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Cecil Takes A Punishment From Jaden

Short story By: Veronika Sage

Cecil gets sent over to his cousin Jaden's house for a spanking but gets more then he thought he would.

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Cecil Takes A Punishment From Jaden

Later that evening, Mammy brought me over to my cousin Jaden's house to be spanked. Ever since Jaden took on spanking her little brother Charles twice a day every day, Mammy heard from Jaden's mother, my Aunt Francis, that Jaden packs quite a spank. Mammy agreed to bring me over for spanking twice a day every day, just like Charles. I dreaded it, but I had no choice but to accept the spankings.

That evening Jaden had some friends over. Four girls. They were all about Jaden's age and they whispered and giggled to each other when Mammy brought me in.

"All right then, Jaden," Mammy said as she put on her coat, "you know what to do. Administer a spanking on your cousin's bottom, the usual. Use any implements you want, I don't care. Whatever you use you're doing your cousin well."

I blushed and glared. I hated being spanked by Jaden because she spanked me long and hard and berated me as she did it. Her lecturing was the worst.

"All right, Aunt La Shawn," Jaden replied, smiling brightly. "I have friends over right now. Can I spank him in front of them or should I delay it until they have to leave?"

Mammy waved her hand. "No need, darling. You can spank him in front of whomever you choose. Bye now." Kissing me on the forehead, Mammy walked out the front door and sped off in her car.

As soon as she was gone, Jaden lead me into the living room where her friends were all sitting, talking and drinking orange water. When I came in, the red-haired one said, "Who's the kid, Jaden?"

"This is my cousin, Cecil," Jaden explained. "His mammy sends him over twice a day every day for a spanking."

The girls frantically giggled and whispered to each other. Jaden took a seat in the spanking chair and smoothed her skirt. She patted her lap and coaxed, "All right, Cecil, let's be good hosts and entertain our guests, shall we? Take off your trousers and underpants."

I did as I was told, and let my pants and underwear drop to my ankles. I stepped out of them, revealing my manhood and my bare bottom to the girls, who giggled. Jaden smiled and ordered, "Over my lap now."

I sighed and lay across her lap. Her lap felt different from Mammy's. Jaden was dressed in a fine silk skirt that was actually comfortable, as opposed to the dirndls Mammy wore. Although I knew I wouldn't be as comfortable as I was for long.

"Time to start your punishment, Cecil," Jaden said in a sing-song voice. She began spanking me very hard and very fast, rotating from cheek to cheek. By the tenth or twelfth spank I was wriggling around already, very uncomfortable. By the twentieth spank my legs were kicking and I was panting uncomfortably. By the thirtieth spank I was begging Jaden to stop. She didn't.

"Please, Jaden," I begged, "stop now! Stop spanking me! It hurts! Please, Jaden, stop! Please!"

After the fiftieth spank Jaden stopped and said to the red-haired girl, "MJ, can you go into the game room and bring me a ping pong paddle?"

MJ giggled and replied, "Sure, Jaden." She got up from the couch and skipped out of the room.

While she was gone, Jaden said to me, "My, my, Cecil, your bottom is so red! And to think only a few moments ago it was a pale white." I blushed as red as my bottom probably was. Jaden's friends giggled.

The MJ girl returned with a ping pong paddle in her hand. She gave it to Jaden. "Thanks, MJ," Jaden thanked her. "As a special entertainment treat, I'll now give Cecil the paddle."

MJ retook her seat and stared eagerly in anticipation. The other girls were licking their lips, their eyes were sparkling, obviously wanting to watch me be spanked. I was so humiliated.

Jaden began spanking my ass with the paddle, which was cold and hard and very painful. I was wriggling around and kicking my legs after just a couple of spanks. I tried to escape but Jaden's arm was like iron as she held me down and paddled my bottom very hard and very fast. I didn't beg her to stop anymore. There was no point.

After about fifty spanks with the paddle, Jaden put it down and said to the blonde girl, "Velvet, can you go get the hairbrush please? I think I left mine in my room."

Velvet giggled and said, "Sure, I'll get it." She got up from her seat and skipped happily out of the room.

I decided it was time to speak up. "Please, Jaden, no more," I begged.

