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The Field of Daisies

Short story By: Tatia Shurgaia

The diary of Charlotte Maxwell in an abandoned house followed by strange events.

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Dear Diary,

I had another fight with my parents. I'm so tired of this. I packed some things and left. I'll try to go back tomorrow. For now, I think I'll be sleeping in the streets or something. I need to stay away for a while. I can't stand another second in that house. I can't call any friends either because, well, I have just too much pride to let them know what's really going on. They always say to keep family business locked at home. They don't need to know. No one needs to know… At least not yet. I don't want anyone feeling pity for me. I'm going to walk around when the rain stops pouring. I'm sitting at the bus station and I feel like its less than 5 degrees out here. Connecticut has never been this cold. By the looks of the sky, I think it's going to snow soon. How I wish I could just enjoy a day without fighting. Everything has been so different without Ivy. I feel like a part of me is really gone. I really miss my sister. Sometimes I wish I could have gone away instead of her. I can't believe she took off and left me to deal with this. I don't even know where she is. Why couldn't she take me with her? Doesn't she know that I was hurting just as much as her? Maybe she'll come back… Looks like the rain stopped. Finally!

Dear Diary,

I happened to come across a place which looks like an abandoned house… Yes an abandoned house. Although it's somewhere up Connecticut's ass, it will do. I don't think I walked too far. I'm going to spend the night here. It is a little creepy though I can't lie. The door works (thank goodness), but everything is dusty and moldy. I don't think anyone has even bothered to even check up on this place. There's debris everywhere and I can't lie… I am a little scared. Maybe a serial killer will pop out of nowhere. Maybe he keeps people like me in the basement and tortures them. Ugh. I need to stop thinking so much. I'm going to walk around. Maybe I'll find something entertaining. Maybe I'll stay here longer. Not like anyone in my family would care about where I am. At least I have a bag full of snacks. Just me and my gummy bears for now… God I feel like such a fucking loner. Oh wait, I am one. Let's just hope I don't die…

Dear Diary,

I looked around this place and it has kept me occupied for the most part. On the other part, it does scare the shit out of me. There is no light, some rooms are locked, and the floor looks like it can break or something. Other rooms are so destroyed that the rooms can be considered nonexistent. It really is a big house though. There's one room that is shut with wooden boards, and the strange part is that there's blood in some places. Don't worry, I got my nosy ass out of there before I caught any possible diseases. I think I'll leave when I get a chance, it really does scare me. I'm sitting in the living room. The window is broken by the way and there's shards of glass everywhere, so I have to be super careful. Either someone punched it or threw a rock. While I'm here waiting for this stupid pouring rain to stop, once again, and no it did not snow (my instincts were wrong and I admit it), I'm going to look through some things. Maybe I'll find pictures. I'm pretty sure no one lives here. I ran out of gummy bears, and soon I'll be out of hand sanitizer too (fuck). I want to get out of here soon before it gets dark. I must have been here for about an hour and a half just looking around. My phone is dead and I doubt there's a spare charger or even working electricity out here. It is so cold in here that I could probably freeze to death. I just hope I can make it out of here soon. I'm trembling, and I feel a headache coming on.

Dear Diary,

Fuck, fuck, fuck! The wind started to kick in, and a broken door kept closing and opening. It was fucking loud. I thought someone else was here. I really almost had a heart attack. I can hear the ocean waves, and it's getting dark already. There were some news clippings in the drawer. Actually there were many things in the drawers. One room downstairs in particular had a lot of things. It was probably some woman's, because there was some shades of lipstick, a small mirror, a pen, and a withered white daisy (there were some papers and other things like that in there too which I don't really care about). There must be a large field of flowers and daisies close by. When I did rummage through some other drawers, there was a black and white photo of a man and woman standing in front of the house. The man was tall and had this thick mustache. The woman had her hand on this summer hat, and wore a knee length skirt with a light buttoned shirt. She was actually holding both, so I'm guessing it was really windy at that time. She had short wavy hair, and I'm assuming she was a blonde. The man, on the other hand had dark hair, and he wore a black short sleeved button shirt, and black pants. I'm assuming they're lovers and I'm also assuming that this photo was taken way back then. I just checked the back. It says: To my sweetest darling Victoria. I will come back soon. Wait for me. Wow. My instincts were at least right in one thing today. Shit, shit. It's seriously getting dark, but I think the rain stopped a little. I'm going to go check outside.

