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BACK TO LIFE... a fight against life

Short story By: tkakrotra

It's all about winning the fight

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BACK TO LIFE... a fight against life
What's life about?
Is it about dreams coming true or is it about shattered dreams?
Is it about being a male, a female or is it about wanting a baby boy over girl?
Some has this craze *baby boy*. If he prefers a baby boy for carrying forward his generation, ask him to give one. Because as simple the reason is, it's the man who has the ability for this. In science language, it's called xx chromosomes and xy chromosomes. In life's language, you simply cannot blame a woman for a baby being a girl or a boy.
"It was a baby girl again"
Silence, third time this silence had crept in. Her father came inside the room where mother and her beautiful angel were lying. No one was present other than a doctor friend of him. The father was himself a famous doctor of that area, Dr. Kshitij Sharma. This wasn't a 90's era. It was 2001 when everyone's thinking had changed to a large extent. A time when gender didn't mattered, time this was undergoing change. The place wasn't a backward rural area. It was a metro city where everyone had a developed thinking. But the only difference was the family wasn't taking their steps with the change. Rather it wasn't family; it was only Dr. Kshitij. A doctor by profession, a butcher by mentality.
He sat beside his wife and looked at the baby girl who was peacefully sleeping, dreaming of a new life. His eyes could be seen filled with blood and anger. Angry because it was the third time. This time he didn't thought of killing only the baby, this time it was the mother also who had to suffer. Her mother was unconscious and had no idea about what was going to happen with her. Kshitij didn't had anything in mind but a baseless anger and thirst for a baby boy. He got hold of an iron rod which was kept for safety purpose. Hah... safety...
He started hitting the mother with the rod and the room was filled with blood and silent shrieks. The lady tried saving herself but was too weak to hit back. He hit her till she didn't die, till he didn't felt that he was hitting just a lifeless thing, a lump of clay. His mind didn't recollect past beautiful memories with her; the mind was blank and only knew what he wanted. Her every body part was hit by him. She was beyond recognition. He then thought of killing the child also. But his so-called best friend who till now had been standing outside, had warned him of not doing so as it would attract police enquiry. Kshitij called his friend inside and carried that lifeless body which moments ago had given life to a new being. They buried the body in the backside area of the house where the 3 dead bodies of baby girls were also buried in past years. The mother was with her children now. Brutally killed and now she lay with her baby girls. This was 2001. Where was the fault? Nowhere! It was his mistake that he couldn't offer a boy. It was he who should have been killed, if the mother had his mentality of running after a baby boy. The mother or the three beautiful angels who were murdered should have been replaced by this doctor. But this was life for the four, a shattered life. And who was at fault? Yes, the mother herself. When she could say no against violence at the first step taken by him, she kept mum. She had let situations control her. This wasn't a destiny; this was a murder (by him) and suicide (by her).
This was happening in a part of India while other parts were rising up against the gender discrimination. This happened when females have started thinking and controlling their lives and men were much above the shackles of society.
Nameless girl
The girl wasn't given any attention. A nurse was employed to take care of her. Many times he thought of killing her but at last he opted of avoiding her. Within few months he married again. No one enquired of the dead mother. News was spread that she had died while giving birth to baby and had been cremated the same day. Religious India where you can put forward any theory and people will blindly accept.
