roses and they will make the women seem second best- not unlike the country we live in now.
The bible is about interpretation so I could argur against every point he has made and convince everyone. I can't stand my Dad; I want Matthew Manx to be on; he will show my Dad how to do a proper speech.
Chapter sixteen, Aidan
I went to see Amelia today; the look on her Mums' face was clearly disgust. I'm nothing to them;- her parents- I don't get respect or even a greeting, I just get dirty looks and insults. Typical.
I'm glad I went to see her, we are both best friends again and I don't have to break the law to win her approval. But I need to do something to show her how much I care, I got the feeling that Amelia is still slighly annoyed with me. But maybe I'm imaging stuff like that because my brain wants me to do something brave. I don't know. When I'm around Amelia I just want to please her and I would do anything- should I say this after yesterday?- to make her happy so I guess I am a little like her lapdog, following her around and doing anything she wants. But at times I feel at tenterhooks because the things that seem right to do and say aren't right when they are done and said. Weird.
Anyway, the voting for the politician is happening all week so all of the tv channels have bits of Matthew Manx or Carl Andrews speech. Everyone is anxious to know who'll win. I want Matthew Manx, so does Amelia, My Dad wants Carl Andrews and my Mum is torn, she wants Matthew Manx but she is scared of what Dad will do if Carl Andrews doesn't win.
I wish I could do something to help the women in this country. I constantly feel as if I've never done any good to the world. Well, I can't really do anything this week as it will be tension everywhere, but I will soon.
Chapter seventeen, Amelia
I keep on daydreaming about Aidan; his beautiful black floppy hair, his milky brown eyes, his well carved face, his laughter, his...
But I always get interrupted. I keep on thinking about this election. Dad is so cocky it is unreal. At dinner (typically acting as if yesterday didn't happen) he asked me:
"Don't you feel glad for your old daddy?"
"Glad?" I asked.
"Well I've got ths in the bag," Dad said smugly with a chuckle.
I was about to protest but Mum shook her head at me. It is always like that, we sit down to a meal cooked by Minerva and Dad always has to be the talking point. He never asks about Mum and I, he just assumes we have uneventful lives. Well I'm not going to give him the satisfaction of thinking he is more important than Mum and I. I am going to be something special. I don't know quite what that something is but I will find out.
Chapter eighteen, Aidan
Six days until the election finale. Lots of people are betting on Carl Andrews winning, even Dad.
"But darling, don't you think that it is a little unwise when we are in our current financial situation?"Mum asked. She's right. We struggle here to pay all the bills, even though we are in the less highbrown part of town. It would have been wiser to move aways years ago but Dad didn't.
Dad's face turned bright red and a green vein appeared on his forehead. Instanteously he slapped Mum around the face and roared: "Don't tell me what to do woman. Our financial situation is fine. We're fine,".
"Louis, I'm not going to accept this anymore. I willingly cook and clean for you in the one wish for respect and I am going to get it. We are not fine, either with money or as a family. Your business is closing down and we are losing the bonds of our family," Mum answered back surprisingly. When Dad was about to hit Mum again I stood up, kicked my knee up to hit him hard in the crotch and punched him on the nose.
"It is time for you to feel how painful life can be. You ruin everythin you touch, your business and your fgamily and we won't stand for it anymore. Either shape up or get lost," I said passionately while Dad was feeling the torrent of blood from his nose whilst keeling over from the pain I had caused his down below. Also he was muttering under his breath, something like: "I know how painful life can be,". I expected Mum to frown at me but she smiled at me and gave me a high five.
Chapter nineteen, Amelia
I think my Mum is going crazy; she keeps on muttering to herself and whenever I ask what she is saying she flinched. Then again she always gets a bit het up before an election. Dad becomes ultra-picky so Mum has to rush around helping Minerva get everything just right. It's like I'm living in the story Goldilocks and The Three Bears.
I don't know what Mum does normally as Minerva does most things around the house. To be honest I don't think Mum is good at cooking and cleaning so if we were an ordinary family she's be screwed. Mum has a good singing voice so I guess she spends her time in the studio, listening out for when Dad gets home or when the doorbell goes as it could be "riff raff,".