Dear Diary,

It hasn't stopped raining yet. It's been dark for a long time now. I've been keeping track of the time. Why isn't the sun coming out? I want to sleep but I can't seem to keep my eyes closed. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. Being alone in this place scares me, and I already ran out of snacks. I'm going to go insane if I don't leave this place. My head is pounding, and my hands feel numb. I feel like my bladder is about to explode. I can't believe I'm saying this but I much rather be at home right now with my disgusting parents and that horrid house.

Dear Diary,

I found a bathroom. I won't go into detail with that. I'll be honest. I smoked some weed. I had some in my bag and kept me pretty occupied. I'm actually pretty high right now. You know what? I'm going to shut my eyes and when I open them I'll be home.

Dear Diary,

I just met a person that is also in this house. His name is Tyler. He was in the locked room upstairs. We almost killed each other. Thunder, rain, and a broken lamp. Scared the shit out of me. He told me he locked himself in that room for safety. He usually comes here when he wants to be alone. Tyler and I talked for a while. He told me stories about this house, and I don't know if he was lying or not, but it did scare me and kept me interested at the same time. Many years ago, the Crow family lived here. The mother was a stay at home mom, the father worked for a company, and all six children went to school. First there was Leah (17), then Martin (14), then Florence(11), the twins Jade and Jane (9), and the youngest of all Simon (6). The father paid a large amount of money to build this house which is why there's so many rooms. One day the mother's sister, Margaret, was disowned by her family, and came to live with her sister. She was pregnant at the time from a man that the family disapproved of. When she was 8 months in, she had a miscarriage. Three weeks later, the parents went out and asked Margaret to look after the kids. Once they were gone, she took a knife from the kitchen, and started killing the children. She had been so hurt from losing her baby, and she envied her sister for having a perfect family. When the parents came home, they found their children stabbed multiple times and Margaret had killed herself. The mother's scream was heard even from a long distance. 5 years later, the house had been renovated, and was up for sale. The house itself was very large, and had been changed to look richer with fancier designs. A young couple with plans for a big family decided to buy it. Their names were Victoria Morgan, and Lawrence Harvey. They were the couple that I saw in the picture. After a year, Lawrence was sent to war and stayed there for a year and a half. Meanwhile, Victoria was living home alone. Since she had a lot of spare time, she spent her time specifically in the attic. The attic had the greatest view and she frequently enjoyed painting there. One day a man knocked on the door, claiming that he was to inspect the house. Victoria, kindly let him in. She didn't know the man had been keeping an eye on her, and was waiting for the perfect time to force himself on her. You would think he would leave after that, but while Victoria was unconscious he had covered the windows and locked the door. He kept her locked up for 1 week where he repeatedly beat her and raped her. One day she managed to break a glass cup and stab him with. After running away, she went to the kitchen where the chase was ended with Victoria stabbing him. She called the police shortly before she hung herself in the attack. She didn't leave a note behind, but she did surround the attic full of her favorite paintings. One of them being the view of the ocean near a field of daisies and big canopy tree with a marble bench. The picture of the couple was sent only a month before the incident. With the history of the house no one wanted to buy it. The house was left alone, until the government decided to destroy it. I still don't trust Tyler. He looks older and strange. I just want to leave soon.

Dear Diary,

You won't believe this, but Tyler is the man Victoria killed. I might be way too high or dreaming or something but I am scared to death. I locked myself a room upstairs. I put every furniture I could find in front of the door. He is not dead. That story was such bullshit. Victoria didn't even hang herself, he hung her himself. He returned to this house a few years after the incident. Victoria's husband died in war and no one even knows the true story of what happened to Victoria. She didn't commit suicide. He's some psycho! God help me! If I don't write back, then it means I'm dead. Mom, dad, and Ivy, I love you all. I'm just going to leave this in my bag and whoever finds it, finds it.

Yours truly,

Charlotte Maxwell


Hello, I'm Vivian Norville with todays news. It's been almost two weeks since a young girl named Charlotte Maxwell went missing. She was last seen leaving her house at 4:00pm, and a search party was sent to look for her. More than 70 hours have been spent in hopes of finding the young girl until this morning. Her body was found in Pleasure Field, Connecticut where she was strangled to death. Her body was placed on a flower beds of daisies on a marble bench. Detectives are currently looking for her murderer, and are hoping to quickly unravel the mystery. Only thing left of Charlotte was her bag that contained her diary and other things that she carried. DNA samples and the diary were taken as evidence in hope of determining who Charlotte Maxwell's murderer is. Her parents have rejected answering any questions, and have asked to read Charlotte's diary before any further information is disclosed.


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