This baby girl was the sole responsibility of the nurse Vedica. Vedica at times got annoyed but the smile of that motherless child would always free her of all stress and anxieties. She started loving her as her only child. The baby was at her home, most of the times. She was getting an extra payment for this work. One day she thought of giving the child a name as the father wasn't concerned. And thus this child was named as Upasna. Upasna grew up and so did her questions came up. She kept asking where her mother was. Why her father hated her. Why she wasn't living with her family. On the other hand Dr. Kshitij was now a father of a boy. He was happy that he had killed his previous wife and now he had what he always yearned for, a boy. Then a time came when Vedica had to go back to her parents as her marriage was fixed. She obviously couldn't take Upasna with her. Upasna was now at her home, a home which took her mother away, and a place where she was living amongst strangers. She was still an 8 year old child. Children tend to give immense love to people who even show a little concern or care. She was habitual of that love from Vedica but here no one was trying to be with her. She was left alone in a room and wasn't allowed to even have meal together with her family. Lots of thoughts came up in her mind. She always dreamt of the love which her step-brother was getting and which she never had got. She was getting restless day by day and the new wife of Dr. Kshitij thought of sending her to school. Her step-mother wasn't concerned about her education, she was rather feeling humiliated among her friends who used to come home during their kitty parties. She thought that the girl will get involved in studies and half of the time she won't be at home. But the situation worsened up. So finally Upasna was sent to a boarding school. Far away from home, in Shimla.
It was co-ed school and here she was again alone. Once or twice in a week Vedica used to call her up and that was the time she had smile on her face. She always waited for that one phone call. After all she had got that only one person who had loved her. For her Vedica was her mother and her family. Her roommate was a girl from a rich background, Nancy. They didn't open up in starting but one night when Upasna was sitting near the window and crying, Nancy came up to her. They talked, shared, and discussed everything with each other that night. Every tear which trickled down Nancy's eyes for Upasna, made her more close to her. They were best friends in one night.
They never left each other alone. Even during holidays Upasna used to be with Nancy at her home. And Upasna's parents never cared or asked anything. Both of them grew up to two beautiful girls who were good in studies. Upasna studied hard because she wanted to show her parents what they had ignored their whole life and wanted to see regret in their eyes. And Nancy studied hard because she wanted everyone to know everyone by her name, not her parents' or their wealth.
The prison is a bad place to live and worse for those who are kept there because of fake charges. That was a horrible night for Himanshu. A family of father, mother and he was the single child, aged 18. This family lived in Mumbai and was well settled. His parents never had good relation and everyday he used to see the fight and heated arguments. It was 22nd December night. They both were arguing over something. Suddenly he heard a gun fire and he rushed to the room. In the room his mother and her boyfriend were standing and father was lying down on floor. The gun was in the other man's hand. He was shocked and terrified to see the situation. He couldn't move a step. The other man checked if his father was alive or not and removed all fingerprints from everywhere including gun and left. He was now sitting dumbstruck near his father. His mother came and kept the gun near him. All of a sudden he was furious and picked the gun. He pressed the trigger but nothing happened. There were no bullets. After five minutes the doorbell rang. His mother rushed downstairs to open the door and entered the room with police. Her expressions were all changed now. She was crying bitterly and saying many things to police, things which Himanshu heard but couldn't believe the words entering his ears. Inspector came and arrested him. His mother had put the complete blame on him. He was shocked how her mother was making up the complete story. And thus he was in prison. He still couldn't believe that his mother did all this just to be with her boyfriend.
He was sharing his room with a man who was jailed for murdering 6 people. One night he felt a hard hand on his face. He tried looking up but couldn't move. He couldn't remember since when he was sleeping. He wasn't feeling good and strange things were happening with him. He felt as if he was lying naked and many hands crawled over him. That night he got raped and every time he woke up he couldn't remember a thing. Only wounds of last night used to make him think. He was under a mental and physical torture for continues 25 days. His body was so badly raped and soon his situation worsened. He was admitted in a hospital for five days and next sixth night he ran away from hospital. He would not allow situations to control him and his life. He wanted justice for himself, for all the tortures he had to face. He reached railway station and took a train to Delhi. The next whole year he was always under fear of being caught. He used to get dreams of the torture he suffered, and sometimes he remembered his father's hug. He started working in a call centre using a fake id. Also completed his graduation through correspondence. He decided to face the law after clearing the civil services exam. He knew without authority you cannot move even a leaf in this country and clearing that IAS exam gave him that authority.
Upasna was now 18 year old. Vedica came to meet her and helped in choosing a good college for further studies. Upasna had decided to go for civil services so she opted for a graduation in humanities.
