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A Comforting Light

Short story By: Vincey Delaney

A watchful eye, a gentle hand means love

Submitted:Apr 29, 2009    Reads: 534    Comments: 10    Likes: 5   

A Comforting Light

When Grandma's birthday cake is passed out to the guests, Kate Johnson thinks of home and her girls, Lindsay and Charlotte. This Friday evening, Kate is staying with the relatives. Kate surely wanted to be here for Grandma Eve's eighty ninth birthday party. Kate's daughters didn't come, they signed up to help at their school fair. Mother-in-law Sophie watches the girls. Now, Kate thinks of her husband, Devon who is away on a business trip. It's something different on a busy May eighth weekend. Kate often keeps in touch with them. Soon, it's time for the singing, Kate's mom, Aunt Nora, Uncle Gordon at the piano. Kate's cousin, Tracy now approaches. She and Kate are both teachers. Tracy holds the daisy music box.

"Remember this Kate, we would play it for hours. The tune,

London Bridges still sounds nice. It was our magic box!"

Kate smiles, she cherishes the bliss memories of childhood.

"Yes, I loved those carefree days! This music box, our wagon and pails of blueberries. We never stopped, so full of life!"

They chuckle at delightful thoughts. Tracy taps Kate's hand.

"We found treasures, a broken baby carriage, an umbrella and part of a prayer book while picking berries. Special times! Ah, I always thought there was someone with us on our journeys, like an angel. How about you?" Kate is so surprised, curious.

"An angel, interesting! Why do you say that Tracy?"

"Certain feelings, I guess. Once at the brook, it started to rain and I thought of a shelter for us, a shed in the trees. It was like someone whispered, touched my shoulder. When we were on a picnic, I saw the wasp nest nearby. I think an angel was there to protect, comfort us. So, hope you stay for Uncle Jake's verse reading tomorrow at two." Now, Tracy is wanted on the

phone. Kate turns to the music box with a sigh. She had planned to leave on the morning bus. She now thinks of an angel, she smiles. After, Kate has fun playing cards with Grandma Eve who mentions favourite soaps, cooking and garden shows. Eve is grateful for the gifts, one is a silk photo album made by Lindsay and Charlotte.

The phone call from the girls added a pleasant joy. When the party is over, Kate isn't tired for sleep. She tells Aunt Fran about going for a walk in the yard. The night air is warm, peaceful. Kate is on the lighted path that leads to a garden. She sits on a bench by the lantern. She misses Devon and the girls. Thoughts of the family at mini putt comes to mind. Now, someone appears and Kate jumps.

"Oh, I didn't mean to scare you. I'm just waiting for the movie to start. I'm Fran's neighbour, Martha Sunny. You must be Kate, a teacher. How rewarding, your time is an adventure!"

Kate smiles, she already feels close to Fran's neighbour.

"Yes, I love teaching! May is special, class field trips, many birthdays, Mother's Day, my anniversary on the twenty sixth. This trip is nice but I do miss my family. It's like strawberry shortcake without the whipped cream." Martha sighs.

"Kate, I can tell you're a precious gem, a loving wife, mother, teacher. God's wondrous light is near! Enjoy your visit. Bye, I'm in the mood for cake!" Aunt Fran is now in the yard.

"Kate, like some herbal tea?" Kate nods, she is cheerful.

"Yes thanks! I met your neighbour, Martha Sunny. She is very comforting. I will stay to see Uncle Jake." She heads inside.

Suddenly, Aunt Fran looks stunned, she doesn't have a neighbour, Martha Sunny. Then, who was Kate actually talking to? On this lovely May evening, wondering Fran turns to the lantern light. She contentedly grins


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