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Cecil Takes A Punishment From Ginger

Short story By: Veronika Sage

Cecil has to spend an afternoon with his oldest sister Ginger and gets a spanking for no rational reason.

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Cecil Takes A Punishment From Ginger

It was Tuesday, and Missus van Arden had dropped me off at my family's household after school. When I came in, the first thing I saw was my sisters, 19-year-old Ginger and 17-year-old Maly. They were lounging lazily on the couch, watching some sort of avant-garde fashion show on television.

"Where's Mammy?" I asked as I dropped my bag on the floor. Neither of them responded. Their eyes were glued to the television set. They think that because I'm a boy they don't have to listen to me. They're such bitches.

I rolled my eyes. Then I noticed a note beside the door that said,


I have to work extra hours today so Cecil is in your hands.

If he acts up you can punish him with an over-the-knee spanking bare-handed, with a hairbrush, and/or with a cane. You know how to do it.


Be a good boy for your sisters or they'll have to punish you.

Love, Mammy

I sighed. As usual, Mammy had left me in the care of my bitchy sisters. They always took me over their knee and spanked me good and hard. For no reason at all! I was sure that they would spank me during the commercials so I trotted into the kitchen to get a snack.

Once in the kitchen I noticed one of the slaves, Trust, was doing the dishes in the sink. She didn't say anything to me when I walked in, but both she and the other slave, Berry, never really said anything at all. They were too scared to speak up.

I scooped some ice cream into a bowl and took in back out into the living room. When I came out of the kitchen, Maly was gone and Ginger was on her phone chatting with a friend. It was obviously commercial.

I took a seat beside Ginger, who put away her phone and said, "Cecil, did I say you could get some food?"

I quirked up an eyebrow. "Um, no."

"Then why did you get some?"

"Cuz I was hungry."

"Well, too bad then. If you were hungry you should've asked me if you could get some, not just go ahead and do as you please. Now put the ice cream on the coffee table and take off your trousers and underpants."

I sighed. I knew I couldn't fight Ginger. Besides, even if I could, when Mammy got home she would surely belt me for disobeying my sister.

So, I placed my food on the table and stepped out of my trousers. Then I took off my underpants so I was just standing before Ginger in my uniform shirt and tie.

"Over my lap now, brother," Ginger ordered.

I placed myself elegantly across Ginger's lap. I knew I was in for a serious punishment, even though what I had done was nothing wrong at all. Ginger just wanted to spank me because she enjoyed it.

Before she spanked me, Ginger asked, "Now, Cecil, why are you being punished?"

I was not in the mood to discuss this with Ginger. "Because you enjoy it," I replied hastily.

Suddenly I felt a stinging slap on my leg. I gasped. "No, that is not why you're being punished, Cecil," Ginger said firmly. "You're being punished because you did not ask me first and you did as you chose to do. You will learn, Cecil, you will learn! Even if you have do get your ass spanked every day!"

Ginger began spanking me with her hand, rotating from cheek to cheek. I was already wriggling around after just a couple of spanks. But Ginger didn't stop. I couldn't escape her. Her left hand was holding me down and her right hand was smacking my ass. I was helpless.

Just then I heard a door open then close, and Maly entered the room. "Gin, what are you doing?" Maly inquired. As if she didn't know.

"Spanking Cecil," Ginger replied as she spanked me.

"Oh," Maly said. "Okay then." Maly took a seat on the couch and positioned herself just right to watch the spanking.

Ginger kept spanking me for a while with her hand, until she said to Maly in between spanks, "Maly, go into my bag and get me my hairbrush."

"Sure," Maly replied. She got up from her seat and went into Ginger's bag. She brought out a wicked-looking hairbrush with a sturdy plastic back. It looked very painful.

Maly handed the hairbrush to Ginger, who then began slapping my ass with the implement. I was immediately wiggling around and kicking my legs as Maly retook her seat.

Ginger gave me a good 150 spanks with the hairbrush. By the 100th spank I was already sobbing for her to stop. She didn't. She just kept on spanking and spanking my ass repeatedly, showing no mercy. I hated it.

She stopped after a while and rubbed my nicely heated bottom. She patiently waited for me to stop crying, which I did eventually.

Once I was calm, Ginger asked, "Have you learnt your lesson?"

"Yes, Ginger," I responded.

"And are you sorry?"

"Yes, Ginger."

Ginger smiled in my direction, then at Maly, who smiled back. I could tell she had been entertained by my spanking.

"All right, then, Cecil, off my lap now," Ginger ordered. "You're free to sort yourself out."

I crawled off of Ginger's lap and gathered my bottom clothing. Then I shuffled into the bathroom, where I applied cool cream to my sore bottom and redressed into my trousers and underpants.

Later that night at dinnertime, when we were all sitting around our table eating, Mammy asked Ginger, "So, Ginger honey, what did you do today?"

Ginger glanced across the table at me and sneered evilly. "Oh, nothing really," she replied. Then she and Maly exchanged glances and winked at each other.

It just goes to show how deceiving it can be to be a boy of Natarism.


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