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Inner World

Short story By: Tigger003

This is a story written to describe how one feels
inside at times of fear, pain and peril.

Submitted:Dec 15, 2006    Reads: 165    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Here where I am, deep within myself where no one sees me, I stand and watch the crimson clouds slowly drift by in the broken, tainted sky. The paper flowers, which were once painted bright colours, are now all shades of black and gray. They hang their heads as if to mourn someone, I wonder who it is..? I wonder if it was someone important, or maybe even special… I feel the silky soft droplets slowly roll down my face; they are so warm that they actually sting my cold face as they run. I try to stop them, "this crying is childish, get a grip," I tell myself… unfortunately this just makes me cry even more. I could never cry so much so easily, what has happened to me? Why have I melted into this soft lump of emotion?! People tell me it is normal, it's not normal for me! I was once strong, I hid all emotion so well… I was loved and respected then, no one even tried to make trouble for me.. Yet, now that I've become what they wanted me to be, I am abused more and more…

I slowly lose control over my legs, and I collapse. I mange to sit in a comfortable position, my legs pulled up tightly against my torso, my head is nestled between my knees… I'm still sobbing my heart out, I wonder if it is possible for my tear ducts to ever dry up..? The skin on my face is now burning terribly, from the tiny droplets; these things people call tears. As they hit the warm ground they make a strange sizzling noise and dry up abruptly. I look up and see that the sky is turning a dark blue-black, I feel the wind picking up vigorously. Suddenly, out of nowhere the rain begins to pelt down on me; the droplets hurtle from the clouds like there is no tomorrow. The rain droplets sting my entire body, as if there were acid in the water. Slowly I just fall back, onto the rough ground, I cannot sit upright anymore. My spine just won't hold me in that position. As I lie flat on my back between the flowers with the rain pelting down on me, I feel the earth begin to shake, at first it is just slightly but slowly but surely the shaking becomes very intense. Suddenly and very abruptly, I hear a strange cracking noise, it starts off quite faintly but soon it is right beneath me… The ground opens up suddenly and swallows me…

Slowly, I begin to awaken. What happened? Where am I? Am I alive or dead? Then I realize, it was all just a dream…


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