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I was once one of them

Short story By: twilight23

This is a challenage i had to do..I hope you like it

Some of these events are true some are not. I don't remember all of it.

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Looking at the "popular" kids sitting in one big group made me think of some memories. I still can't believe just a year ago I was one of them. I had been one of them since the 2nd grade. I use to love being in the "in" crowd. I loved it when I heard people say "Look at Demi! She is one of them. But I broke away from that "pack". They would say things about my other friends that I didn't like. They also would do some pretty mean things to me. Like would make fun of my diabetes and say how it was so disgusting. It hurt me a lot. But did they care…No. I can remember it like it was yesterday.
~1 year ago~
I was walking over to my friends where we always sat for lunch. It was strange; we all act like high school students. When the truth was, we were only 11 and 12.But that didn't matter. Because I was popular, and being popular was so much fun! Everybody talked about you, even if it was bad me and my BFFL, Miley, can hurt anyone. We hit everyone who talks about us in a way we feel offended.
I sat down in the same place I do every day by my other best friend/twin sister Dakota. We were really close. The seating order was the same ever day. On the right side it went Me(Demi), Dakota, Miley, Bree. Then on the other side you had Chris, Jake, Drake, and Matt. There was a lot more but I don't feel like naming them off. These are the ones I only talk to.
"We should so have a sleep over at your house Dakota and Demi! I love your mom's chocolate chip pancakes and I am craving them so bad!" Miley said trying not to fall out her seat she was so excited.
She always wanted to come to my house. I never knew why. Maybe because her mom was really mean to her. Who knows? Well, besides her…lol.
"I will have to ask my mom. She's been working a lot ever since my dad left."
I hated that day when my dad left. I just wanted to cry just thinking about it. But I couldn't cry or I would ruin my makeup. I started eating my lunch not caring what people were talking about. I just needed to think about the pain I would receive in like 10 minutes. I was going to get a shot again. It hurt so bad. I have had diabetes since I was 5 and it still hurts.
When I was done eating I did my usual I put up my tray and went to the office to receive the pain that was awaiting me. I walked in and did what I was supposed to do. When the needle finally came out of my poor skin I started bleeding. I wanted to cry because I hate blood and needles. That's one of the reasons why I hate being diabetic.
I went in the gym where my friends were and sat right beside Dakota.
"Dem! What's wrong? It looks like you are about to cry." Miley said with concern. She was always concerned about me.
"Nothing my arm just hurts right now."
I heard Chris kind of laugh.
"What's your problem?"

"nothing… I was just thinking about weird you are."
" Demi is not weird! You're the weird one!"
I loved it how Miley would be there me for whenever I needed her.
"Yes she is, I mean look at her. She is a emo insulin smoker."
"I am not! I have never done drugs in my life!"
" At least in a few months I won't be hooked up to a machine and a freak with a tube in her."
That was what pushed me over the limit. I was getting a pump soon and was really happy about it. I smacked him right in the face and took off running for the other side of the gym. Of course I was crying and my makeup was getting ruined but I could always wipe it off. But I think I was wearing water proof so it didn't really matter.
" Demi, is something wrong?"
I looked over to see Alice. She was a blonde hair blue eyed girl who seemed really nice.
"Nothing, don't worry bout me."
"But you seem sad. And I would like to help you as a friend."
"I don't need any help and I don't want any friends."
She started to walk away but I felt bad and told her to wait. I told her what happen and she totally agreed with me that I should have left.
~Present time~
To this day me and Alice are best friends. Miley, bree, Dakota, and I are still friends but not as close as we use to be. The boys are still jerks but I just ignore them. Alice and I have another friend named Raven. She is pretty cool. But to this day people still know me as the popular girl. But I don't care cause I still sometimes hang out with the "in" crowd but that is only because some of my friends are still over there.
I think until I graduate from my school and enter high school I will always be popular. Even though I don't want to be. But I still cannot believe that I was once one of them.


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