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The boy I never met

Short story By: William De Rais

Tags: Knife, Xbox, Gta

The boy I've never met.

William was a troubled child but no one saw it till the day James lost two of his digits.

This is the first story I've posted to the net so be a critic please!

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The boy I've never met

It was just another Saturday night. I sat in my room just a foot or so from my computer monitor, the sounds of gunfire and car tires squealing coming from the speakers on either side of the twenty-four inch screen. My headset ringing with the voices of several other players mostly between nine and twelve shouting their normal profanities and spiteful sentences to one another as I sat back and listened as these children called each other everything from 'nigger' to 'faggot'. All that was on my mind was how broken and corrupt this world already was with the adults and now the youth too. A death screen brought me from my lost ramblings to read that a player by the name of ILLFACKYOUUP had run my character over; the orange lettering plastered my screen saying that 'ILLFACKYOUUP hit and run Wovenbean49208' irritated I decided to exact my revenge. Picking up a rocket launcher I aimed at his car and fired on it blowing it apart and killing the people inside and then it popped up on the edge of my screen 'Wovenbean49208 vaporized ILLFACKYOUUP' I grinned at the popup and let out a short lived chuckle before another popped up at the bottom of my screen reading 'ILLFACKYOUUP has sent you a message' I rolled my eyes at first upon opening the message expecting the same old shit about being a N00B or being a dick or something along those lines. So when I read the message it left me laughing 'Well I'm sorry I killed your ass, but that was my favorite car. LOL.' To which I replied 'Sorry just some good old fashioned revenge for killing me, nothing personal.'

It took a few good weeks before we had become the greatest of friends, we told each other everything and talked or fought over girls, discussed music and various ways to become bigger in the industry. But everything went to shit when she entered the mix. Her screen name was Hunt Me Kids and she was nothing but trouble. She claimed love for two people she'd never met and consequently tried to tear them apart and only did I see this until it was too late. She had us at one another's throats even if he didn't see it I did, she constantly pitted us against one another and baited us to stay with empty threats of her suicide, I knew they were empty because she would always bear herself with a pride no one I knew had and she counted everyday a new day to live.

Whereas my virtual life was going great my real one was slipping from me. Everyday a battle not to give in and drink myself to death or to turn my closet into a personal gallows, for my girlfriend of two years had been going behind my back for months though I held her above all else in my pitiful life. And my friend had been the other end of that, secreting her away and whispering sweet nothings in hushed tones. Bet he wishes he had his ring fingers.

It was a drab Wisconsin day when I had called my friend out for a stroll in the local park. He had answered reluctantly as he knew that I had caught wind of him and my ex sleeping behind my back. It was about a quarter to three when he had finally waltzed down the beaten pathway where we first had met, and I stood there a knife in my pocket and a bat behind my back. He lifted his head from the path and pulled his hand through his shaved head the other pulling his blue shirt down before pulling his black skinny jeans up to his waist only for them to fall again. I gripped the metal bat behind me tighter as he drew closer and closer. He raised his hand in greeting and I mimicked it with my free hand. I closed the distance between us and met him with a firm handshake. "It's good to see you again Will." He said his deep American voice still entertaining as when I first met him. "Likewise." I replied keeping as firm a tone my light accented voice could hold. He giggled a bit at my accent like he always did when we met. And as he opened his mouth to say something I whirled the bat from behind my back and cracked him across the face with center of it, flooring him before I went to work with my fists. Striking him in the face until he was an unconscious bloody mess; I pulled the knife from my pocket and spread out his left hand and at the base of both the ring and middle finger removed them and bandaged the wound. Using his cell phone called the police and reported a stabbing in the wooded area of the park and dropped it on his chest and left.

I sat at the lakes edge, the knife tied to a rock and his to finger in my hand. I looked at the knife and then hurled it out into the lake from the rock I sat upon. I stuffed the fingers into my pocket and went home tired and satisfied I wrapped the ring finger into a present and put into a package with a note that read 'Till death do us part' and set it on the counter addressed to my ex for when she came to claim her shit from my flat. And the other is still hidden at the back of a freezer in the local Wal-Mart waiting for someone to claim it.


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