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Happily Never After...

Short story By: The Word Maker Upper

When Amanda Dungferr finds out her soon to be husband is cheating on her she finally the strength shes been holding back to up and leave him. The story was written with the song "Happily Never After" by the Pussycat Dolls being the theme of it all.(so in other words the story is based on the song & the song is quoted numerous of times).

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~~Heres the song with its lyrics if you want to listen to the song www.youtube.com/watch ~~ (if that link does not work please notify me)

"Im Done , Im Done, Im Done. Said Im So Done" (chapter one / verse one)

11:29 pm

"I can't Do this anymore Rick. You're a lying, inconsiderate jerk." Amanda says faintly. She couldn't raise her head to look at him directly in his dark blue eyes. She was wearing a pink tank top she had bought in a pack of three from Conway a few days back, along with her Victoria Secret sweat pants that read "PINK" on the left leg and on her feet were regular white sandals. She tied her silky dirty blonde hair back into a pony tail using a piece of ribbon that was laying on the bed - she assumed it belonged to one of her shirts or a dress that she owns.

She rolled her suitcase to the front door and walked over to the kitchen table to get her cell phone.

"O so you're leaving me? Again? HA! I don't even know why you've packed your bags cause you'll be back in a matter of hours. This is nothing new. You've done this many times before" Rick was following her saying these things she couldn't deny. It was true. She had left numerous times and all those times she had come back. Not because she had nowhere to go but because Rick knew just the right things to say to get her back, always knew how to make her feel either worthless and so low self esteemed. Most of the time she came back only out of pitty. With tears still running from her hazel eyes and down her face she picked up her Blackberry Curve off the glass kitchen table. The time read 11:35, she couldn't help but notice the background picture - it was the picture of Rick And Amanda they took at McDonald's the day he had proposed to her- with her head down as she shook it back and worth she walked back to the front door. The door was already opened since she didn't close it when she had started loading her car. She rolled her suitcase to the porch and stopped. She turned around to see Rick standing inside the house about 5 inches away from the door with a face that read nothing. "What was he thinking? Does he even care?" she thought to herself.

She said, "I... I...." *exhales* "I can't be with you. No more can I take this drama or your stupid bullshit. Its time I stop thinking I don't want this anymore, and know for a fact that the time spent with you is only bringing me down." She ripped the 24k white-gold ring off her ring finger and just dropped it. She let it fall. Not caring if it rolled into the gaps between the wooden panels on the porch.

She grabbed the handle of the roll-bag luggage. "Im not sorry." She shook her head no as she rolled her eyes. Then she continued, "And Im not coming back. This it.... this is the end of what we have." She rolled her last suitcase down the two steps and walked at a normal pace to her car dragging the luggage behind her. She says to herself "You've left before. This time you will gone stay gone that's for sure." She said it with such confidence.

Rick licked the inside of his mouth as he watched her walk away. He squinted his eyes and his bushy eyebrows turned in, He realized she was actually leaving him. He didn't find this a bit pleasing at all.

"THIS IS IT?... THIS IS THE END!?" as he shouted out he stepped out onto the porch and continued , "YOU REALLY THINK SO AMANDA? YOU REALLY THINK YOUR NOT COMING BACK?" He waited fore her to say something but she didnt, she kept on walking.


"...YOU'LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER MAN LIKE ME!" Amanda responded to that ... "GOOD! AND I DON'T WANT ANOTHER ONE LIKE YOU! ASS!" She yelled out and stuck up her middle finger, pointing it his way. Amanda didn't turn around she just kept on walking. "I deserve better" she said to herself. She realized she stopped crying and she could talk normal.

Amanda had reached the drive way. She Had never gone this far, normally this would be the time where he would talk her out of leaving. Her black Porsche Cayman had its inside lights on. By now she had blocked out what he was saying and the tears she had cried dried up. She opened the back door and tossed the suitcase onto the pile of others that were laying in the back seat. She slammed the car door behind her and walked over to the driver's side door. As she reached for the door handle she happened to look up, she watched him flip her off then walk into the apartment slamming the door behind him. At the corner of her eyes she can see that her nosey neighbors were watching the commotion from theirs bedroom windows. She swung her jaw back and forth and opened the car door. Amanda had pulled her car keys out of her pocket and this time, without crying, she sat down on the gray and black bordered leather seat. She closed the car door then locked it.

As Amanda inserted the key into the ignition and started the engine she kicked off her slippers, for some reason she found driving barefoot relaxing and much more comfortable then driving with footwear.

She leaned back and took a deep breathe and said to herself, "No. Happily Never After, that just ain't for me..." she looked into her rear-view mirror as she adjusted it "...because finally I know I deserve better." She nodded. She then put her seat belt on and placed both hands on the wheel. She pressed her foot against the gas pedal and she took off. With no exact destination at the moment she just drove away from the two story, egg shell white house that they had built together.

~~Heres the song with its lyrics if you want to listen to the song www.youtube.com/watch ~~ (if that link does not work please notify me)

~~ Its not over theres more to it... but I dont know if I should I update it...So what do you guys think? ~~

~~Hope you liked it!~~


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