"You're getting a spanking with the hairbrush and that's that, Cecil," Jaden said firmly. "And you can't do anything about it, so just stay still so I can beat your ass with the hairbrush."

Velvet came back into the room with Jaden's wooden hairbrush. I shivered when Velvet handed it to Jaden, and Jaden tapped my bottom a little with it before she began thrashing it with the implement. I was already wriggling around and kicking my legs. I knew Jaden would spank me not only until I cried, but until I couldn't sit down for a week. Jaden's friends' eyes were all glued on me and my ever-reddening bottom.

As Jaden thrashed my ass with the hairbrush I let out my first sob, and I knew the tears would soon follow. Eventually they slid down my cheeks and onto the carpet. Jaden still continued. I began sobbing and struggling and begging Jaden to stop but she didn't. I sobbed loudly as the pain was getting worse. Nobody was saying anything.

The spanking stopped after a while and Jaden rubbed my sore bottom and felt its heat. "Jeez," Jaden exclaimed. "Girls, you've gotta feel how hot my cousin's bottom is from his spanking."

To my utter humiliation, all four girls got up from the couch and felt my heated bottom. "Omigawd," said the MJ girl. "That's brutal!"

"Off my lap now, Cecil," Jaden commanded after the girls were finished awing over my red bottom. "You may rub your sore ass, but don't put your pants back on. We still have the cane and the belt to deliver."

I shuddered. Not the cane! And the belt was just as bad. But there was nothing I could do. I climbed to my feet and rubbed my sore bottom. It was indeed very hot.

"Now get on your hands and knees, Cecil," Jaden commanded, "so I can cane you and belt you." I did as I was told, and I knelt down on the carpet then bent over on my hands with my bare bottom in the air. I was sure that it was very red.

I heard Jaden rummaging around in the closet and she pulled out a cane. It was long and made of rattan, and looked very painful.

"Time for your caning, Cecil," Jaden said happily. She walked over and tapped my ass warningly with the cane. Then, she swished the cane up in the air and brought it down on my ass. Swish-smack!

"Ouch!" I cried out.

"We've still got nine more to deliver, cousin," Jaden said joyfully. I could tell both her and her friends were enjoying this dearly.

So, I had to stay on my hands and knees as Jaden delivering nine more stinging strokes of the cane. I yelped with pain after every single stroke. Still, Jaden continued.

After the cane was finished, Jaden put it back in the closet and explained, "I have to go into my pappy's closet to find his thickest leather belt for your bottom, Cecil. So stay in possession and only speak if you're spoken to first." I heard Jaden's oxfords scurry out of the room.

While she was gone, the girls whispered and giggled to each other, commenting on my red bottom. I rested my head on the floor and tried to ignore the pain, but it was impossible. I felt like my bottom was on fire.

When Jaden returned with the belt, the girls clapped and whistled and cried, "You go, girl!" as if what she was doing was a good thing. I groaned as Jaden took her place by my side with the belt.

"I'm going to give you ten whacks with the belt, Cecil," Jaden explained to me, "then we'll be done here. I want you to count them out loud for me."

Jaden got into possession, spit in her hands, then laid a harsh red stripe across my bottom with the belt. I yelped in pain. "One!"

We continued with the same nonsense for nine more stripes. Each time I cried out its number. When it was finally done, Jaden got a standing ovation from the audience, who whistled and clapped and seemed gladly entertained. Jaden took a bow. "All in a day's work, ladies. All right now, Cecil, you can stand up now and put on your trousers and underpants then go to the bathroom to sort yourself out. We'll be waiting out here."

I scurried to my feet and snatched up my trousers and underpants and hightailed it out of the room. Once I got to the bathroom, I shut the door and turned on the light. I looked at my bottom in the mirror. It was the darkest red I had ever seen upon one's skin. It hurt like hell.

I noticed a bottle of cool cream on the shelf. I pressed a glob of it into my hand and spread it into my bottom. It helped a little with the pain.

Mammy came to pick me up a few minutes later. While we were driving home, Mammy asked, "So, how was your time at Jaden's house, Cecil? Didja have fun?" She chuckled, and I rolled my eyes and didn't answer. After all, she knew very well what had happened.

Sure, I had been spanked.

But I had also been used as a prop. A prop for Jaden's show.


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