I'll be glad when the election is over. I hate seeing Dads bullish face on tv and I fell sorry for Matthew Manx because of the odds not looking good. It is too stressful in my house with Minerva and Mum rushing about and Dad ranting on about "out of context," footage they have shown of him. He's getting less cocky as the election comes closer.
Chapter twenty, Aidan
5 days untl the election ends. I've arranged to meet up with Amelia later to talk. I need to look my best; she deserves a man who'll make an effort for her.
I have lots of things I need to discuss with Amelia so this gives me the perfect amount of time to think of them. If she knows everything about me we are more likely to get together. "Get together," sounds immature but you get the gist of what I mean. Today, for the first time, I am going to ask Amelia to be my girlfriend, so she will understand how much I love her.
I've put on black shoes (polished), black formal trousers with a belt, a blue checked shirt with a stripy red tie and I have gelled my hair. I look ok, I guess, but nothing special. Not special enough for Amelia, that's for sure. I don't have many clothes, we can't afford them, so I always end up with an uncoordinated look.
At school I get bullied for how I dress and how I act. I want an education so I'll sit up straight and listen to every single word the teacher says and do everything they say. I am the top of the class, top of the year (that sounds boastful but it is true and I worked hard for it). All the other boys mess around and take for granted how great an education they have. Sometimes I see there heads as punching bags and I want to punch them so badly, to show my frustration at how unfair life is, education going to those who don't care enough to learn whilst my best friend wishes most for a proper education.
Everyday I pray to God; begging him to improve our world; I never feel as if he is listening; I feel deserted half the time. I think maybe God vanished, we caused too much disappointment for him to bare so he left us to make mistakes and live in the bad environment we have caused. I guess if I was God I'd get fed up too. Everybody just does their own thing, wrecking his plans for his creation and wreaking havoc everywhere.
God, if you are still here, will you make sure Amelia is happy?
Chapter twenty one, Amelia
Aidan has arranged for us to meet up in our special place. I feel so so so happy. He only arranges to meet if he is very happy and wants to make me happy or if he wants to talk.
I'll have to look my best for Aidan, every woman has to suffer to look beautiful according to an article in a magazine Mum gave to me today when she had finished reading it.
I wonder what Aidan wants to share with me; is it happiness or news?
Chapter twenty two, Aidan
I'm in the meadow. The sensational sunshine is shining its rays onto the green grass and onto the blossoming flowers. I am surrounded by a rainbow of colours. I just want to twirll around and feel the breeze.
Amelia is almost in front of me. She is smiling sweetly at me.
"It's a beautiful day," Amelia says brightly.
"A beautiful day for a beautiful woman," I say honestly. He hair looks even more silkily smooth in the light, her eyes a kaleidoscope of colour and her face impeccably perfect. If only I matched her intelligence or beauty.
"You're a charmer Aidan," Amelia says blushing.
"Thank you," I say.
"Aidan what do you want to talk about?" Amelia asks, her tone becoming serious.
"Oh right, I have tons to tell you," I inform her.
"Go on then," Amelia urges me.
"My Dad left yesterday night," I tell her.
"Are you serious?" Amelia asks, shocked.
As if I'd kid about that. I woke up this morning and heard my Mums sorrowful sobbing. When I went to see if she was ok she handed me a note:
To my wife and son
I have left. Obviously. I can't live here anymore. There is too much to deal with. I know I never show it but I love you both dearly but my anger, anxiety and depression gets in the way of my relationship with you. I know it is a big thing to ask but I don't want you to hate me for the pain I have caused you and I want you to remember those faraway happy times we had, before I changed.
Love you loads
P.S. Best wishes
P.P.S. To find out the beginning look at the end (remember that Aidan)
That note sounded as if a decent guy had written it. If only I had seem him like that more often then we would have got along smoothly. If I had known about his "anger, anxiety and depression," then I wouldn't have been so tough on him.
Amelia is looking at me curiously so I spill out all the details. She looks so sorry and confused for me that I can't stand it.
"We're going to be fine though, his mood swings won't be missed," I say.
"Are you sure? You look guilty amd scared at the same time," Amelia informs me.
"Of course I feel guilty, I told you on the phone what I did to upset him. I'm scared because I'll have to be the man of the house," I say and my eyes water.
