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This is a dream I had a few nights ago that has been troubling me since. I had to write it down somewhere to get it out of my head.

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We were laughing and smiling, seating around a wood table lit by candlelight and the gleam of the moon, although the stars seemed to give the most luminous light. There were drinks and food on the table of sorts that didn't matter, the company was what mattered, and we were in good company. I felt your presence close to me, laughing at the same joke, just inches away. We were seemingly in different worlds but closer than the others could imagine. The sailing was smooth across the glass like water, and for an instant it felt as if everything would be fine, and so I leaned into you.

I hesitated, my eyes wandered to find those that would object, but in them I saw acceptance and I nodded. I leaned my shoulder back into his arms, like I hadn't dared dream of doing until then, and found his arms lightly wrap around my waist, and with it, my soul. There was complete contentment. A contentment I hadn't felt for so long, I had forgot I needed to feel it. But it was there, and I needed it more than ever.

How much time passed, I wasn't aware. The water had become jerky with the appearance of another ship nearby. Not a ship, a submarine. There were shouts. Shouts that we must pick a side, for the battle was already being fought. What battle! My mind raced wildly, what was going on, the boat was rocking and panic was heavy. The cry for help came again, and this time I knew I must board the sub and join the fight. I stood and turned to my companions, my friends, but they would not come. They seemed to pull back. Next I knew, I was in the water fighting to reach the sharp rocks yards away. I wasn't sure if I had been thrown from the boat or plunged into the water willingly. It was becoming rougher by the minute as I fought to leave the wake of my once happy and perfect boat.

As I scrambled to the rocks, I turned and stood breathlessly yet in perfect balance on the slippery rocks. This time I pleaded to my friends to join me. Their reply was mutterings and avoided eye contact. The submarine was near me now and I jumped onto the top, near the opening, the portal to whoever was operating it. I suddenly realized I had no idea who that was. I watched as my friend's vessel drifted away, suddenly peaceful again on smooth water. My water was still rough. I climbed the latter below, and we crushed the leaving boat with the weight of our submarine.


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