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Make Up Killer!

Short story By: TwoStepz

Make up is taking a turn on every girls face, causing death and injuries. The only way to stop it is to burn every make up store in the country. But that is harder as there are less people to do it with && the make up is controlling the now-injured and sizzling girls that covered their face in make up.

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"OH MY GOSH." Georgina screamed as she saw a dead body on the news, another girl burned to death by foundation. Gosh, what was so good about make up anyway?
"Another girl?" Her best friend came in with a bowl of popcorn, her name was Cindy. She had thick black hair, black as coal, with green eyes that shone brightly like the leaves on trees in spring. Her lips were full, her skin was pale and her nose was small. She was naturally beautiful, and was thankful about that as she didn't have to wear any make-up and have anything like this happen to her.

"Yeah. Don't they get it? Or is their pride going to go out the window when their orange face disappears and it is left looking ghostly?" Georgina tutted and Cindy laughed. Georgina's short hair was spiked up, and she had died the ends pink, whilst the red of it was black. She liked looking like a rock chick, it gave me some sort of badness. She wore black baggy knee high jeans and a black t-shirt with a broken heart on it, with the quote: I DON'T NEED LOVE.
Georgina wore black nike trainers and ate some popcorn, careful not to smudge any on her vaselined lips.

Vaseline was the only non-make up thing she could find to keep her lips moist and juicy while this whole thing was going on. Though her boyfriend didn't seem to mind. She hadn't seen him in ages, but at this time,she didn't feel like leaving her house. Make up was attacking every girl.

"Reports have shown that it started one week with a girl, a whole spray tan and that ended up with her bursting into flames. Girls prides-"
"HEY! WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT PRIDE?" Georgina shouted, proud of herself. Cindy shushed her and pressed rewind on the TV.
"-Girls prides are causing them not to leave the house without make-up, and when the sun falls and they forget their even wearing it, that's when this happens." They showed a picture of a girl, her face sizzling. A bit of her skull was shown. Cindy and Georgina winced.

"We need to do something." Cindy turned off the TV and the house was suddenly silent and dark, so she walked over to the windown, closed the curtains then turned on the light. Quickly she ran for the door, locking it. She looked calmer when she came back.
"What are you thinking? We burn every make-up building in town? Yeah, like that's going to work." Georgina stood up and went to the fridge and took out an ice cold can of Coke. She jugged it down, hot with fear.

"Georgina... you might be on to something!" Cindy squealed, hugging her friend as she exited from the kitchen
"Well, I knew that." She really didn't. "But how are we going to do it alone?"
"Would they really listen to that idea?"
"Well, yeah. Most of them might have daughters and wifes, obviously because most of them are men. They'd go through anything to save them right?"
Cindy picked up the phone as she was professional one, and waited for the ring tone to stop and be answered by a gruff voice.


At the police station two teenage voices were on loud speaker, and the police were smiling, their brains running at 100 miles per hour. After the girls gave their address and hung up, the whole police sat in silence. This wasn't a violent city, until, obviously, the make-up problem. No one could come up with anything for it, so it was left alone.
"These girls... their smart," the head of the police department said, and blinked in amazement after he said it. His badge shone brightly from the light that the bulb was giving them.

"Yes. A good plan, shall we take it into action?" A hardly noticed Policeman said. The head nodded and majority of the police force packed into their cars and moved. The ones that were left, were woman.
"You lot, keep us in touch with new news, okay?" All the woman scowled, but nodded, their dark remarks covered by their big hats.


The girl heard the police sirens and jumped for joy as they heard a knock on the door, they had no time to invite the policemen in as they were dragged out into the police car.
"We're doing what you said girls. We mean no harm to you. We have to keep this place safe, okay?" They nodded, then looked at eachother and squealed with delight. A police ride, how exciting.

They first stopped at an old abandoned make-up shop that anyone hardly went to - unless they couldn't afford make up - and set it up in flames then left. Letting the flames lick the night sky.
They went to some more shops, these one's bigger and taking longer to burn. Something moved below the seat of the police van and Cindy jumped as it touched her leg, her black hair flying.

She looked and screamed, her leg had been burned into, a little deeper than anything normal could cause. Something was under there. It jumped out - it being mascara - and reached for her eye. She swatted it away and jumped out of the car, slapping at herself.
Georgina followed her out, searching frantically for the mascara that had disappeared. Then she remembered the policemen in the car.
"GET OUT!" She screamed, she ran to the door and what she found almost made her sick. The policemens eyes were gouged out, blood dripped down his cheek in an unappetizing manner and Georgina backed away, holding her stomach.

This war needed to end.


2 weeks later

The sun rose up high and Georgina yawned, she reached out onto her dresser but caught nothing in her hand.
Oh yes, her make up had all been thrown out, due to the evil rising of the Make-up. She was thankful it was over though.
After seeing the Policemens eyes gouged out, she managed to find the mascara, crush it, drive the car to the last make-up store and burn it.
But surely it didn't end there. She had to get to the main news station and let them let her and Cindy speak and warn everyone.

This time, EVERYONE, listened.

People had front garden bonfires all including make-up, some girls cried and cursed and some smiled for the freedom that they wouldn't be judged by boys, because every girl would look the same.
The town was cleared up and the make-up stores never opened again. The girls didn't want any praise for anything, because if they did get known for getting rid of make-up, all the girls would be after them. Well not all, most.

Georgina's phone rang and she answered it.
"Yo Cindy! Wazzup?"
"Nothing... much. You wanna meet up, coz we've kind of got another problem."
"What problem?"
"Killer electronics." Then the phone cut off with her scream.

DAMN. These things NEVER QUIT.


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