"Anybody who had common sense would do what you did and you'll make a good man of the house," Amelia says comfortingly.
"You think so?" I ask.
"Of course. Anyway what else did you want to tell me?" Amelia asks.
"Carl Andrews is winning on the polls," I informed her.
"Yes, I know. He was gloating this morning," Amelia says bitterly.
"It's been estimated that it's going to be a close election. Feminism Forever have increased there boycotts and increased the amount of information booklets about them that they have published so more people have access to them and they are actually starting to read them," I inform her.
"Great," Amelia says smiling. She knew like me that if it was close enough then they'd have to have a re- election so Feminism Forever would have more chance to get there view across- and probably more time to be caught.
After that we sat down. Doing nothing in particular but it felt so powerful to be together in our favourite place in broad sunlight.
One thing I just remembered I'd forgotten to ask was, "Will you be my girlfriend?" and I asked it calmly. She didn't answer straight away but I could see a smile.
Chapter Twenty Three, Amelia
Aidan. He doesn't need to ask. Of course I'll be his girlfriend; just the thought has plastered a sweet smile on my face. However, Aidan is looking expectant. Oh my gosh. Shouldn't he be able to read between the lines? Anyway I eagerly say "Yes" and he looks as overjoyed as I am.
Moments like this are a rarety; I'll have to imprint this in my long term memory. Never did I expect him to ask me that question. When I was younger they said growing up with boys jeopordised intimate relationships. Apparently no matter what you felt towards each other you would always have a brother/ sister relationship despite the implied feelings of something more. That was when I lost hope in everything. I felt so bitter with the fact that I couldn't be with the boy I loved that I had to find out all of the cons and unfairness in life. Now suddenly I have the strengh to be optimistic agaub. Nothing is in my way. No obstacles. Not anymore, Life is so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Romantic is the way to describe Aidan. He couldn't have asked at a better time. Relaxed and beautific were our surroundings and we were composed and he asked in that one perfect moment; as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.
It is as if my weighted worries have vanished.
Chapter twenty four, Aidan
I feel I am the sky so high and free. She said yes. Just they way she said it caught my attention; it was in a tone that suggested that her response would be obvious to me.
Now I have the best girlfriend in the world. In heinsight I should have asked her years before today but around that time I was so shy that I wealed out. Anyway maybe it is better that I asked now, we are both independent and mature enough to handle a relationship.
Chapter twenty five, Amelia
Finally the election. Aidan is here with me as Mum is too nervous to send him away. Mum even let Minerva speeze on the sofa beside us to watch. Even though it is just the introduction part we are all eager to see every last bit of it so we are not chatting at all.
I can see Dad. He still has the air or arrogance that he has aqquired since he became politician last year. Contrarily Matthew Manx looks quite nervous, I want to give him a hug as it seem that he might burst our crying. Weird isn't it how strong men can end up bawling like a bersek baby?
It is being presented by Sean Pengton who is prolonging the event something chronic that I have the urge to slap him. Hurry up. I can't believe he won the award for Best Presenter, he'd only win the award for The Man Best At Wanting You To Slap Him.
Once again they are explaining their pitches. Why? Not only do all of the country know what they are but they could recite them word for word. Anyway it is pointless as all have the counts have been counted and verified and the winner is going to be announced shortly.
Aidan glances at me nervously. I sigh to show my nerves too. My Mum is not making any movement at all. She's not even blinking. It is as if she is a spider backed into a corner and too petrified to move.
Contrarily Minerva is feverishly fidgeting. Her legs are doing a dance, her eyes are twitiching and her hands keep on clasping together then releasing the hold on eachother. For once in my life I can't stand her. She is being even more annoying that Sean Pengton and that is saying something.
Yes. Finally the moment has come.
"The upcoming politician is... Matthew Manx," Sean Pengton reveals grudgingly.
"Did I hear right?" I ask.
"Yes, you did. Sean isn't happy about it," Aidan replies to me and he spins me around. Minerva is jumping for joy too, Mum however is livid.
"Look at you all. How dare you? This is a fix. My husband deserves to win. Their will be a re election..." Mum starts furiously.
But she is cut out by Sean Pengton who says "Matthew Manx won 57% of votes which beats the requirement we set in this country of 53%,".
