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The Platform 19

Short story By: Vanchez

The true thoughts of a dream-lost girl as she heads for her unexpected demise.

Submitted:Mar 9, 2012    Reads: 53    Comments: 21    Likes: 6   

I wait by the platform. The small sign hangs above my head, dangling precariously from a post by a small amount of string.Platform 19. A thought passes through my head that maybe, just maybe, I could reach up and fix it with the ribbon from my hair. But then I would have to disturb my bun, letting the tendrils of hair brush my cheekbones and rest in my eyes.

I don't remember how I got here. There isn't any indication of where I am, or why I'm here. No one else waits with me.

A train breezes behind me, and I spin to watch it. It stops, and the doors sweep open. No one gets on, and no one gets off.

The glass doors slip shut and it rushes off silently, leaving a gentle wind in its wake that swirls my skirt against my ankles.

So I stand. I can be patient, and I can be alone. I learned how to be those things a very long time ago.

It's not long before a train rolls along the tracks before me, gliding to a hushed stop. A pair of doors slides open in front of me.

No one is in the cabin. I set down on one of the chairs facing forward, leaning my head against the cool glass of the window. The train releases a sigh as the doors close and she slinks on.

I look out the window, seeing nothing but trees on all sides. Just trees, towering well beyond my range of sight.

The train picks up speed, less fluid in its motions. The cabin rattles. I pull my cheek away from the window after bumping my head.

The wheels begin to shriek, as the trees rush past faster than ever. I whip my head around, but I'm still alone. The emergency button to call the doors to attention does nothing when pressed.

I walk to the back, trying to find a window with a better view. But there's nothing. Nothing but trees.

A breath I didn't know I was holding is released. Where am I going? I want to scream, but can't quite remember how.

With a shudder, we break through the tree line. The wheels have risen to a roar, jostling around and occasionally knocking me into a nearby seat. My breath catches in my throat as I see out the window.

The ocean, sparkling with devilish glints of diamond, swirls against a golden beach. The water ebbs and flows, leaving trails of glistening sea foam in its wake. I feel my heart ache with longing that I can't quite place.

The train barrels forward. I am caught, shying from the cruel shudder of the train.

I don't realize we've hit the water until it begins to seep into the cabin, rushing around my ankles, tugging at my skirt like a lost and lonely ghost. Yet I can't stop staring at the ocean through the window, even as the water rises above my eyes. My lungs struggle to hold themselves together while simultaneously bursting apart.

I inhale the sweet, poisonous water, feeling it rattle my lungs and seep into my bones.

I am at peace.


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