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Cecil Takes A Punishment From Nanny

Short story By: Veronika Sage

Cecil's Mammy hires a new nanny to look after him and he provokes quite a punishment from her.

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Cecil Takes A Punishment From Nanny

It was late summer when Mammy decided she'd hire a nanny to take care of me while she and Pappy were out. After all, my sister, Ginger and Maly, would be going back to university in September, and Mammy didn't trust the slaves to look after me, so she figured a nanny would be best for me.

So, she hired Bettylou van der Hooten to be my nanny. She and Bettylou had met in high school and continued to be friends today. Bettylou had no children of her own, but she was engaged, and her and her husband-to-be were planning to have a child by next year. But Bettylou loved working with children, so Mammy figured she would be best.

Mammy told me I had to call Bettylou "Nanny," and be a good boy for her while she and Pappy visited Pappy's parents that weekend in August. I promised Mammy I would. "Good boy," Mammy praised, ruffling my hair, "and be sure to keep your word, otherwise I told Nanny she would have to spank you."

I gulped. I hated being spanked. Usually, it was Mammy, Ginger, or Maly who spanked me, sometimes my teachers. I didn't want to experience another spanking this weekend from an unfamiliar hand, so I vowed to be on my best behaviour.

So, on Friday night when it was time for Mammy and Pappy to leave, Mammy kissed me on the forehead and said, "Be a good little boy while I'm gone, Cecil."

"I will, Mammy," I promised.

Mammy smiled at me. Then she and Pappy said goodbye to Nanny, and they sped off in the car.

Once they were gone, Nanny laid down the law with me.

"First off," Nanny began, "I'd like to reassure a few things. Your mammy tells me you can be a naughty little boy when she's gone, so I'd like to enforce some rules. First of all, no running inside, no shouting, no refusing to comply with orders, and you have to do what I say. Got that?"

"Yes, Nanny," I replied sheepishly.

"Good," Nanny praised. "Anyway, your mammy tells me that when you're naughty, she punishes you through spanking, paddling, caning, and belting. Is that correct, Charlie?"

"It's Cecil," I corrected. "And yes, that's correct."

"Whatever," Nanny retorted. "Anyway, so, whenever I take care of little boys I usually start off the evening with a bare-bottom spanking, so as to show my authority. Take off your pants and underwear and get across my lap, boy."

Nanny took a seat in the spanking chair and smoothed her skirt. I took off my trousers and underpants and left them on the floor. I laid myself elegantly across Nanny's lap, my bare bottom up in the air and my head nearly touching the floor.

Nanny rubbed my bare bottom for a moment. Then she began spanking my ass with her bare hand. It surprised me because she was a really hard spanker. Nanny spanked even harder than Mammy or my sisters.

She spanked me for a while, and I did occasionally struggle and kick my legs. But Nanny continued until I let out my first sob and the tears followed. If this was showing her authority, I knew I wouldn't be naughty tonight.

After a while, Nanny stopped spanking me and she rubbed my sore bottom. "Good," she praised. "Now pull up your pants and have a seat in that little wooden stool over there."

I took a seat on the little wooden stool. I squirmed around on it, trying to get comfortable as my bottom was burning from that "warning" spanking.

"Stop that squirming of yours, boy," Nanny commanded.

"Yes, Nanny," I assured her.

Nanny ended up turning on the TV and sitting and doing nothing for the next twenty minutes. Although I tried my best I still found it hard not to squirm, and I wriggled around on my seat trying to get comfortable. It wasn't helpful.

"I told you to stop squirming," Nanny repeated. "Or I'll give you another spanking. And it'll be harder than the first one."

I gulped. "Yes, Nanny. Sorry, Nanny."

I stayed still for a few moments, but my bottom was burning and the little wooden stool was uncomfortable. I couldn't help but squirm a little more, which I guess I shouldn't have done.

"Are you deaf, boy?!" Nanny demanded. "I told you to stop squirming! Did I not, my boy?"

I gulped again, this time more nervously. "Yes, Nanny, you did."

"Since you can't seem to follow directions properly," Nanny said, "I guess you need to be disciplined. Over my lap now, Cecil. You're getting a spanking."

Nanny took a seat once more in the spanking chair, and I sighed and took off my pants and sprawled myself across her lap, my bare bottom in the air.

Nanny rubbed my bottom for a moment, like before. Then she said, "Since you won't see reason with a bare hand spanking, I think I have something that might work on you yet, my boy." She reached into her handbag and took something out. A few seconds later I felt the sting of the wooden-backed hairbrush on my rump.

"Ouch, Nanny!" I cried.

"Stay still and take your punishment, you bad boy!"

Nanny held me down as she thrashed my ass with the hairbrush. I couldn't help wriggling around and squirming as the hairbrush hurt a lot, and my bottom was already sore from the bare hand spanking she had given me.

Finally, after a good 150 spanks with the hairbrush, Nanny rubbed my nicely heated bottom. "It's perfectly red," Nanny commented, "just the way it should be. Off my lap now, Cecil, and stand in front of me." I did as I was told.

As I stood before her, Nanny asked me, "Now, why were you squirming when I told you not to, boy?"

I replied, "Because my bottom hurt from the previous spanking, Nanny."

"That's not a good answer," Nanny retorted. She smacked my leg hard, making me gasp. "Now tell me - why were you squirming when I told you not to?"

"I told you," I said, "my bottom hurt from the previous spanking, Nanny."

"You're lying." Nanny smacked my other leg hard, and I gasped again. "You were doing it just to annoy me, weren't you?"

"No, Nanny, I wasn't."

"I don't believe you." Nanny grabbed my arm and forced me back across her lap. She wailed on my ass with the hairbrush again. This time I screamed for her to stop. She didn't. "Nanny! Please! Stop!" I shouted. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry for disobeying you, Nanny! Please stop spanking me! Please!"

"I don't believe you," Nanny repeated as she continued with the spanking. Then she stopped, suddenly, and pushed me off her lap onto the floor.

"I have to get my strap," she stated. Reaching into her handbag, she pulled out a thick, painful-looking leather strap and smacked it into her palm. "Get back over here, boy," she ordered. She yanked me up by the arm and put me back across her lap again, and she began thrashing my ass with the strap. As much as I squirmed and begged for her to stop, she didn't. I was completely at her mercy.

After a while, she stopped strapping me, and she pushed me off her lap again. I fell on the floor with a thud. "Will you be a good boy now?" she inquired.

I cried and rubbed my burning bottom. "Yes, Nanny," I sniffed.

"Good boy," Nanny praised. "Now go off to bed and don't make any noise, or else." Nanny smacked the strap into the palm of her hand again. I gulped and ran out of the room, clutching my sore bottom as I did so.

In my room, I looked at my beaten behind in the full-length mirror. It was very red and very hot. After rubbing some cool cream on my bottom, I crawled into bed and hoped dearly that sleep would come. I also hoped that Mammy would never hire Nanny ever again.


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