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Part 2 Unseen Love...

Short story By: TheWorldsOfMine

A princess is never noticed among her prettier sisters and her one brother. She is different than most, always running out of the castle. Trying to find a place she can be accepted. But then she finds love. By someone she never thought would like her. (in the very late 1800's and very early 1900's) Ps. I know some facts aren't correct. :/

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then it becomes satisfactory. He goes slowly, in and out while kissing my neck. I moan a little as he continues. He goes faster and faster, making my breasts move to each thrust. He cums as I feel it and see his satified face. He lays next to me and cuddles.
"I love you." I say kissing him.
"I love you." He pulls the blanket over. "Forever."

9 months have passed and I have a healthy son. We named him Jayden. Never had a problem with him. He has grown to be more like his father. Even has the same job.

1902. Jayden is 19. Me and Ian grow very old. There's not much more that we can do. Everyone has told us to leave our work and just stay home. I go out in town every once in a while. But today is the best day ever and the worse.
"Love, I have somewhere I want to take you." Ian says.
I smile, "Where to?"
"Surprise." He gets the carraige hooked up and we have a driver take us to where Ian wants to go. I lean against him the whole way there. Looking out the side, I see Paris come into view. We've been here before but I always get excited.
The driver pulls over at a park. We get out and Ian takes my hand. We walk with the sun behind us.
"You're beautiful." The silence is broken.
"Oh, you always say that." I laugh slightly.
"I've always ment it!" I know he's smiling.
"Oh, I love you."
"Really love you." He replies. He turns to face me and kisses me like the first day he did. I kiss back... but then realize he's stopped breathing. I pull back and sit down with him laying in my arms. I put my head to my chest and hear no beat.
"HELP!" I yell, hoping someone will help me but no one does. I try CPR but it fails. I sit there crying. "Don't do this to me!" I yell at him.. Nothing hapens. I shut his eyes and kiss each one. "Thank you for everything." I whisper and don't get up.
The next day we had a funeral. Died of old age. I place the metal rose on his coffin before they lower him. The tears fall heavily. By the end of the day, my heart broke into many pieces and I, myself, have died of a broken heart. I couldn't continue living. I died and found him again.
I tapped his shoulder. "Ashlee?" He was shocked. "Ashlee!" He hugged me. Both together forever... Even as ghosts.


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