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Human Nature: A Short Story

Short story By: sphereix

When we first look at someone we automatically make a judgement. But how do we know what they are really like? Human Nature presents a group of characters on board a plane set to crash and it soon becomes apparent that they are not quite as expected...

Submitted:May 19, 2013    Reads: 749    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Human Nature: A Short Story

Chapter 1: Is it really that simple?

High in the sky, above the greying clouds of the night flies a plane. It is an ordinary plane, not much different from one you or I may board if we were to embark on a journey abroad right now. On the plane sits some very ordinary people, with very ordinary characteristics. Some might say they may even have ordinary human behaviours. But it seems important to ask: are they so ordinary? What distinguishes them from each other? Is one an artist? Is one a banker? Is one a Lawyer? Maybe one of them could be homeless, and it is down to pure luck that they have managed to obtain plane tickets? What is certain, however, is that each have their very own distinct appearances.

In the first class section, towards the back of the plane, sits a man. He wears a formal and what appears to be a very expensive Calvin Klein suit. Without the pressures and exhaustion which his job brings him, he could well be an attractive and charming gentleman. However, his hair is messy upon his head and bags have built gradually under his eyes after a long day at the office, and now, on a long haul flight headed towards New York. The land of opportunity. The land of the free. By observing him closely it would appear that he in no way has any troubles.

Further down in the economy section sits a woman. She, in stark contrast, appears to be nothing like the hard working, respectable gentleman sat in first class. She wears an unwashed Nike tracksuit and trainers which appear equally unwashed. They appear to be broken and peeling away in several areas. Her hair is significantly greasy and struggling from the effects of years' worth of hair dye. She chews irritably on a piece of gum and taps her ring covered fingers on the arm of her chair. One would assume that she is a lazy "chavvy" individual who lives off the welfare system at home in the UK. It would seem debatable that she has anything but the good life, gaining money for doing nothing. By observing her closely it would appear that she in no way has any troubles.

Sitting next to her is an elderly lady. She, quite reasonably, is glaring at the work shy woman and her insufferable chomping. She sits in a long red flowery dress and her greying hair is tied back neatly in a bun upon her head. Rested upon her nose are some large black glasses through which her piercing blue eyes are glaring through. Aimed directly at the distasteful woman sat next to her. Presumably she is, in fact, usually a very kind old lady and those sitting in the other rows would react in exactly the same way if they were the ones sat next to the dirty woman who most likely does not work. The old lady is most likely retired. She would have lived a hard working life and paid her dues. She probably has children, and a husband who sadly passed away. Perhaps she now lives a peaceful life, and is off to enjoy a holiday or see some foreign relatives. By observing her closely it would appear that she in no way has any troubles.

A businessmen, a welfare dependent waste and a hard working retired elder. Surely, this is the simple idea that can be gained by observing these people? What more might there be to know?


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