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Mine or what?

By: Sleepless lullaby

Page 1, This is written by Shi.

When were alone you call me yours.

But when were with others you call her yours.

Am I just your fling?

No one but us knows of our relationship.

I know that I hid it from my best friends, from my sister.

I want to tell them, but I know that you will lie.

When will you do it?

Let me help you with your choice.

Me or her?

If its me, I tell them.

Her, then goodbye.

I can't be their for you when your not their for me.

I know that people may call me a whore, Im not.

You above anyone knows that I'm not.

Just remember, I was here befor her.

Me, Or her?

Just ask yourself this.

And I'll ask myself,

Are you really mine?

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