Upasna and Vedica were sitting on roof and remembering the old times. Upasna's head was on Vedica's lap and suddenly he asked how her mother was. Vedica thought this was the apt time to tell her what happened to her mother and three unborn sisters. She told her everything because that night when her mother was killed, Vedica was also present. Dr. Kshitij had forgotten that he had called Vedica too for help. Upasna was shocked to know this. She kept crying whole night and next morning she woke with a new ambition. She hated her father more now. Not for ignoring her but for killing her mother. Vedica while going back died in a car accident. It seemed that she was alive just to tell the truth. She had completed her work and now had gone far away.
Upasna studied hard. She didn't had any financial support after Vedica. So she started working in a coffee shop. Her daily routine used to start by 4 in morning. Till 7 she used to study and then went to the college. By evening when other students used to take rest, she used to work in the coffee shop, welcoming every customer with that adorable smile of hers. Back in hostel she used to study. At her age when other girls used to bunk classes, enjoy movies, shopping and had boyfriends to enjoy with, this girl had only one thing, civil services exam. As expected, when results were out she had topped the university.
College was over and now the question was how to prepare for the big exam. Nancy suggested that she would take care of her financial needs but she refused. She thought of joining some institute but that required big heavy fees which she couldn't afford. She finally decided for self preparation.
But self preparation also required books which weren't easy to get.
Together they moved towards one single aim, unknowingly they were on one track which was supposed to be lifetime. Destined by god, they both went to a book shop and enquired regarding the books. Of course the books were costly for them. They couldn't buy them. So they asked the shopkeeper if they could sit by the side of bookshop and study daily and pay a part daily. Shopkeeper was a good person and he said yes for this proposal. Two strangers who didn't knew anything about each other, their horrible past, daily used to sit together and study. Both of them had one determined aim and both worked hard equally. Any problem was solved together and they came close. So were the secrets revealed one day. Both were shocked what destiny had done to them. That evening a promise was made, a promise for togetherness in every situation. Both were extremely happy. After so many days they had something to feel good about, someone to rely on.
Exam was over and the day of result came. The shopkeeper jumped in happiness when he saw their result. They both had cleared the exam with a great rank and now was the time for interview. Clearing the exam was just a step they took them more close to their respectable aims.
On the day of interview, Himanshu's police record came into the eyes of authorities and he was sent back to jail. He couldn't stand this. He couldn't think of anything more, but the zeal to fight didn't die. Moreover he had a gem with him, Upasna. On the other hand, Upasna cleared the interview also and now she had two aims, to fight his butcher dad and to help Himanshu.
As the training period got over she was appointed as the deputy commissioner of Delhi. She wasn't happy yet. How could she be, the person she loved the most was in jail and the person she hated the most was enjoying his life freely. The first thing she did was against the hatred she had held on to since so long. A case was registered against Dr. Kshitij and investigations were held. It is so much true, if you have authority everyone will give their ears to you. While checking the backyard, the remains of her mother and three sisters were found. Further DNA tests confirmed the murders and thus the butcher was behind the bars. One mission was over. Next she helped Himanshu in proving his innocence. It was difficult but not impossible for a girl who had faced so much in life.
So now it would have been a happy life. But no, she had something more in her mind. She appealed in court for her love. She wanted him to gain that respect again in society. And this appeal made a new law. Himanshu had a police record, He was proved innocent and the appeal said that a person having a police record, eventually cleared could apply for civil services exam.
Kritika is beautiful daughter of Upasna and Himanshu, two highly respectable citizens. They faced hardships but these made them stronger. They fought against their families and now had a beautiful family. They were helped by few and now helping everyone.
Life isn't about what it gave you, what situations you were put in; it's all about standing again.
Life is all about your thinking, the correct and apt.
Life is all about fighting the odds.
Life is all about living up the small smiles you get.
Life is all about making yourself happy and others happier.
Life is all about LOVE.


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