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Cecil finally gets his revenge on his sister Ginger. this was a special request. hope u like :D

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Cecil's Revenge

Ever since my spanking from my sister Ginger, I had been planning my revenge on her. I planned on showing her exactly what she had done to me. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and I intend on serving it as cold as Town of Ice. Frozen and ice-covered.

So, one Saturday when Mammy and Pappy were at dinner together and Maly was in her room washing her hair, I told Ginger a lie to set my plan in motion.

"Hey, Ginger," I said.

"What, kid?" Ginger inquired.

"I was wondering if you'd help me with a school project."

"Sure, what is it?"

I sneered evilly. Ginger didn't notice. "Well, in class we're studying knots and how to tie them. I was wondering if you could help me with it?"

"Sure, you need some help tying them, or something?"

"No, I have to practice tying someone up and seeing if they can escape. If they can't, then I did it right. If they can, then I did it wrong. I really want to get my test right this time."

"All right, I guess so."

I sneered another evil smile. My plan was in motion. "Great, let's go into your room." Ginger reluctantly agreed, but she seemed a tad bit suspicious. I wasn't worried though, for I had been plotting this revenge for months.

Once we were in Ginger's room, I told her to bend over her bed with her butt pointing outwards. When she asked me why, I simply replied, "It's part of the specific way I'm supposed to tie the knots." Ginger was hesitant, but she settled herself in position.

I grabbed some soft ropes from my top drawer, which I had been saving just for this event. With the ropes I bound Ginger's ankles and wrists so that she couldn't possibly move. I was sneering the whole time. But, since Ginger didn't see, I was in the clear.

Once I was finished, I said to Ginger, "All right, Ginger, now try to escape."

Ginger began wriggling around in her bounds. Luckily, I had been in boy scouts the previous year, so I had tied those knots extra tight. There was no escaping unless I cut her free.

Since she couldn't escape, Ginger asked me to cut her loose. I didn't. So she ordered me to cut her loose. I still didn't. She then said that if I didn't cut her loose now, she would take me over her lap and spank me good and hard. I still didn't cut her free. She began struggling again. It did no good, only made her bounds tighter.

Satisfied that I knew she couldn't escape, I went into Mammy and Pappy's room and took out the belt Mammy uses on me sometimes. It was thick and made of leather. Perfect for punishment. And I was planning to use this on my catty sister.

I came back into her room to find she was still struggling. "All right, Cecil, this has been fun," she said, annoyed, "but cut me loose now, or I'll give you a major butt-whopping with the cane."

"How?" I asked, sneering. "You're tied up. You can't move."

"So help me, when Mammy gets home, she and I will take turns whipping you with that belt you have there, and-hey, wait, why do you have Mammy's belt?"

I swung the belt above in the air. "Oh, this belt?" I inquired. I smiled an incredibly evil sinister smile. "Payback is a bitch, bitch."

"Cecil, what are you doing?" Ginger looked worried now, like a rabbit before a weasel.

I chuckled and walked around the side of the bed. I was in position to begin Ginger's belting.

"If you hit me with that, I will destroy you!"

"How?" I said, just like last time. Laughing, I began belting Ginger. Hard. Incredibly harder than she ever did to me. Within minutes she was gasping. Soon she was crying. Then she was sobbing, begging me to stop. I didn't.

The belting went on for at least ten minutes. For the last ten strikes, I made Ginger count them out loud for me.

WHAP. "One!"

WHAP. "Two!"

WHAP. "Three!"

WHAP. "Four!"

WHAP. "Five!"

WHAP. "Six!"

WHAP. "Seven!"

WHAP. "Eight!"

WHAP. "Nine!"

WHAP. "Ten!"

After all that, Ginger cried and cried and cried. I didn't feel sorry for her. After all, like I had said: payback is a bitch.

I untied Ginger's bounds, and she just crumbled like a sandcastle hit by ocean waves. She clutched her beaten behind and sobbed like a little baby. I still didn't feel sorry for her.

After that, I made her swear not to tell anyone or next time it would be worse. She complied. So, I put Mammy's belt back and happily strolled into my room and played video games for the next hour and a half until Mammy and Pappy showed up.

Later that night at dinner, Mammy was asking us what we did while she was gone. When she got to me, I glanced shyly over at Ginger, who squirmed in her seat nervously. Sneering, I replied, "Oh, nothing at all."

Revenge is sweet.


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