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Wake Me If You're Out There

Short story By: tika123love

Wake Me If You're Out There

Submitted:Oct 3, 2012    Reads: 23    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

There once was an old man. He lived in a small town and knew many people,
but never left his house. He didn't communicate with people well so he didn't.
Every night since June he'd been having amazing dreams about his old life.
He used to have an amazing life filled with adventures and fun. But that all
changed one day when he was sitting in his bedroom. He thought he saw
something outside in the bushes. Someone, actually. He didn't recognize them
and the shadow wasn't doing anything wrong. And he felt safe. He unplugged
his nightlight and then went to sleep. But when he woke up, he went outside
and told some people in his town about it. Although, he said it was an 'Angel'
outside of his window, and not a person. That astronauts had something to do with it.
Everyone thought it was crazy. And told him to keep his thoughts to himself,
that they were frivolous and crazy. So that night he dicided to try something.
He left a note on his rocking chair before going to sleep. The note read
"I'm dreaming of the life I once loved, so wake me if you're out there."
He unlocked the doors and sat a basket by the oak tree and went off to bed.
That night he saw the shadow again. But it was different. It looked like the shadow
had wings. The next morning he told the town people about it. They laughed in his face
and made fun of him. He heard one voice saying it was because he was poor and had
a small house that he decided to make up a story. But he wasn't making it up. He said
to them "Living close to the ground is seventh heaven because there are angels all
around." Nobody believed him. Later on that night he brought the basket from the
oak tree and collected the acorns, then he put the basket back and just before he
was leaving to go up the stairs, he saw a face flicker in his fake fireplace. He blinked
and it was gone. He turned away and went up the stairs. As he was walking up the dusty
stairs, he saw footsteps appear onto the steps of the stairs behind him. He wasn't scared
at all. He just smiled and went on to the front of his bed. He leaned over to get on
his knees but his knees hit the hardwood floor harder than he'd expected, leaving
purple and blue bruises on his knees. He looked up to the ceiling, and said "Wake me if
you're out there." Then went to sleep. He'd dreamed about his amazing life once again
and knew nobody would ever believe him. In his dreams he saw an angel. She told
him she was his guardian and that he was right, nobody was ever going to believe him.
In his dreams he tried telling the town they could come see the angel. But no one
thought there was one, and so no one said they'd come. He said "I guarantee there are
angels around your vicinity." And it was the last thing he'd said in his dream before it
ended. The angel smiled to him as he fell into a deeper sleep that he never came out of.


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