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Through Keen Eyes

Short story By: Tucker Haase

A sad story about a loyal friend. (Punctuation is missing on purpose)

Submitted:Jul 18, 2013    Reads: 71    Comments: 11    Likes: 4   

You quietly hung up the phone you looked so sad- I perked my ears to get your attention but you placed your face into your hands- The sounds of you crying made my heart ache- I walked up to you and placed my head on your knees looking up at you kindly- You reached down and pet me it felt good- As you pet me I forgot the tears streaming down your face- You tapped my back and said; "Go lay down-" So I did- I looked up at you as I lay on the hard floor you reached for the phone with a sigh and that sad look upon your face- The phone made an odd sound as you pressed the buttons and brought it to your ear- Tears fell down your face again I sighed for you-

It was dark outside that means its time for dinner- I waited by my bowl for you but you never came- I howled but you didn't answer- I looked around the room but you weren't there- So I trotted up the stairs my claws clicked on the steps- I went to your room and pressed my head against the door- It opened just enough for me to get through I found you lying there in bed- You looked down at me your face was wet- You reached over and pet me- I didn't know why you were so sad but I wanted you to feel better- So I licked your hand-

After a long time you stopped crying- That made me happy- You took me out back and threw a stick for me- We had a lot of fun didn't we? After we went inside you patted my head and left without me- I sat forever waiting staring at the door- I didn't think you'd come back but when you did you were missing your hair- Why did you do get rid of it? Won't you be cold? You smiled oddly and stroked me; "It was going to fall out anyway-" I didn't understand what you said-

You became pale you didn't play with me as much as you use to- Was I bad? I stayed by your side for a long time you just sat there- Shivering- I pushed my head against your leg and you stroked my fur- I wagged my tail trying to make you smile but your eyes were tired- Whenever you moved I followed you- To the kitchen to the den to your room- If you closed the door I'd wait- I'd wait for you forever-

One day you took me out for a walk I was so happy you were feeling better- It was nice outside- You led me around the block and then we went to the park- I was excited when you let me off my leash- I ran around you followed slowly- I ran as fast as I could faster than I ever ran before- I jumped in the air and you laughed- I love the sound of you laughing- So I jumped again- I ran back to you and you pet my head and said; "You goof galloping like a horse-" I don't know what that is it must have a lot of fun though- After we got home you took my leash off and hugged me tight- I felt your tears falling onto my fur I looked up at you confused- "I'm gonna miss you boy-" Miss me? Why would you miss me? Where were you going? I don't like it when you cry so I licked your tears- They were salty- You looked at me and laughed- I couldn't tell if you were happy or sad tears still crawled down your smile- So I licked them-

I slept in your room that night when I woke up you were still in bed- I knew you didn't like it but I jumped up in your bed- You didn't wake up- I nudged you with my nose but you still didn't wake up- Why won't you wake up? I'm laying right next to you now with my head on your belly- Please wake up- I waited but you didn't wake up- So I licked your face still asleep- I perked my ears when I heard the sound of the door closing- Men came in and one pet me- I still sat on your bed "Poor dog-" One said- The men picked you up and took you from the room- I barked at them- Where are they taking you? I barked louder- They ignored me and took you away- I waited by the door forever- I don't know where they took you- Please come back- I miss you-


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