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The Lion and The Crab

Short story By: surfkook1

Tags: Love, Drugs

story about drugs kids and marriage

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The Lion and The Crab

Once there was a Lion and a Crab . The Lion was big,strong,and proud. The Crab emotional and sensitive. Both in which had bad,bad past never finding the right love . Wouldn't you know it Leo had a little Leo and Cancer had a little Cancer. Little Cancer and little Leo went to school together. Little Cancer meet little Leo and it was friends at first sight. Little Cancer and little Leo hung out at school all the time and became the best of friends. Soon little Cancer found out that little Leo had a single dad. Little Cancer and little Leo worked hard to get Leo and Cancer together. And what do you know it worked. Leo and Cancer became inseparable always together laying on the couch watching TV doing everything together always kissing and showing affection. One day Leo ask Cancer to marry him Cancer said yes so they where married. As all stories go theres a good and a bad. When all moved in together Cancer and little Leo bonded great Leo and little Cancer not so much. Little Leo and little Cancer went to a bad school and hung around bad people. They each started doing drugs and bad in school. Leo and Cancers connection took a big hit they had no control and things started going down hill. Cancer kept telling Leo not give the children everything that it was not helping,but stubborn Leo didn't listen. As the problems went on Cancer tried to tell Leo things where getting bad, but Leo again didn't listen. Then on day Leo and little Cancer butted heads.Leo being Leo and drinking and little cancer being little Cancer and drinking and doing drugs the unthinkable happened. Leo and little Cancer got into it. Leo beat on little Cancer and pushed Cancer to the ground. Afterwards Leo couldn't believe what had done. He couldn't believe he had reacted like that. Leo could think of nothing ,but how he had lost Cancer the best thing that ever happened to him. Leo went to jail and classes and learned the bad ways he had been acting. Months went by and Leo was finally able to talk to his LOVE Cancer again. More months went by and finally Leo and Cancer got back together. For awhile it was OK, but after awhile what had happened in the past wouldn't leave Cancers mind. See she had seen it before with her little Cancer and herself. It was the trust and responsibility broken. Soon little Leo moved out and it was just Leo,Cancer,and little Cancer. Little Cancer being mixed up and still doing drugs created a stressful environment. Leo being Leo didn't help the situation while Cancer still with ill feelings about the past and what was happening now again tried to tell Leo but Leo couldn't hear Cancer. Soon little Cancer went to jail a couple of times and eventually went to jail for six months . Leo sensing something started paying attention to Cancer seeing she needed support. Thinking the problem was with little Cancer situation and not knowing he also was part of the problem. was really unhappy with both little Cancer and Leo .She had been unhappy with Leo for awhile and Leo could never see it. Leo really worked hard but, Cancer couldn't feel the same. She wonted it to work but couldn't get the feeling back. Leo tried to prove he could be trusted and blamed himself for everything. You see the saying is turn the other cheek and he did not. With Cancer not getting the feeling and Leo being Leo inpatient and selfish. Couldn't live with out attention and love decided to leave so no to complicate things and hoping it would help. Leo loves Cancer with all his heart and hopes Cancer will one day feel the love again, but right now Cancer cannot see past the bad to see the good. Leo wont a future with Cancer and knows he can give Cancer all the love she needs. How will this story end ? Is there LOVE strong enough to find love again? Or will Leo lose his love forever!!


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