Mum marches off furiously which is the mirror image of what Dad did. He was so surprised with the result that he turned crimson and when the shock wore off he marched dramatically away refusing to make a comment.
Minerva, Aidan and I share on happy moment celebrating. It is a moment we want to last forever.
Chapter twenty six, Aidan
The time of celebration quickly ended. Carl Andrews was so incensed with fury that he had to oppress others. He cut Minervas' wage, got Amelias' Mum doing housework and forced Amelia to stay inside unless she had "suitable" reasons to go out.
It took a lot of effort but Amelia and I did reams of excuses she could effectively use to meet up with me, so many that he gave up trying to stop her.
Nowadays we require meeting up more frequently. In society Matthew Manxs' campaign didn't go down as smoothly as expected. People like Carl Andrews punish the weak to make themselves feel better. The people they punish are the women as they have been degraded too much already to argue.
However this just means that the process is going slower than expected. Feminism Forever have been doing more and more to raise awareness of mistreatment and are on the grasp of either getting more supporter or getting more people to listen and undertsnad what they want to achieve.
Anyway Amelia and I are meeting up more often to prepare her for her Entrance Exam. Matthew Manx managed to wangle the idea of equal oppurtunities in school. But to start with only a few schools are open to his scheme which means the entrance exams are are going to be harder. But I honestly believe Amelia is ready. I've gone through every topic and she absorbs everything like a sponge. All she needs is a confidence boost as I am certain that she will be one of the lucky few girls who'll pass. She'll get flying colours.
Chapter twenty seven, Amelia
Aidan is stubborn. He insists that I will easily pass. I know he means well but I hate the comments he comes out with about my intelligence (well after the primary flattered feeling). I feel so much pressure I could burst.
Every girl is forced to take an entrance exam to see if they would be "suited" to a boys school. It is great news. Dad can't neglect me of this chance like I expected him to.
I've worked so so so hard I feel that I deserve a place. The exam is in two days time. Am I read? I feel I understand it; in every topic I can answer with ease. But I feel it would be too presumptious to say I had it in the bag. Oh, help me.
Chapter twenty eight, Aidan
One day left. Amelia is panicking that she'ss fail. Please let me be a comfort to her. I long to cheer her up, to give her a thrill of confidence.
"Aidan, I can't do it," Amelia says breathlessly.
"There isn't anything you can't do. You have the answers inside of you. You know it all," I say warmly and she smiles. Devastatingly powerful her smiles are on me so I give in to my willpower and kiss her like a boyfriend should, like I should have done more often recently. Kissing Amelia is like being lost spirits who bind together to make one powerful spirit.
I'll have to leave on that action. My Mum needs me more than Amelia. I depart with a good luck meesage to her. The smile that she returns I cherish in my mind.
Chapter twenty nine, Amelia
Was that it? I've worried for so so long about a monster exam that turned out to be simplistic. I feel that I have annoyed my parents by constantly reminding them of the exam for nothing. I feel that I wasted Aidans' time preparing me for it because I was already prepared.
Unless ir just appeared easy on the surface and I gave dim witted answers because I was guided into a false sense of security. I don't know. I just know that it wasn't as bad as I expected.
Chapter thirty, Aidan
"What if I misjudged it?" Amelia asks.
"You won't have. You'll have read the questions carefully and then answered them," I answer calmly and patiently.
"What if I fail?" Amelia asks quietly.
"It is always what if. As a nation we always look into things too much. All day, everyday we could say what if. What if my Dad never returns? What if my Mum continues to sink into the depths of depression? What if I make you unhappy?" I explain.
"You have a point," Amelia admits reluctantly.
"Don't live for the future. Live for today. Don't worry about things that are far away when you have the worries of the present. You'd drive yourself insane thinking about it all. All the test result is is a number on a piece of paper, it doesn't make you who you are no matter what the number on it will bring. I love you. Whether you do best or worst in the exam I will still love you and you should love yourself too. The future is ours to see and feel the rewards of. Lets see if Matthew Manx manages to create equality, lets see if society changes for the better and lets see if we remain strong," I say passionately.
I gently grab Amelias' hand and we walk towards the rays of the sun where we are two people in love. For once we are not effected by a struggling country. We are free.


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