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Fearing the Night Animal

Short story By: Sophie Turner

She wasn't fast enough. No matter how hard she tried, she would never out run the beautiful creature. Although beautiful, it could kill her; and one bite was all it could take.

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It's bounds were majestic. Wolves had always been known for their viciousness, yet Poppy had always had an interest in them. She was so close to them that she was surprised they hadn't smelt her out. Her hiding place wasn't very creative: a tree. She was sure wolves couldn't climb, or very well at least. She couldn't either, she had found out. Her foot dangled down, stroking one wolf gently on the back. It was a stupid mistake, really. She crashed down on the hard mud, stabbed my fallen twigs. "Ow!" She muttered as she climbed to her feet. The wolves in the pack snarled at her, surrounding her. "Nice, Wolfie." She begged them. "How comes it doesn't work in real life?" She whispered. "Stupid movies." Poppy took one glance behind her. The space was free.

Three, why did I come out here?

Two, what if they kill me?

One, run.

Her feet slid around in the shoes that were too big. Her hair whipped behind her. It annoyed her, but it wasn't in her face, at least. Roots reached up to grab her ankles, yet she just managed to leap over them in time. Occasionally, they made her stumble, but she was yet to fall. The glasses that sat on her nose were leaping up and down, and it took effort for her to hold them to her eyes. She patted her trousers to find a pocket, but failed. Whilst she was patting herself, she forgot to jump over a root. She staggered, falling to her knees. In her panic, she dropped the glasses. She may as well have been blind. Sensing the pack around her, she swiftly crawled forwards. Her head banged against some sort of fence. A fence in the middle of a forest? She argued with her thoughts, but let them win. Her fingers clawed at the chicken wire fence, unable to make her move higher. They started scratching at her legs, and she felt blood trickling down her legs.

This can't be the end. She thought hopelessly to herself as she lay on the floor. They were still around her. Her heart beat slowed as her eyes began to close. She said one word. "Wolf."


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